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what " IF " ::::::: (scenario based post/thread)

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    This show is "magical" with the chemistry and writing...

    ..and even the "best" shows know when to call it quits.

    But, this show is different - just due to the nature of the set up,

    and the MAIN characters ( are adults) so their look won't change much, if at all.

    (the "KIDS" can be interchanged as a fan, I am not sure I would notice) ... ...

    >IF the talents (actors) agreed to continue ,

    how long does one think this show could last ???

    ( I think three to four seasons), as the show may shift its position (slightly)

    from how i met your mother - to the path on how I got to the person

    *WHEN* I met your mother.....

    I could accept and watch this show for another three or four seasons ( easily)


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