How I Met Your Mother

Season 8 Episode 1


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2012 on CBS

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  • Farhampton

    Barney and Robin are definitely in love and we know for sure they are going to get married and be happy. Lily and Marshall are dead tired but happy. Ted is a step away from the Mother and happiness. I'm happy that HIMYM is back and we finally seem to get close to the end of the story!
  • It's back

    kicks off with a bunch of twists but the greatest thing is that this is the longest story I've ever enjoyed. hope it never ends
  • The beginning of the end

    (Spoilers ahead).

    This was a great episode, and really makes it seem like this season will be the last. As it happens, it answered a lot of questions and brought on a bunch more.

    First, Ted is appalled that Victoria didn;t leave a note for her jilted fiance, leading to Ted delivering it and in the process, discovering Victoria's fiance bailing as well. When Ted later asks him why, he explains that Victoria is almost everything he;s ever wanted, but not quite it. As Ted listens to him, it becomes clear that this is how he feels about Victoria as well.

    It's also how Barney feels about Quinn; Barney and Quinn are over at Lily and Marshall's and Quinn asks Robin and Lily to be her bridesmaids, unaware of Robin and Barney;s history. Meanwhile Lily and Marshall haven;t slept and keep missing what;s happening, which leads to Lily revealing to Quinn that Robin and Barney used to date. She demands to know their history leading Barney to sum up the entire show in 50 seconds (proving that seven years later, NPH has still got it). Quinn is set to walk out when Robin tells them she has a boyfriend, something she previously revealed to Lily and Marshall, which of course they don;t remember. So we know that Barney and Quinn are going to break up because this episode opened at Robin and Barney;s wedding, BUT my question is, will their wedding happen? They both started this episode wanting to split and this episode actually started with Ted not wanting to talk about the events of the wedding, making it seem like they might not end up married.

    And in true HIMYM fashion, the most important thing happened in the last two minutes. A woman is getting out a cab with her guitar and yellow umbrella and stands in the rain waiting, not ten feet away from where Ted is sitting reading a book.

    So now we know where he meets their mother. We still don;t know how, perhaps she sees what book he;s reading or he sees her guitar, but we know where he meets their mother. This is the biggest clue we;ve ever been given, bigger than the roommate, or college class, or Ted bring a dad by 2015, because now we can put the frame around the picture. Which also makes it seem like this is the show's last year. we know that ted and victoria won;t last, we know barney and quinn won't last, and we know robin and her boyfriend won;t last. and we know where ted meets their mother. it;s been a great journey, and I'm glad it;s not over yet.
  • Farhampton.

    Great episode, looking like season 8 is going to be as legendary as (if not Legendaryer than) the previous seasons and that ending... Band Of Horses - The Funeral playing in the background when Klaus explains what leben schlanker shikun chats is plus the view over what everyone else is doing and it fits Klaus description too. And then the rain starts and the music escalates like that. That is THE most beautiful and solid thing I've ever seen in a TV-show. I sat here smiling to myself like an idiot with goosebumps that never wanted to go away.... the first times... and the ones after that too. Amazing. Legendary. Awesome. Yeah you get the point so I'll just shut up and watch it again. :-D
  • Solid Season opener!

    Solid episode all around, I laughed and I was taken away by Josh Randor's acting (only a handful of time it happend). NPH is on form again, I love the commitment he has to Barney.
  • Pretty funny!

    This was a pretty good episode with some pretty funny moments right throughout.

    There were some interesting surprises and twists and turns, as well as some great laughs!

    We still don't know the WHO for the mother, but at least we now know WHERE they met! At Farhamption! That was a nice little revelation at the end!

    Can't wait for the next one!
  • At last a great start of the season!

    Is it just me, or do you really feel that this might be the latest season of this series? And I would really hate to find out who was the mother in the latest episode. I'm expecting they will give us at least a few episodes to 'enjoy' watching the Mother! It will be nice if they share some of the episodes with the Mother and Ted. Looking back at the first episode of this season, this is looking very probable.

    The scenes, the connection of the story told on this episode was put nicely, that cupped with a fantastic ending, that amazing snapshot. That rose our (my) expectations through the roof after last season's disappointing finale. The episode was pretty funny too. Marshall and Lilly constantly sleeping, Ted explaining the relation with Robin to Quinn, and replacing here in the pictures. Also adding that romantic part in the end; both scenes; the one with Robin, and the other one with Ted. It was pretty amazing. I liked also Tom Lennon's character, too. A great start of the season, I just hope they don't go disappointing us right next Monday, but mostly I hope that wedding won't be lasting two seasons. That would be utterly stupid.
  • Farhampton

    I thought that this episode was a great start to what will more than likely be the final season of HIMYM! At first I found Ted's plot to be irritating with the whole letter thing, but after pondering it, it would seem very cruel for you to just leave someone at the alter without explaining anything. The Robin/Barney/Quinn & Lily/Marshall plot was good as well! I loved how Barney summed up the series in 1 minute lol and I was surprised that Robin has a boyfriend and that Klaus also planned on leaving Victoria at the alter as well! I thought the scene where Klaus explained to Ted that Victoria was ALMOST everything he wanted, but not what he needed was great. It kind of applied to Ted with Victoria and Barney with Quinn (judging by how he stared out the window in the taxi), and it's obvious Robin isn't over Barney either. What happened to be my favorite part though was the final scene, in which Ted is merely inches away from the mother! It's a great start to what I think will be a great season!
  • Glad it's back!

    Had probably been looking forward to this show's season premiere the most, and it certainly didn't disappoint. Loved how it set up the storylines with little sneak peaks of the future. I have to say it wasn't downright funny, but maybe that was the best thing, because it just felt like it had the right amount of everything. I'm so glad it's back.
  • himym

    I loved it
  • awesome

  • A great start to a season that was "all over the place" most of the times...

    Season 8 was honestly a bit of a roller-coaster for this show. Few episodes from this season were actually special and noteworthy, including of course the special Christmas episode "The Final Page" along with "Who Wants to Be a Godparent?", "Band or DJ?", of course "The Time Travelers" and the epic season finale "Something New?"

    The premiere, "Farhampton" sort of falls in the middle. It wasn't a HUGE episode in terms of development, but it did make us excited. We have never seen Ted THAT close to the Mother. I mean, seriously he was just a few feet away from her. That's gotta be something.

    Barney's monologue, explaining EVERYTHING that has happened for the past 8 years, was probably the episode's biggest moment. Good job here, HIMYM.
  • The last Scene

    I loved the first episode of the latest season. Glimpses of what to come, Robin and Barney moments, Lily being Lily and Marshall being Marshall and of course Ted and the mother's meeting place.

    I hope they make episodes focused on the main characters and not get into Victoria-Quinn mode.

    Being a big fan, I wanna see the season go forward in what is probably the last or penultimate season.
  • Great on its own, but in context...

    It's difficult to see Ted doing what he does in this episode, but then I suppose he's always thrown caution to the wind and made mistakes in the name of love. On its own, this is a great episode but it is spoiled by knowing the bigger picture. Knowing that Ted and Victoria will break up in 4 episodes, for reasons almost completely unrelated to the big speech that Klaus gives at the end (which is the highlight of the episode for me, only just beating Barney's fantastic 52 second summation) really cheapens the impact of it. It just feels like setting up all these relationships, just to knock them down in less than half a dozen episodes feels so contrived and they needed maybe half a season to extend them out. However, that said, on its own, this is one of the highlights of an otherwise fairly mediocre 8th season.
  • Aaand We're Back

    HIMYM returns to exactly that same steady gait it's had throughout its career. Just a taste, just a tease, and a great heaping helping of comedy. I'm uncomfortable with the basis of Ted and Victoria getting back together - though the scene with Klaus at the train station was absolutely brilliant, whether the German words were existent or not. While I disagree with all the hate directed at how long it's taken to actually meet the mother, I am getting tired of seeing next to no detail beyond the yellow umbrella. Hopefully showing us more details like the heels and the guitar is the subtle way of saying that we'll see more of her this season. Here's to hoping - I'm glad to have my pick-me-up back on the air.
  • Sappy, Jumpy and Just not the episode I hoped for

    HIMYM has a way of teaching us the audience valuable life lessons, while keeping them light. During this season opener, there were things that seemed sappy and convoluted. We start off with a flash of the wedding day, and then Robin says she cant go through with it. Then back to present day, Marshall and Lily are tired from their newborn, Barney and Quinn are planning their wedding and Ted and Victoria are planning out how they can let Klaus down without destroying him.

    There were very few laughs, very few moments that seemed genuine. With all these flashfowards and flash backs it is difficult to understand any of the timelines currently established within the show. How far off are we from the wedding day, why is Robin getting cold feet when the episode clearly indicates that both her and Barney are still madly in love with one another. Really HIMYM just seems to be stretching for storyline. I said this at the end of last season and I'll say it again, with the lack of freshness in the show I really do hope season eight proves to be the last one.

    I do really enjoy this show and the characters, it just really feels like enough is enough sometimes with this show. They've spent too much time bringing back people from the past, and finally we see where Ted will meet his soul mate, but still no when.

    This show is worth watching as a series, which is why I hope it ends before it is just a lame excuse for a romantic comedy. It has become the sappy lovefest of will they or won't they, when in the beginning it was about an incredible journey to find the ultimate happiness. What happened to that?
  • Not Far Enough Away

    As we're shown Robin waffling about getting married to Barney, Barney trying to dash out of a window as well, footage of Barney looking uncertain about his engagement to Quinn and the constant reminders about Ted getting left at the altar by Stella, I can't help but wonder at the massive amount of money that has been wasted on this show on weddings that never actually happened. What happened to splitting up before you get engaged or at the very least realizing this situation is wrong when you can still get some of your deposit back? If I were related to any of these people and had trekked out to Farhampton for weddings that didn't actually come to fruition, I'd be a little pissed off. Particularly if I shelled out cash for some ugly-ass bridesmaid dress.

    Anyway, the episode. So Ted's sitting at a train station in Farhampton and some poor old lady makes the mistake of asking Ted why he's dressed like he came from a wedding. So is this within the story he's telling to his kids still? Or just a separate tale he told to this random stranger? Hard to say, but given that it picks up after last year's cliffhanger, it seems like a framing device within a framing device.

    So old lady gets told how ten hours earlier Robin called Ted into her bridal suite to ask if Barney was freaking out. Ted says he's not, but a quick clip shows otherwise. Robin herself wants to know how hard it would be to climb out the window, and Ted says out isn't hard, but getting back in is a challenge. And he knows this from experience because this is the same church that Victoria ditched her betrothed at. And then we never really get more of the Robin story, or why Ted is at the train station though we see the elusive mother pull up in a cab at the end with the yellow umbrella masking her face and a guitar in a case. So this poor old lady got a shitty story with some random non-sequiturs about people she doesn't know.

    For the Ted/Victoria plot, they are making their escape to happily ever after when Ted discovers that Victoria neglected to leave an "I'm sorry" note for Klaus. Ted's got guilt issues for stealing the bride, so he forces her to go back and leave a note at this church that appears to be nowhere near the city and given the train situation and the Hampton in the title, probably several hours out on Long Island. But because Ted had his own jilting experience, he thinks it is only proper.

    Victoria sucks at dumping people. Ted forces her to write something nice and then she dispatches him to deliver the letter. He tries to sneak into the church, but is stopped by an intimidating German bridesmaid and he has to get Barney to seduce her over the phone, even though he's with Quinn. Introducing the running "It's not cheating if" gag that I imagine will reappear more than just the two times it did in this episode.

    Ted delivers the letter, but leaves his car keys upstairs. Why did he take them when Victoria was sitting in the car? Was he worried she was going to steal the car? And it's nighttime now, so she might have appreciated heat. Now he has to scale the wall using a drain pipe. While he's sneaking in, he sees Klaus sneaking out. Klaus isn't ready for this commitment either and is also fleeing. Ted switches the note in the bridal suite so it looks like Victoria was jilted and left upset. Why is there a giant bed in this bridal suite? Especially since it's in the middle of a church? And how early did they get there since it was daytime and she had a chance to go to find Ted and then trek back out here and now it is night? Longest wedding day ever.

    Ted then goes and confronts Klaus about why he's leaving There's a lot of German here, but the gist is that you just know instantly if you are with the right one, and he knew Victoria wasn't his destiny. Why didn't he know this BEFORE HE PROPOSED TO HER? Ted agrees that he knows someone just like that, and this seems like the end for Victoria, who will now end up double dumped on her wedding day?

    Back in the city, Marshall and Lily are suffering from baby brain, and they can't remember that Barney's engaged or that they shouldn't tell Quinn that Barney and Robin used to date. Especially since Quinn just asked practical strangers Lily and Robin to be her bridesmaids because her stripper friends are just too tacky.

    Quinn quickly finds out about Robin, then gets upset and then is appeased when she sees Robin's new boyfriend Nick and his amazing abs. She doesn't know about the secret storage unit that Barney keeps his whole box of Robin related memorabilia in.

    The only redeeming thing in this whole episode is the countdown clock that Quinn initiates when she gives Barney a chance to explain himself. He essentially sums up the entire Ted/Robin/Barney messed up love triangle and his time on The Price Is Right in less than 60 seconds. Boy, do I feel like I've wasted a lot of time.
  • How I Met Your Mother Eventually!

    This was one boring episode padded with filler. Season seven ended with Lily and Marshall's fatigue over raising a new baby, Ted and Victoria driving off into the sunset, Robin lonely and Quinn and Barney engaged. What have we learned since then? Absolutely nothing. Not only that but it's clear the writers (show creators in fact) have run out of steam and instead of finally revealing who the mother is in this season's flash forward we see her under that yellow umbrella, face obscured. In season 1 this would have been cute and it was for awhile this cute romantic mystery for the viewer to solve, but after awhile when it was clear that the show would go on for a few more years this concept was abandoned, and as such we no longer care about the mother this much that she needs to continually be obscured just reveal who she is already. It's also a real dud to reveal Robin and Barney engaged about to be married in the flash forward when in 2012 he's engaged to Quinn. Every episode with this character arc is nonesense and frther padding. This is a show that needs to end NOW! Reveal the mother marry Robin and Barney and have the mother call for dinner to begin in 2030.
  • season 8

    still an hour....still waiting!!
  • Dissapointing

    Just dissapointing...
  • Still Trying to Be a Drama

    How I Met Your Mother was envisioned as a comedy when it first picked up, but at this point it is clear the writers want the show to be a soapy drama. That's the only excuse because this certainly was not a funny episode. They have Thomas Lennon playing an odd character, they have fart jokes, the humor is just not there.

    And I don't care about the mother at this point. Maybe if they told us SOMETHING we'd still be interested, but these teases don't build anticipation,t hey take away from it.