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who is the mother???

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    Hello everybody,

    did anyone know who is their mother???i watched 4 seasons and i will be mad i wanna know who is the mother,tell me who is she

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    Oprah Winfrey

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    What I find fascinating is:

    a) There are actually people who think anyone at all from the general population knows who the mother is. Nobody knows. Shut up and watch the show.

    2) People are also expecting some major revelation. "OMG, Taylor Swift is the mother!" I'll tell you who she is: she's some random girl Ted's never met before. She's not famous, she's not anyone we've met (because it's how Ted met their mother), and you'll probably go "who?!?" He'll have to introduce himself to her, she'll introduce herself to him. And some idiots will go "after all that, she's some girl we've never even met before!!" Duh.

    c) People forget that the show is How I Met Your Mother, not Who Is Your Mother. The kids, Future Ted and the other Future characters all know who the mother is. So I can see a scenario where they show how Ted met the kids' mother, but not who she is. Because why would they need him to tell them who she is? It could very well end with a scene of Ted smiling and introducing himself ("Hi, I'm Ted") to a woman with her back to the camera, and end on "and so, kids, that's how I met your mother" without her ever facing the camea. Because, as they say, it's about the journey, not the destination.We've had eight seasons of characters, stories and humor without this woman. This scenario would make me laugh. It would be tasty and delicious and it would be seasoned delightfully with the salty tears of fangrrls and fanbois wailing at how literal the outcome was, that they'll never know who she was (forgetting the fact that, in very many ways, who she might be is completely irrelevant). And I would lick those tears from the corner of my mouth, savor their taste, and smell their aroma on my fingers, as fans the world over disintegrate. Particularly the ones who "heart" and "ship" various things.

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