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"I'm not that Guy"

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    WOW - I *just* realized some thing :::: the episode

    "I'm not that Guy" / the guest star on "I'm not that guy"

    is "HAROLD" ( I am sure I knew that first time around),

    on 10/29/2007 - from Harold and Kumar -

    And, "Kevin" ( Kal Penn) season 7 / a mere nine episodes,

    was also on HIMYM - - wonder if Neil Patrick Harris had anything to do w/ that -

    and would have been some thing "funny" (as well as cheesy) lol -

    iF "harold" and "Kumar" could have had a mini reunion (on-screen) on HIMYM

    in a tie-in connection w/ the h & K: christmas movie, w/ n.p.Harris.

    .... (have marshall in the intro), open up w/ guess who I ran into ... "Jeff"

    lol...and have KEVIN say "WHO???"


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