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1-13-2014 Slap-isode ( No spoliers)

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    [1]Jan 13, 2014
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    The few +

    Curious to see Barney questioning the validity of the story...

    Perhaps this episode (after the end game) in syndication/reRuns may have the charm missing to tonight

    the ( -)

    The content of the show may be offensive to one cultural.

    IF not, a Karate Kid tie in would have been a saving moment

    The "Mother" with an impact and/or cameo in this episode would have been charming

    ( as the novelty characters within the episode)

    It was poor, by most consensus, however prior to this episode

    there has been "worst ep's ever..." list with out any

    laughs...with forgettable moments..but it

    didn't effect the legacy of the show....

    so, not the best but few laughs few and far between...I guess.

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