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Last Words:

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    1. yes! it was a great episode, although tough to watch ...

    2. yes! it is "just a show" / viewed as entertainment, not always a comedy,

    and 3. yes it "needed" to be done..and was handled ?/okay I guess..

    BUT watching "last words" (which is still FRESH)_since the very first time I viewed it,

    (remember the effect it had on me, where I was watching it:

    in my life, and physically when/where I watched it) -etc-

    >MY ultimate question:

    Why did the show tread this water and cover this topic?

    It "didn't have to" ( the rules) did not call for it _ and it is their show,

    where they "didn't" have to create an episode/storyline for half a season

    w/ marshall and how he dealt w/ his dad's passing...

    ("have to situation") would be some thing like "8 simple rules"

    or a have to_pertaining to fictional events, would be if the

    show was based more on this theme,

    I personally accept this episode as quality and enjoy

    it with a smile/tear, but deep down feels the series maybe

    could have done w/out ( very powerful ) indeed...

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