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    I was thinking about possible spin-off ideas for How I Met Your Mother and came to realise that one way of getting some hindsight on the current characters would be a spin-off about the children themselves theDaughter and the Son, even Marvin W. Eriksen, telling Ted or Marshall and Lily, or even Uncle Barney or Aunt Robin, stories about their lives (and their gang). Lyndsy Fonseca andDavid Henrieare now old enough.

    Plus, if the show ends right after Ted meeting the Mother, it could be the perfect way having their children making references to them in their own stories like "... yeah, just like you and mom used to do."and so, get some clues of what happened to them.

    No need for the current cast to be full-time on the set, maybe just for some guest appareances or just the same way the kids are displayed now, with the same old couch scene played over again when neededwith the current cast disguised as their older-selves.

    Each season could be about one of them telling a specific story to a specific relative. And in the same way Ted didn't tell everything (like the "sandwiches"), the kids can also find a way tofix theirstorytelling in that way.

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