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BARNEY vs Neil Patrick Harris (Tony Awards)

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    [1]Jun 11, 2012
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    Did anyone else watch Barney, or the actor who plays Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) present the Tony Awards? I thought he was great and as attractive as Barney Stinson! If you didn't see it, any fan of Barney should check it out!

    The 2012 Tony Awards

    Does anyone else think that Neil is a bit like Barney in real life - he is smooth talking, cheeky, funny and knows how to rock a suit! I know that there is the obvious lack of womanising in the actor Neil's life, but can anyone else see the comparison? I suppose all actors who are playing characters for a long time bring a bit of themselves into the role and take a bit of the role away with them too? He even holds himself the same as Barney physically.

    Neils opening song at the Tony's reminded me of the episode where Barney puts on a play and makes everyone come and watch him. I wish Barney would put on another play (on this time not get slapped!)

    What do you guys think? Is Neil Barney or is Barney Neil?

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    Interesting obversation:

    Think previous years, was a better show and his
    rap (?)Last year/ -2 years ago, reeely rocked it..
    if u didnt see it / google_you tube it !!
    is barney ? > NPH or is NPH >> barney ?

    Think it is neither. I believe NPH enjoys being
    "Barney" and does it SOO well as I personally forget
    his orientation and fully accept the Barney character,

    ...and thnk NPH's personality is his own, and
    while he adds his own persona to Barney,
    Barney (like Charlie sheen) is just a character
    based on the personality on the actor that landed the role..

    make sense??? *like * when u hang around the
    new favorite guy at work, and notice you pick up his
    (or her) favorite phrases, and nuanCE(?cant spell that word) but
    the personality quirks...etc
    >> as you notice he (barney that is) has changed from season 1..
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