How I Met Your Mother

Season 6 Episode 12

False Positive

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 13, 2010 on CBS

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  • The Story of Lilly getting "pregnant"

    Another episode that started off with a great surprise that Lilly is pregnant. As with the start of this season, this event ended being something else. The fact that Lilly is not pregnant and it was known before the first commercial didn't take away from the power of this episode.

    When Lilly and Marshall made the announcement, after a lot of congratulations, it lead to everyone to get some perceptive on where their life is. I loved Barney's reaction when Lilly made the announcement. All three stories during the time when Lilly was pregnant were all entertaining. When it was found that Lilly was never pregnant, everyone decides to not change their life. It was great seeing Sam Gibbs again. Barney getting excited that Sam might be his dad was pretty funny. Alex Trebeck was pretty good in this episode as well. The best part in all of this was Ted. Normally he is the one who needs direction. It was Ted who got everyone back on track including Punchy. It was Ted who felt happy in his life. This was something that doesn't happen very often but I am very happy that Ted did this. A great song at the end as well.
  • The gang reflect on their lives when Lily could possibly be pregnant.


    "False Positive" is an awesome How I Met Your Mother episode! I love the way this episode was filmed in each of the characters point of views. I love the beginning of this episode with Ted waiting outside a movie theatre and Future Ted talks about what happened with the gang when they thought Lily was pregnant. I love Robin thinking about her career and I love how she decides to be a "coin flip bimbo". I love how she decides to take another job at Worldwide News. I love how Barney started spending his money to help others, but then he really wishes that Lily is not pregnant so he doesn't have to give to charity. I love Barney making fun of Oprah. I was disappointed that Lily and Marshall weren't really pregnant, but the episode itself was just really good, that it didn't matter. I give this episode a 9.5/10.

  • 612

    New beginnings for HIMYM, and I'm sure everyone is enjoying them. Seeing development in the characters just leaves us with a warm feeling, and that's what this episode did for me. Seeing Robin take the job, Barney giving away his suits, and Lilly & Marshall embarking on trying to have a baby, just really was great to see. Especially if you watched this show from the start. Season 5 - We didn't get much substantial development. This season has been quite the opposite.

    Every episode this season has given us a sense of the future and what lies for the characters of How I Met Your Mother, which makes them memorable and enjoyable. Not to mention HIMYM has been really funny as of late, and we've just been getting such a great balance between emotion and comedy. Something I thought this show had lost, but this season has definitely proved me wrong.

    This episode will definitely go down as one of the best holiday episodes in this show's run. Nice to see the writers are kicking it in to gear this season with all these amazing story arcs. Good job HIMYM!
  • "Currency rotation specialist".

    I think the term "Currency rotation specialist" deserved 10/10 all on its own, but the rest of the episode was also great.

    Each member of our team had a potentil big change in their lives on the cards, which made things intense - as well as the assumed pregnancy of Marshall and Lily.

    There was some really funny stuff - and I really enjoyed the scene from "Million Dollar Coin Toss" or whatever it was called! Funny stuff!

    All up, a great episode! It did lack a little something substance wise, but other than that, great comedy and certainly full of laughs! I would highly recommend it!