How I Met Your Mother

Season 8 Episode 1


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2012 on CBS

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  • The beginning of the end

    (Spoilers ahead).

    This was a great episode, and really makes it seem like this season will be the last. As it happens, it answered a lot of questions and brought on a bunch more.

    First, Ted is appalled that Victoria didn;t leave a note for her jilted fiance, leading to Ted delivering it and in the process, discovering Victoria's fiance bailing as well. When Ted later asks him why, he explains that Victoria is almost everything he;s ever wanted, but not quite it. As Ted listens to him, it becomes clear that this is how he feels about Victoria as well.

    It's also how Barney feels about Quinn; Barney and Quinn are over at Lily and Marshall's and Quinn asks Robin and Lily to be her bridesmaids, unaware of Robin and Barney;s history. Meanwhile Lily and Marshall haven;t slept and keep missing what;s happening, which leads to Lily revealing to Quinn that Robin and Barney used to date. She demands to know their history leading Barney to sum up the entire show in 50 seconds (proving that seven years later, NPH has still got it). Quinn is set to walk out when Robin tells them she has a boyfriend, something she previously revealed to Lily and Marshall, which of course they don;t remember. So we know that Barney and Quinn are going to break up because this episode opened at Robin and Barney;s wedding, BUT my question is, will their wedding happen? They both started this episode wanting to split and this episode actually started with Ted not wanting to talk about the events of the wedding, making it seem like they might not end up married.

    And in true HIMYM fashion, the most important thing happened in the last two minutes. A woman is getting out a cab with her guitar and yellow umbrella and stands in the rain waiting, not ten feet away from where Ted is sitting reading a book.

    So now we know where he meets their mother. We still don;t know how, perhaps she sees what book he;s reading or he sees her guitar, but we know where he meets their mother. This is the biggest clue we;ve ever been given, bigger than the roommate, or college class, or Ted bring a dad by 2015, because now we can put the frame around the picture. Which also makes it seem like this is the show's last year. we know that ted and victoria won;t last, we know barney and quinn won't last, and we know robin and her boyfriend won;t last. and we know where ted meets their mother. it;s been a great journey, and I'm glad it;s not over yet.