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    [1]May 14, 2012
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    What inspires me to post this - is simply for the reason this show is not for the casual fan...

    The Show "TRIES" to understand iF you were Just channel surfing and found this show on your tv,

    they will explain (ie: "kids, you remember Zoey..... ) but besides that keep (on screen) recap,

    thisshow REEALY is NOT for the casual fan lol -

    You have almost do the homework, read the forum and invest time (either on here) or

    re watch the episodes to fully apperciate the show's deep culture.

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    [2]May 15, 2012
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    Yes this is a comedy where to fully appreciate the's better to watch from The Pilot and go from there.

    There are things that are brought up, like the cocka-mouse, Lillys loud chewing, Robin's gun-enthusiast attitude, The slutty pumpkin, interventions etc that you would find hilarious if you knew this show has used it before.

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