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The fictional finances of Barney Stinson

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    Financially speaking, Barney is a complete question mark. Although he currently works for a company called Goliath National Bank, his exact occupation is unknown. However, he lives in a gorgeous, enormous apartment in the heart of New York City, wears designer suits daily and never hesitates to hail a cab or buy a drink for a beautiful lady. Where does the money come from?

    This article takes the time to explain:

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    What a nonsence, the article doesn't say anything about how he pulls it off. And the things they say, are pretty known already.
    The article is even mistaken in the estimate of the costs of his suits. The article says it's from $ 1.500,- a suit. But as we've seen in an episode of season 1, Barney has his personal tailor. Marshall needs a new suit and gets it for 30% the price. The suit he gets is $ 4000,- which makes a regular suit $ 12.000,-

    But back on topic: The article sucks.
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