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summer reruns / Lets recap:

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    So I am watching the reRuns of HIMYM all summer, and I am re-discovering

    the show, and possible theories of who is the mom :

    -Why is victoria ruled out ? / Not because people don't personally don't like her,

    but why - watching the early seasons, it seems so beautiful and logical it is victoria..

    PS: one of the funniest lines from that episode,

    BARNEY: "the meter is runnin' either crap or get off the pot!"


    I know why, Stella...he confronted, well almost confronted her, and

    "it all went away" ( that moment I applied in my own life) with some thing

    totally different...and it helped. I was just like Ted, all fired up - and then the moment of truth,

    was content to just let go..... ( curiously enough, it wasn't a relationship but was w/ a family member who was ill ).


    Soo..who else is there ? Whom it can/can't be -

    -She was quietly written off the show, and doesn't exactly "fit" but any shot

    it could be "wendy?" ( w/ the help of flash backs and flash forwards) episodes

    before the reveal ... such as, remember episode of what we all did before our current jobs..

    and it is hinted at ( and/or "set") so it could be wendy..although that would be a stretch!!


    Zoey ? (or why not zoey) -

    It seems they end the relationship but ... left enough open for the outside possibility it could be zoey..

    (w/ a few things that would have to "fix" for the set up it being zoey)...



    I personally rule out the "hookey" mothers, like barney's sister / tracey (from s.1 and s.3)

    and other one time cameo's ... for two main reasons:

    1. this show, at times is well written and has depth and won't do a "cheap" selection of the mother a 'wow' factor ( some one from way back that everyone forgot about)...

    2. while it would be (AWESOME) to have a surprise/and OMG moment

    for the mother be a total SHOCK, they have painted themselves into a corner...

    [met at a wedding / not robin / student in the wrong class / has a room mate ] , etc...

    and while it will be obvious, the "new" character introduced will be the mom*

    (*) although this show works best with smoke and mirrors, so the "new" character

    they introduce..will just be the set up for the real mother...

    Any thoughts:

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    It is not wendy, we know that wendy is with that guy marshall fired from the at 2020 something. It is not victoria, ted already met her. Who is tracey? If this tracey is the stripper tracey from "belly full of turkey" I disagree, I think mother's name is/will be tracey, whether she is that girl. If you mean trudy from the pineapple incident, again he already met her.
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