How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 19

Everything Must Go

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 12, 2008 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ted's narration kicks off the show with an explanation that it's possible to do something correctly 100 times in a row. To illustrate his point, we see one of Lily's kindergartners draw an endless series of rainbow pictures, one after another, until Lily breaks down and says, "You're kidding! Aren't you sick of these things?"

Back at the apartment, Marshall and Lily are still trying to figure out how to deal with the crooked floors at their new place. Apparently, fixing the problem will be more expensive than they had expected and Marshall suggests that Lily sell her designer clothes to make up the difference. He says he would sell his stuff too, but he's not sure it would sell well. He tells her he even set up a Web site to get things going: www.lilyandmarshall selltheirstuff .com. Lily is less than enthused and considers a Web site of her own: www.guyforceshiswife todressinagarbagebag forthenexthreeyears .com.

Barney finally catches up to Abby and jumps into her cab to confront her. She confesses what she's been up to - telling women Barney is a scumbag because he slept with her and never called - and admits she's not happy about Stella and Ted's relationship. Barney tells her that he and Ted aren't friends anymore, and a Ted-bashing session ensues, followed by Barney and Abby sleeping together again.

As Lily sorts through her closet, Ted tells her he can't believe she actually wears everything she owns. He claims to wear everything he has in his closet - but Robin confronts him about his Red Boots. Ted insists that he can pull them off, but no one buys it.

Lily decides that she will sell her paintings. Again we hear Ted's narrator voice saying that sometimes you can do something right 100 times in a row. We see Marshall telling Lily that he loves her paintings over and over - but when she tells him she wants to sell them, he says people will only pay for "real paintings." Lily is amazed that Marshall doesn't believe in her. Marshall tells her that they need $1,500 and she makes him agree that if she can sell three of her paintings at $500 apiece, then she can keep everything in her closet.

Then Ted walks into the room, Red Boots pulled high over his pants. With a sense of satisfaction, he says, "...pulling them off..."

Lily shows her paintings at a friend's art gallery one night, but doesn't have much luck selling them. At the end of the night, a woman approaches her and tells her she loves the top Lily is wearing. Lily protectively tell the woman her shirt is not for sale.

Next, Lily displays her paintings at a coffee show and asks Robin and Ted to build some buzz to draw interest. Again, she's not very successfu: Robin keeps calling the painting "neat" and Ted snarkily asks her if the painting is "neat" or "neato burrito."

In bed, Barney and Abby are still bad-mouthing Ted and come up with a plan to show him how lame he is in a relationship.

Not ready to give up, Lily sets up shop on the street next to a guy selling socks to get heroin money. Things aren't looking good and she starts o leave when a gay couple without kids - a "G-CWOK" as Ted calls them - buy one of her paintings.

Setting their plan in motion, Barney and Abby arrive at the bar wearing matching blue sweaters. They announce that they are dating - but Abby can't help but tell Ted she misses him.

Ted tells Barney to stop because he is on to them, but Barney takes it to the next level and proposes to Abby. Abby doesn't realize it's part of the joke, says yes and runs off excitedly to call her mother.

Lily, hopeful, calls the gay couple to find out if they're interested in seeing her other paintings. They admit that they only bought it for the frame. When she asks for her painting back, they tell her they threw it away.

And so, not keeping up her end of the bargain, Lily's puts her clothes up for sale and begins to reminisce about how she found her favorite dress. It was the spring of 2004 and she was going through a tough time. But walking down the street in that dress, she elicited a da-amn - two syllables - from a man on the street. Then she realizes that it was actually Robin who bought the dress.

All of a sudden, Marshall rushes in. He and Ted went down to the gay couple's apartment to look for her painting. (Ted adds that he asked them about the Red Boots and they said, "...pulling them off...") Marshall runs in to tell Lily how Ted and he went down to the G-CWOK's apartment. Ted chimes in that he asked them about his boots. They said "")

Marshall went to look for her painting in the garbage, but discovered that a veterinarian took it. They tracked him down at his office, where they found Lily's painting hanging on the wall of one of the examination rooms. They found out that a dog, one of the patients, arrived angry but quickly calmed down when he saw Lily's painting. as usual. When the dog saw Lily's painting in the exam room it became calm. Apparently, the same thing happened with every dog that entered that room.

Marshall convinces the vet to buy four more of her paintings and decides that he will use the extra $500 to set up a Web site and sell Lily's paintings to veterinarians around the world.

Barney goes to Abby's apartment looking for a tie he thinks he left there, and she immediately starts talking about planning their wedding. Barney needs an out and tells her he can't marry her because he promised Ted he wouldn't. Barney tells her Ted is still in love with her, gives her Ted's address and tells her to stop by at 2am since Ted works late.
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