How I Met Your Mother

Season 1 Episode 15

Game Night

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

One of the traditions of Ted and company is game night. Only problem--Marshall is very good, winning every game the group plays. So they ask him to make a new game to play. Victoria is invited to join the game, though Ted asks that he not be interrogated by Marshall and Lilly as the new girlfriend. Marshall turns the new game into an opportunity to dig into Victoria's past and find dirt on her.

During the game, Lilly reveals she met a woman who knew Barney. The woman, Shannon, gave Lilly a videotape to return to Barney. Barney grabs it and smashes it. Lilly then reveals she gave him the wrong tape and reveals the real one. The group watches it, seeing Barney with long hair, a soul patch and singing a bad love song to Shannon. Barney grabs the tape and storms out.

The group gathers later in the bar and ask Barney to tell the story of the tape. Barney agrees, but only if the group tells him embarrassing stories in trade. They agree.

Marshall's story: Using the bathroom at Lilly's school, being surprised by a child and having Lilly's see him on the floor with his pants pulled down.

LIlly's story: Having sex with Marshall under a blanket Marshall's mom knitted for them while Marshall's mom is on the phone.

Victoria's story: Censored by Ted from the kids in the future, though Marshall says it's the best story ever.

Ted's story: On the night he met Robin, he got drunk and went back to kiss her. He threw up on her doormat and ran off. He also reveals to Victoria he had feelings for Robin.

Barney's story takes places eight years earlier. He and Shannon have just graduated and plan to join the Peace Corp. They both work in a coffee shop and are saving themselves for when they get married.

A rich guy in a suit comes in, notices Shannon and mocks Barney. As the day to leave approaches, Shannon changes her mind but tells Barney to go. Shannon's excuse: her dad won't let her go. Barney realizes this is stupid, comes back and finds her kissing another man. She was planning to dump him when he went to Nicaragua for two years. Broken hearted, Barney makes the tape.

Weeks later, Shannon comes by in a suit to get her last check. She's now seeing the guy in the suit who mocked Barney earlier. Barney is upset, leaves the shop and wanders New York. He sees a flyer that says "Suit up!" and goes to buy a suit. He cuts his hair, shaves his soul patch and becomes the Barney we know and love today.

He also reveals that after leaving Ted's, he went to see Shannon. They talked and shared about their lives, after which he slept with her. He took footage of this on his cell phone as proof and shows it to the group.

As the episode closes, Ted opens the door to find Victoria left fake dog poop on his doormat, Barney hits on a woman in the bar and Robin finds a new doormat to replace the one she lost. Ted reveals that part of the story is only beginning...