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Why did Future Ted cry?

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    I just saw "Vesuvius" and I wanted to know, why did Future Ted cry when "the Mother" said "What mother would miss her daughter's wedding?" Was it a reference to something already covered? If it was, I missed it.. What mother and daughter was Future Ted reminded of?


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    I just replied to another post that covered this and I guess you were a viewer that failed to pick up the cues on this. It's Ted's wife and their daughter they're thinking of. They said earlier that when an issue was too huge to contemplate it was better to just not say it out loud and just spend time enjoying one another's company while you can. This was both about the gang in present day and about Ted and The Mom in the future narrative. She's obviously got some terminal condition that means they know she won't be around for her young daughter's wedding day. Notice how they had her in a bulky suit looking a bit shrunken, and they had returned to the place where they met and got engaged; but, chose to come in stormy winter weather so we know it wasn't timed for pleasure ( the place was empty - off season) but rather because they just didn't have much time left to spend together.

    I suppose it just might turn out that she's developed early onset Alzheimer's and is fading in a mental memory sense which would explain the cues about whether she did remember that story about Robin breaking the lamp after all. Either way, the mom has a terminal illness and Ted knows he's spending time in her company while he can.

    (End spoilers)

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