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    [1]Jul 24, 2014
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    did any one else notice the NBC show, that is basically,

    the himym ending the fans wanted....

    the format, the style, and the teasers make it look

    "interesting" to say the least . . .

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    [2]Jul 23, 2015
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    I loved the How i Met Your Mother Finale and I watched it all on netflix, so everything was fresh in my mind. The show was sharp and clever, especially the first time through its really structured in a unique way that you rarely see on tv sitcoms. The finale was scripted perfect, regardless of the fact if you like Ted and Robin together. The show was good but should of ended in season 6-7 the show writters really scripted a masterful story but the show declined in quality for some of season 7 most of season 8 and all of season 9, except imo for the finale.
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