How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 19

Everything Must Go

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 12, 2008 on CBS

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  • Lilly and Marshall sell their stuff

    Another great episode that recalled two past events on the series. One is the women screwing up Barney's hooking up with other women and the money problems of Lilly. I liked that you find out that the women screwing over Barney was Abby. I also liked that this wasn't dragged out either. Brittney Spears does another good job playing Abby. It was just as good the first time. Barney trying to show Ted how "bad" he is when him and Abby are a "couple' was pretty amusing. I enjoyed that Barney thinks that Abby thinks it's a joke too. I also like how Barney dismisses Abby thinking it's real.

    The second story of Lilly and Marshall finding out that their apartment repair is expensive was good but not as good as the Barney/Abby story. Marshall has a split of the tongue when he comments on Lilly's paintings. Her reaction to it was good in that it didn't turn out to be in a big fight. I like that Lilly continues with her paintings even if it wasn't she originally. Other good moments are Ted's red boots. Yes you see them again. (pulling them off) I also enjoyed how the gay couple was into both Ted and Marshall, a callback to a season 2 episode.

    This episode was good but not as good as the other episodes of the seasons. That's not a knock on this episode just shows how great this show is.
  • birtney and barney just dont cut it

    in my opinion....wors HIMYM episode of all time. sure it tied up some loose ends but it just wasnt that funny. i think britney is doing an ok job on the show but at the same time shes kinda stupid...the episode didnt really focus on anything other than barney and britney which isnt a good thing because most people want to see more ted and marshall and lily...the best scene was probably the only ted scene with the "ji quock" approved red boots...still laughing about that...the next episode has to amazing to cancel out how bad this episode was....ted and barney need to get back together soon!
  • A sucking so fierce that it actually stunned me.

    I love this show. Live for it, if you will...that just makes it harder for me to hate this episode...but jesus guys-THAT SUCKED. Britney Spears casts a dark shadow. Her acting is so weak and her voice is annoying. Barney wouldn't spend two minutes with that girl. Good job, HIMYM--you may have just successfully JUMPED THE SHARK. Kudos. Rather, BOOdos. Shame.

    That was pretty much all I had to say about, but these lovely people demand 100 words. I can filibuster but that was all I had to say about that show. Britney sucked. They sucked writing it. Suckfest. I'm done now.
  • Abby returns


    "Everything Must Go" is a great How I Met Your Mother episode. In this episode, Barney finds out who has been warning women about him, and it turns out to be Abby. I love how they bond over hating Ted. I love how Abby says she hates Ted, but she's really in love with him. I love how they have a fake relationship to show that Ted is terrible when he's in a relationship. I love how Barney proposes and Abby thinks his proposal is real, so she thinks they're getting married. I loved the Lily and Marshall plot of selling Lily's paintings and it turns out that dogs love her paintings. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • Brittney Spears is back, in her award winning turn as Abbey the clueless secretary, to help Barney make Ted feel bad for no longer wanting to be his Bro. And Lily finds out the art she worked so hard on has gone to the dogs.

    Worst HIMYM episode ever.

    They really couldn't have come up with a crappier premise to bring back a stunt casting that was worse than Brittney's return. She looks so awkward in front of the camera that it almost...almost makes her acting look balanced and her jokes well delivered...but she fails miserably. Her first appearance on the show was only barely acceptable due to the superb performance of Sarah Chalke.

    And Lily re-discovering that actual people, who have any artistic knowledge, just aren't interested in her work was a little stale the first time they trotted it out at the beginning of season 2.

    This was far and away a waste of what could have been a kind of okay episode had they only re-written it completely and told Brittney, thanks but once was enough.
  • This is not How i met your mother...this is teh Brittney show featuring the cast og HIMYM

    This is quite easily the worst show in HIMYM's run. This episode was painfull to watch, a scar on an otherwise great shows history.
    The reason is obvious, Brittney can't act and is painfully dull. I understand the reasons why the writers gave her such a prominent role,ratings, but it was in my opinon a terrible descion.
    The cast do their best with what their given and it has its moments sucha s the faet of Lilly's paintings, but it all feels very forced. Even worse is that this is the payoff to Barney's stalker issues and could have been so much better.
  • Britney Spears returns as Abby.

    Alright, we all know what brought down this episode. At first Britney's Spears minor guest appearance in 313 was cute. But when you throw her center stage with Barney in the mix: You get a complete disaster. If HIMYM brought her on the show for ratings, they shouldn't because this show is too good to have guest starts on their episodes for ratings. And if Britney Spears did this for her "comeback." All she had to do was make a good CD, and she would have gotten redemption, I couldn't stand Britney's horrid acting in this episode. In this case, the show came to Britney, when it's supposed to be Britney coming to the show, as a guest, like they did in 313. Her character is exaggerated in every aspect. We find out she is the girl who was trying to ruin his life from "The Bracket" (314). She's still in love with Ted, so she sleeps with Barney to get back at him, which doesn't end up working at all. Which makes this plot pretty much pointless, since everything stays the same by the end. The plot that made this episode even remotely funny or good was Marshall & Lilly's plot. Marshall forces Lilly to sell her clothes so they can fix their crooked apartment, but Lilly bets she can sell her paintings, only to find out Marshall doesn't have faith in her, no one buys her paintings. Until someone finds her painting in the dumpster: A veterinarian. Turns out dogs love her paintings. The plot was extremely ridiculous but I will let it slide due to development in their new apartment arc. Mediocre episode.
  • Britney Spears returns to help Barney annoy Ted, but Ted doesn't get it and neither does she.

    I wasn't watching this series up until Britney started appearing in it, but I'm watching regularly now, I just wish it wasn't up against Bones. Anyway, Britney's second outing isn't as charming as her first, but she still proves she can act as Barney realizes she's the one foiling his womanizing. Her character is a bit dense here, but she does have an endearing mystique which has me hoping she has a recurring role. The end does open the door for another return. In the sub-plot, Abby tries to sell her paintings, but gets her heart crushed and then elated when her paintings are marveled by a vet. (Now I know where they get those paintings.) Really good episode from a series that I will be watching again.
  • Finaly the mistery about the woman who sabotaged barneys flings got solved.

    Finaly the mistery about the woman who sabotaged barneys flings got solved. "Sorry, did i sleep with you and then totaly screw you over? - No. - What are you doing on friday?" What follows is a litte weired, but the important thing is that Barney still gets a lot of time before the camara. He is the best character in this sitcom and it doesn't get boring even though some episodes do not reach the brilliance of the ones in the first and second season.
    PS. Ted does not pull off the red cowboy boots, they are horrible.
  • 7.0??

    Everyone is giving this episode way too hard of a time in their voting. In general, I thought this episode was pretty well done, and definitely better than the last two. I don't think it deserves to be the lowest rated of the series. The Lily/Marshall storyline was cute and funny, and even though Ted and Robin played the backseat, they added a lot of humor. I loved Robin being all over Lily's clothes and Ted "pulling. them. off." Now, on to the controversy: The Britney/Barney storyline. Honestly? I thought having Abby (a.k.a. Ms. Spears) being the girl sabotaging Barney was a pretty brilliant way to bring that character back as well as close off that storyline, left open since episode 14. In truth, I'm not very good at judging whether someone is putting in a poor performance. I can tell when someone is really good, but not when they're really bad, so maybe that skews my perspective. But, I didn't really mind Britney here. At points, I even thought she was funny. If she was played by an equally poor actress, some unknown who was just bad, I don't think people would have been so harsh when it came to rating this episode. It would've just been a blunder, not a disaster, like everyone is making it out to be.

    Actually, my problems with this episode are this: 1) It's not a very good lead up to the finale. And, 2) I don't think the issues that would've stemmed from the Barney/Robin hook-up have been explored well enough. I would've liked to have seen some more discussion of what happened between Robin and Ted. And maybe even some of Robin fighting for Barney to be let back into the group. They should have had Ted yell at Barney while he was at the bar or something, something more emotional than just Ted shrugging him off.

    But, overall - a funny episode. I'm excited for the season finale and my only hope for Season 4 is that they work on developing some better, season long arcs than they did this time around.
  • I think Britney was wonderful with acting, compared to the others, there is no difference. People just want to say she was horrible due to her personal life. The sitcom is very clever and funny at times.

    The show is funny, and the characters are great. Inviting Britney to do another episode was a great idea. She's a good comedic actress, she plays the ditz thing well. Other's will say she did a horrible job, but that's due to her personal life. She's much better than soap stars, and others I've seen be calassified as "actor". They did the same thing to Jennifer Lopez, in Selena she was talented, but in Gigli she was hated. I loved Britney in this episode, she had more lines in this one. The writers, and entire crew do a great job on this sitcom.
  • 3.3 Not because of the stereotypical gay guys, or the group without Barney. I think everyone knew what killed this episode...

    Britteny. Her first appearance was fine. She didn't speak much, just sat there and looked pretty. But just because that episode rated highly they powers that be decided that they needed to FORCE her into the storyline more.
    I felt disappointed within the first 5 minutes. The Barney Stalker storyline had potential. I could see him trying to do something to make up for what he did to her, years later, and realizing after he had spent some time with her that she really was a good person. And that he was falling in love with her.
    But to FORCE Britteny down our throats in a thinly veiled attempt to boost ratings was just a killing move. They killed one great storyline and wasted a good half hour of my life in the making.

    The only thing that stops this being a zero was the rest of the crew. Ted was his usual, classic self. Lily and Marshall overall wasn't a strong storyline, but the individual characters had their moments.
    And now Neil Patrick Harris. This man proved in this episode that he was a good actor. He could still deliver great lines, with his usual amount of wit and charm, even given nothing to work with.
    The Dogs (and birds) in the veterinarian's office were better actors then Ms Spears.
  • They can't all be classics...

    Where to start...

    I think if you take out the Britney parts this is a passable episode. This thing just seemed so forced at times, partially because of the horrible acting of one Miss Spears. The other half is the script, which felt disjointed.

    Usually this show has a clear A plot and a B plot and usually there is something that ties the two together. In this episode there were two plotlines and neither of them seemed more important than the other. I think the main storyline was the Lily and Marshall story, which was sweet and mostly in character for the two. Those two characters are the best couple on TV. The second storyline with Barney and Britney never clicked. Britney was bad, really bad. In the first episode they hid her well and on top of that the episode was really about Stella and Ted. NPH looked like he did not want to be there. It did little to add to the episode and really did little to add to the Barney-Ted split storyline, which I hope ends next week because this show really works best when the group is together. Hopefully in Season 4 they give Robin something meaningful. She's kinda been in limbo all season. Some of the funniest lines are the show were from the bit characters like crazy sock guy, the vet and the GCWOK.

    The other disappointing thing is that the last two seasons the last few episodes have led to the end of the season. The previous couple of episodes this season seemed to be doing this. This one just felt like it was a mid-season filler episode. I'm pretty excited about the season finale, but would be more if this episode had really built to it.

    It sad because the episodes since the strike ended have all been really good and this one just didn't quite make it. It was better on the second viewing but still not that great. Please don't bring back Britney in Season 4. There are plenty of really great comedic actors out there who would do this show and make a positive contribution (ex. Sarah Chalke, Will Forte).
  • Classic episode ... watch out for the websides again.

    I really love the show. One of the many reasons is the love for details they put in there. Recurring themes and gags for instance, like bringing back the storyline around Barney being slapped by women due to the "Mystery Girl" telling them the the truth about him.

    In this episode the websides again cracked me up. In previous episodes there were websides mentioned like "" or "" which all turned out to be real and funny as hell. This week is no different. Besides the (heavily trafficed) auction page, that I yet have to check out, there was the hilarious page "" that had me laughing for minutes without pause.

    I hope they continue like that, cause this is entertainment in multiple dimensions.
  • Barney "proposes" to Abby.

    How I Met Your Mother has been getting by on lame storylines for too long. This week hit an all-time low as they gave Lily a big storyline. That shows how desperate the show has become.

    Luckily Barney was better than usual this week and added some laughs or this would have been an absolute trainwreck. Britney Spears was horrible in the first episode and even worse in this one. This stuntcasting may have gotten the show a 4th season, but it is only making the program come off as a joke.

    And once again they continue to give Marshall hardly any lines. Ted, on the other hand, who is as unfunny as they come, had another storyline about wearing red boots that made me embarrassed to say I once enjoyed this show.
  • Britney, oh Britney, how do cameras still manage to function around you?

    This wasn't by any means a bad episode. Wait, it was. No, it wasn't...... It was.

    It's hard to decide. On one hand, it was quite enjoyable. The Marshall/Lily storyline was, as usual, entertaining and really cute. They are a really sweet couple, with really nice little stories. And see, even Barney trying to make Ted feel bad about himself was funny. Except... Why Britney Spears? Why?

    Her performance was absolutely HORRIBLE. OH my god, that was one of the worst performances I've witnessed on TV screen. Absolutely disastrous.

    Her character is written in a way so her bad acting wouldn't stand out - clever by the writers. They made her a dumb, and really crazy character. But even with a character like this Britney simply can't cope. I was waiting for Neil Patrick Harris to slap her anytime. His smooth and enjoyable performance ruined by Britney's ridicilious "acting". Also, it was just way too over the top. Given her character, and her acting, the jokes didn't work, because they felt forced and staged. But if it takes 2--3 episodes of Britney guest starring to save the show - so be it. But I don't appreciate it.
  • CRAP!!! Not ZERO *only* because of Lilly/Marshall.

    A complete stinker of an episode.

    The guest star is *RUBBISH* to put is gently. She looked horrible. Her part was poorly written - and clearly designed to shoe-horn her in. The acting was even more *awful* than the first time she appeared on the show - there clearly is *no* bottom to the endless chasm of amateur acting - and she is still accelerating. Somebody please stop her before she hits terminal velocity. She was completely out of her league, and the writers better sort this one out *fast*. Preferably without showing her at all - like how about the bimbo gets hit by a bus before the next episode, and nobody is there to witness it, so there can be no flashbacks?

    Despite the terrible script, and *awful* "acting" partner , Barney manages to put in an okay performance. His rant to Ted is Barney doing what Barney does best.

    Ted is exposed to be as unfunny as ever. I never realised just how much I hate the main character until this episode. Not only was he unfunny (red boots? Oh, come on!), he is a pompous git with no redeeming characteristics. He is just a self-absorbed pompous jerk - but nowhere nearly in a *funny* way like Barney is. His acting is wooden - he has *1* expression that is maintained throughout the show. And as far as the writing goes, I could not care about his relationships - because he is clearly *never* going to meet the "mother" of his kids until the show runs out of steam.

    Robin in her limited presence is also rubbish. She cannot act - and her character is *not* funny in the slightest. But unlike Ted, her redeeming feature is her hilarious musical past.

    Only Lilly and Marshall saved this episode from completely bombing. The animal/art/gay couple interaction was simply awesome. The dogs looking at the painting, and the eagle slamming into the window were up there with the best moments of the show. And I loved the inclusion of Larry Wilmore fro the Daily Show as the vet. These two have been on-song all the way through the show - and the writers should continue the main story arcs with similar quality.

    All-in-all, one of the worst episodes ever aired. *Ever*. Please keep Britney out of this gem of a show, and if you cannot sort out the awful main character, at least don't kill Barney's phoenix-like character.
  • Worst plot of the season combined with a painful guest star.

    It had a bad guest appearance, very little in plot, and few funny moments if any. The first two seasons used the next to last episode of the season to set the stage for great conclusions. This was not the case. Sure we see that Barney is mad at Ted still. Big deal. We find out the Stella's receptionist is still in love with Ted. Who cares? Neither part was funny. Mildly interesting part of Lilly selling her clothes and paintings but not enough to drive the episode. Should have been the secondary story at best. And the cowboy boots were just dumb. Ted continues his quest to look like Robert Smith of the Cure. Can he really get more hair on that head? Not the set up I had hoped for the next to last episode of the season. Ends a good run of great episodes.
  • Noteworthy only for Britney Spears' dreadful acting.

    As far as How I Met Your Mother episodes go, this is a pretty standard one. Which is not neccessarily a bad thing: It still maintains its high level as far as storyline and execution are concerned.

    ... until Britney Spears enters the stage. Don't get me wrong, I am really not trying to find bad things to say about her. In fact, I even thought her first appearance in "Ten Sessions" was quite okay. And I can see what the writers were thinking: Why not extend her stay and give her a few more lines?

    Well, it could have worked. If Britney was able to act, that is. Which she isn't. As in: Not at all. In "Ten Sessions", clever cuts and one-liners she just delivered while running across the stage camouflaged this fact. In this episode, however, she stays more than long enough for anyone to tell that this girl is not a trained actress, and most certainly not a natural.

    I miss the times when a good show didn't get crammed with guest star appearances as soon as it has shown a little success. Let Britney do whatever she's good at, and get back to one of my favorite shows, please.