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"The Window" ( observation) + Question

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    "The Window"

    I noticed during Marshall's letter ( when he was 15 years old)

    and...SNOW "Informer" (being from Buffalo, close to Toronto)

    I am very familiar w/ SNOW -and his music- was very

    relevant for 1993 or so ( as this episode stated marshall was

    30 when it aired) ....but that's not the observation

    (WOW, I am posting like....Ted tells his stories) LOL



    SNOW is a Canadian hip hop artist...and this show,

    which makes a BIG DEAL out of "anything cdn" seemed

    to overlook this [minor] detail..

    No replies needed, just an observation..

    >Being CLOSE to southern ontario the CANADA jokes

    are reeeely is the other parts of the US

    feel about the CANADA jokes ??? just wondering

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