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    I really do like HIMYM but there are two things about season 7 I want to get off my chest

    1) Robin / Cobie Smulders - In earlier seasons she looked extremely attractive. She didn't have super-model looks, but she had something much better...natural beauty. But in season 7 she looks really really thin - in an unhealthy way. Does anyone else agree.

    2) Ted - The thing that drives me crazy about season 7, and to a lesser extent season 6, is that it seems like every other week Ted gives the "I want what Lily and Marshall have..." speech. But at the same time he doesn't seem to do anything about it. I'm sort tired of that speech and wish he would say something different or at least do something about it.

    Having said that about Ted, I'm in a similar boat, so I think my gripe about the character can be put down to "everytime you point a finger, there are three pointing back at you"

    These are just two thoughts about season 7 in particular that I wanted to share.

    General thoughts are that its enjoyable. I do love Marshall's character. I think 24 episodes a season is too many for this sort of show when you how it will turn out, because you end up with too many episodes which are "filler" episodes where nothing happens to progress the story of how Ted met his wife and this can drive people away (it drove me away, but I came back - thankfully). At least we know Ted meets his wife at Barney's wedding so all these episodes about Barney in a roundabout kind of way is getting us there.

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    Yes to everything you said. There is more I can add, but I've said it all, and you condensed it beautifully.


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    I think character Ted is very nice man and I'm thinking that he should have been the first one to get married, not Marshall. Though, Ted reminds me a bit of Ross from "Friends" in that he takes a long time to wake up and find the one for him.

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    I like the idea season 7 is taking with Ted's love life, but not the execution. The idea of Ted being burned so many times, now even with slutty pumpkin mystery ending up as a bust, that his ideals and belief in love is dead. It is just instead of actually showing it in a serious light they make jokes about it. There are some scenes this season that show a disillusioned Ted that were emotionally powerful for me. The episode when he and Barney are trying to get laid on a trains last call or whatever, when Barney mentioned Ted probably won't meet the one doing this and Ted just said he is so sick of looking for the one. That actually made me feel sorry for him. A romantic like Ted has to be hurting with each failed relationship, especially as he is growing older. To me him losing faith in love would be realistic.

    A bitter and disillusioned Ted would have led to some great character development. I honestly do not even think he is still in love with Robin, but that he is so afraid he won't meet the one that he wanted someone familiar and he knew just so he wouldn't be alone. The scene on the roof when he said he loved her the way he said he didn't care about kids anymore seemed off to me. In fact I wouldn't have minded ifhe and Robin got back together until the end of the seasonif they hadTedand Robin realizing that they don't love each other and only got back together because it was familar and were both at pretty low points in their lives and having their friends pointing this out the rest of the season and finding some way to connect this with the mother plotline. Like having failed relationship with Robin led to a girl who will restore his faith in love, so he can be ready for the mother or something.

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