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Post-series / DVD sales

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    this show, similar to Seinfeld..

    I personally believe will have a surge AFTER

    the show is officially complete/ "over"

    The DVD sales will skyRocket, as people will want to

    go back and RE-watch ahhh piece it together,


    the reveal is an OH-****!_ are u kiddin me..

    >IF a high profile actress, is casted 48 hours prior to the FINAL episode..

    (not casted now, but casted the day of lol_ and is a "gangnam" styLe /type..)

    HOT for the now..and FORGOTTEN by the year's end...then no big deal, on the

    post-season dvd sales..


    if a WOW -ending- where in season 1, 3, 6 - u want to watch a particular ep..

    and say, OMG - *it was hiding in plain sight*

    that kind of excitiement...will make this series/show MORE SUCCESSFUL after it ends it original run

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