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Did Jason Segal shave his head for Something Borrowed (Marshal/Lily's wedding)?

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    [1]Feb 20, 2013
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    You'd think he'd be wearing a bald cap with a wig over the top but he shaves a strip in his hair and I can't see how you could do that with a wig without having the underlying netting or whatever lies under the false hair showing. But all you see is scalp. So, I'm wondering whether Jason Segal actually did shave part of his head for these two episodes.

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    He has been filming movies during evry hiatus, or promoting themalmost continuously for years. And I haven't seen a role or talk show appearance that had hime with a bald patch or completely bald so I would have personally guessed it was makeup. The only thing that suggests it was real, is when they did flashbacks to the wedding for later episodes, he never takes the hat off like he did in the original episode. If it had been makeup, they could have just redone the skullcap he wore, if it had been real, maybe he couldn't shave it because it wouldn't work in the continuity of the season they were filming. Wish I had an answer, but haven't seen a mention of it anywhere.

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    after being at quite a few tv tapings...


    simply for the fact. . . .they film things twice.

    but certain scenes they will do away from the audience.

    also.. they would HAVE to film the whole episode

    and possibly future he would bald

    with a possibly ( for too long) or..

    bald _out of sequence...

    ONCE SHAVEN they cant go back or

    recreate any til he has hair again...

    ( does that make sense) ,meaning once bald those scenes

    or any thing else def. has a before and after mark..


    while he shaves, For REEAL say if "ted" laughs or he drops

    the shaver there is NO take 2 ....for the above mentioned, i say fake...

    but veeery real looking!

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