How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 12

First Time In New York

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2007 on CBS

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  • Your first time

    Ted and Robin's relationship was going great at this point of the series and was able to overcome snags and became stronger. This time another snag came up: saying I love you. Ted said it on the first night he Robin. However Robin has been reluctant to say it to Ted, even though he has been a great boyfriend. While I can understand Robin's reluctance to say it, shouldn't it be easier to say someone if you are in a committed relationship? (More on this later)

    I really enjoyed hearing everyone's first time's stories. The best one was Robin's. Barney was funny in this episode, whether it was changing the story of his first time or him putting minimal effort in trying to convince Katie to wait. I like that the argument that Marshall and Lilly had about her time was enjoyable in that in was not hostile at all. It shows that even though they just got back together, they are meant to be together. The first time Lilly and Marshall's first time was hilarious.(please don't) Another theme of this series is future Ted stretching the truth to his kids. I like that the kids called their dad on it. Another theme was hearing the same story but told in a different ways. This time it was Ted's first time. If you had been watching the series at this point, you would have hard time believing the first story of his first time. I also have a theory on why Ted says I love you easily. When you hear the real story of his first time, he said I love you to his girlfriend not just get her into bed, but because he wants love. This would happen to Ted in future relationships.

    The ending was your typical sappy sitcom ending, but with a twist. For one unlike other sitcom sappy endings, this did not make you gag. I like that Robin says to Ted, what he first said to her when he first met her. Maybe I missed it but when Robin said it to Ted, I don't remember him saying it back. Still this was amazing episode.
  • While trying to discourage Robin's sister from having sex, the gang share their first times.

    Robin's younger sister is visiting New York for the first time and Ted takes the entire gang to the Empire State Building. Beforehand, Ted tells Robin "I love you" for the first time since they've been dating and she can only manage "Falafel." She does love him, but doesn't know how to say it. So any who, while in line to board the elevator of the Empire State Building, Katie (Robin's sister) tells Robin about her plans with her boyfriend, Kyle. That part I'm okay with, but in this episode, she also smokes. What the hell? Why do so many teenagers think it's cool to smoke? But back to the episode, Ted, Marshall and Lily try discouraging Katie away from having sex young, but end up sharing their first times. There were a few funny parts, but none of the gang's, including Barney's, first times were anything special. But later that day, Ted gives Katie some advice that deters her away from having sex. Kyle does dump her, but Robin's happy and tells Ted she loves him in a nice moment between the couple.
  • Robin's sister comes to town.


    "First Time In New York" is an awesome How I Met Your Mother episode. In this episode, Robin's sister comes to town and the gang talks about their "firsts" to talk Katie out of having sex with her boyfriend. I love how Robin thinks her first time was with a gay guy which really doesn't count because they "barely" had sex. I love Lily said she fooled around with Scooter before she slept with Marshall, and I love how Marshall gets really upset and realizes that fooling around doesn't mean going "all the way". I love how Barney's story is really from the movie Dirty Dancing. It was cute how Ted talks to Katie about a story, which happened the other way around, and she decided not have sex with her boyfriend. I give this episode a 8.5/10.

  • Lost in the bedroom!

    Robin's got a sister who wants to lose her virginity. That's the only good thing about this episode. As people recall their adventure in bed. I like the performance of Lucy Hale, I hope she comes back to the show.We need some new blood in the show. I didn't care about this epiosde. So far, I didn't care much for the series. But I watch because of Alyson Hannigan and thnere isn't much on. You people love the show, but there's very little to recommend. I had to call it as I see it. I love the theme song and ther's little to go with it.
  • First times.

    This episode reminded me a lot of "Game Night" A look at everyone's past. This is a subject of conversation when Robin's sister, Katie comes to town to shake things up with the group. She reveals she wants to lose her virginity with her boyfriend, Kyle. Robin completely freaks out about it. Ted decides to take everyone to the empire state building where the stories come pouring in. Marshall finds out that Lilly almost did it, which he thinks counts as going all the way. Lilly begs to differ. It is revealed Robin lost her virginity to a gay guy. Ted loses it to a girl who never called him back, and we learn Barney's sad story: He lost it when he was 23 to a 40 year old woman in a bathroom who was calling him Barry. Ted shares his experience with Katie, just switches around the story a bit, and Katie doesn't end up having sex. Robin says "I love you" for the first time, which is definitely eventful since Ted said he loved her in the very first episode. I'm happy that Robin lost her love-ginity to Ted. All plots tied together perfectly, and they all finally make it to the top of the building. Great episode.
  • Everyone reveals their "first times", we meet Robin's sister, and at last Robin looses her "I love youginity". Finally we see the kids in 2030 again.

    Another addition to Barney's past where we see again how he became a sex addict. We also meet Robin's sister, who actualy seems to be a last minute addition to the show. She is not really a well written character and probably we will never see her again, because she probably was there to save this episode. Robin lost her "I love youginity", which wasnt a really satifying moment for me. I expected a more "touching" scene. And we also learn a disturbing fact about Marshall and Lily's first time. And Robins first time is awesome, Ted's was a classical Ted. Not the best How I met your mother but its good to see the kids in 2030 again.
  • Robin's sister comes to New York City for the first time and plans to lose her viginity to her "douche with a faux-hawk" boyfriend. The gang tries to talk her out of it, telling her she should wait for someone "special". In the end, T

    I love how the writers stay consistent with their flashbacks.
    Way back in the pilot episode, Marshall told Ted he was going to ask Lily to marry him - Ted said that he had "been there for every milestone of their relationahip....their first kiss, their first date, their first....everything."
    Marshall apologized (again) and said they thought he was asleep. Ted reminded Marshall that "when the bottom bunk moves, so does the top". Which is exactly what Marshall and Lily's memory of their "first time" showed....Ted looking rather shell-shocked, begging them not to "do it again"...WalkMan or no Walkman. I absolutley love this show!!!
  • Simple but great episode of television. It's all about first times. Robin's sister comes in to town and is planning on having sex for the first time and Robin to try to talk her out of it.

    I really liked this episode. I mean, I love the show but this episode really felt like "vintage" Mother. It was funny and it had a lot of sweetness. It's hard to be able to do both but I think that this episode accomplished it. I also liked the parallel between Robin's sister wanting to have sex for the first time and Robin wanting to lose her "I love you-ginity" for the first time to Ted. Nicely done. And to get to see all of the flashbacks was awesome! And Barney's "dirty" flashback was amazing! How did they do that?!? Loved it and would love more like this one.
  • A very nice episode where we got to know the characters a bit more.

    This was a very nice episode overall. We got to meet Robin's sister, we got to see the guy's working together to solve Robin's little problem. They managed to do it well, Robin and Ted got even closer too which is really nice because I love seeing them together. We learned how all the characters lost their virginities, maybe not the most interesting thing to know about a character from a TV-serier but it added something to the show I think. It was good stories all of them and Barney's was great, it must have been sort of surprising for people that haven't been with the show from the start of missed the Game Night-episode. In short, a very very good episode which is going to stay in my mind for a long time.
  • Brillant episode, but only just second to Slap Bet, this season has been sensational to say the least.

    So we've all been there, the "first"'s with whoever, and maybe it was with the right person, and sometimes you found out it wasn't, other times, you just wanted to get laid. And this was what it was all about.

    It was nice to get to know more about each character, and to learn some secrets too. But what really impressed me was how the script writers always manage to keep up with the past. For instance, during Marshall and Lily's first, we already knew that Ted was on the Top bunk, because we were told in the first episode. Ted saying I love you to robin for the first time comes up. And the fact that Barney was a virgin until after college (we are told in Game Night), surprised Ted and co forgot about that.

    To me, there was something else too. I am a lot like Ted, I can be a bit of a "I love you" slut, but I also understand how hard it is to say it to someone and mean it. But what Ted says is often true, at 17, people say I love you just to get laid (I am no longer 17).

    This episode was filled with great jokes, and the I'd be lying if I said I didn't laugh out loud a lot.

    Great episode again, especially after the break, I guess what they say is true, the wait was worth it ;p.
  • Just a bunch of friends, trying to make it happen in the big city. Kind of like "Friends" but it's not.

    This episode was like all the others I've seen and reviewed this season. There were some interesting plot twists and turns, backed up by several somewhat predictable jokes, but all in all I thought this was a solid episode. It seems like shows just need a couple of years to really find their core audience and this one has done just that. Tonight's episode was thoroughly entertaining and filled to the brim with laughs. It this show was a cup of coffee, I'd say it was definitely caffeinated, with a little bit of sugar (Doogie Houser, MD) and a lot of cream (that pasty white kid who is the star of the show.)