How I Met Your Mother

Season 1 Episode 15

Game Night

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 2006 on CBS

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  • The origin of everything!

    This is by far the best episode of the show.

    My review is late, but i am sorry.

    Everything that happens in the show is related to this one.

    If it was Friends, this episode would be named THE ONE THAT IS THE ONE.

  • i love it

    this is awesome
  • Felt more Family Guy than How I Met Your Mother

    The technical details of this episode were very fine tuned and top notch. The use of everyone telling their story to advance Barney's was almost like a dungeon crawling video game; everyone needed to spill their own dirt in order to get Barney to tell his. After the glimpse of the video they saw of him being a hippie, well, of course everyone was desperate to know the secret to his past.

    Plus Barney going through his metamorphosis of becoming the Barney we know now, that was hilarious. It was like when Darth Vader first became Darth Vader.

    However there were some parts that didn't excel so much. It felt kind of forced, in particular the whole Barney and the Shannon thing. Lilly got a random tape that exposed Barney's past? That felt pigeon holed.

    And overall there wasn't that much character development other than revealing Barney's past. Not that every episode needs to have a sentimental ending, but it's hard to deny those kinds of episodes have a lot more punch and are of a higher quality of storytelling. Here it's just a mere flashback of Barney's past. Which was helpful, and portrayed in a hilarious way, but still.
  • Very good episode

    A great story about embarrassing moments in the lives of the lead characters (minus Robin, plus Victoria). Neil Patrick Harris makes a great turn and Marshall's game is also awesome.
  • Awesome episode

    I think this was one of the 5 best episodes in all How I Met Your Mother. This is one of the episodes, why I love HIMYM so much.
  • Things are revaled

    How do they do it? This was another great episode. Only great shows like friends and Lost (which is in a class by itself) can do this. Like I have always said before I love getting back stories on characters. This time it's Barney. (more on that later) I like that Marshall came up with this complicated game but at the same time, you didn't like him for that., you actually liked him him for it. I like that while Marshall and Lilly said they weren't going to integrate, they did so subtly.. I also liked that game continued in the bar.

    Barney's back story was great. He has always come off as cool a ladies man and very confident. It's funny that he was a hippie. What I like about this episode is that just when you think it's one thing, it ends being another thing. I also like all the other characters back stores too. I also like that Victoria was able to put up with Ted and what he did although he is no longer vomit free since 93.
  • Another crazy story from Barney's is released as the others reveal their most embarrassing secrets.

    This episode was one of Season 1's most annoying in my opinion. As a strong Ted/Victoria supporter, I'm sick of Robin getting in the way. Each and every one of the others was trying to get Ted to reveal to Victoria that he once had feelings for Robin, which he eventually did in an episode in which the gang revealed all of their biggest secrets. Did you know Marshall was seen on the toilet by an entire elementary class? Or that he and Lily had sex with Marshall's mother on the phone? Barney then reveals how a girl cheated on him in order to back out of going to the Peace Corps with him. We then find out the reason behind Barney always wearing suits. It wasn't as interesting or funny as some might of expected. In the end, I wasn't too happy about this episode.
  • The gang reveals embarrassing stories to get Barney to reveal his most embarrassing moment.


    "Game Night" is an amazing How I Met Your Mother episode. I love how Marshall is a genius at games, so he creates all the games for game night. I love how they watch a tape of Barney singing, playing the keyboard while crying, and his a hippie. I love how everyone shares embarrassing stories to make him reveal what that video was all about. I love how Ted reveals that the night he met Robin, he puked on her door mat. I love how Marshall reveals his most embarrassing moment is when his butt accidentally shown to the class. I love when Lily reveals that her most embarrassing moment is having sex with Marshall and Marshall's mom was still on the phone. Anyways, it was interesting to see how Barney became who he is today. I love how he was a hippie in love with this girl named Shannon who ditched him, and so he suited up, and became legendary. I give this episode a 10/10.

  • A mysterious tape arrives for Barney from one of his numerous ex-girlfriends, and the entire gang watches it. But, in order for them all to find out how she broke Barney's heart and made him into a suit-wearing bachelor, everyone must share their most emb

    Another poor episode. After each episode i just keep wondering as to why this series is still running !! Marshall's embarrasing moment was really funny, but it was the only good thing in the entire episode. Barney's story was just too boring. I can't buy the fact that a guy can change so radically after a break up. Shannon was cute though. Also the make up was laughable. I could easily see Barney's original hair below the stupid wig he was wearing. Also when he has applied shaving cream on his chin to shave of the goatee, there are no hair below the shaving cream ! The crew should be more devoted.
  • Simply the best.!

    This was a very amazing episode, and I would even go as far as saying it is one of the tiop three ever, if not number one.

    There was a lot of amazing humour within the episode. Firstly, the concept of Barney as a hippie was so funny, and I couldn't stop mysefl laughing when I saw that. How awesome was that?!

    I also loved the 'most embarrassing stories' that each of the characters told, particulary Lily's and Marshall's story of Marshall without his pants in front of Kindergarten.

    Overall, there was so much great humour in this episode, I think it is just plain awesome! Keep it up, How I Met Your Mother, as this is going great!
  • In here there are just jokes and jokes and jokes, but no real storyline. Nice, but not overwhelming after all.

    What? That’s the question I ask myself after watching this episode. I mean were there were some really funny jokes in here, but what does it have to do with the story?

    Ok let’s start from the beginning:
    Marshall takes over game night. It’s kind of funny. But the best part of the new game night is Lily’s power play with Barney. I so like her for such things. Barney’s reaction is so great, when he cuts that tape! And then the big bang of this episode is here. We see Barney on that tape! My god! Such a great idea! The singing, so horrible – I almost fell of my chair. It was so funny. I had higher hoped for the fallowing story when he ran off, but then the story went down a bit, unfortunately. But still the story was great after that.
    Barney plays the whole group when he wants to hear the most embarrassing moments of each and every one. Sadly we don’t really learn more about Robin and Victoria (well it looks like she’s going to leave after the next episode, isn’t she?).
    The embarrassing Moments of Marshall is really nice. The one of Lily is more one for Lily and Marshall. But I really liked that one. But why didn’t her mother hang up? I mean is that really what someone wants to her? I certainly wouldn’t, but hey that’s everyone’s own decision…
    The story of Ted is quite lame, but it’s quite nice. Especially that he has to admit that in front of Robin. No really that’s not what I expected, and let’s face it, I expected more!

    But Barney’s story topped everything. I really liked that story. So nice!
  • A hilarious yet sad look at Barney's previous life (contains recap)

    In this funny and enjoyable episode, we learn of Barney's past life and how he became the man he is today.
    Everyone and Victoria go to Ted's house to play a game Marshall created called Marshallopoly. In order to interrogate Victoria without actually interrogating her, Marshall continually asks her autobiography questions from the game.
    Lilly tells Barney that he ran into an old friend of his and when trying to guess her name with S's, Barney blurts out her name, Shannon and freaks out when Lilly mentions a tape she gave her to give to him. Lilly brings the tape in and barney quickly destroys it only to find out it's a decoy and Lilly puts the real tape in. On it we see Barney with long hair and a beard dressed in hippie clothes crying and singin a love song to Shannon. Barney grabs the tape and leaves.
    At the Clarence, everyone is worried about Barney and he shows up a few minutes later and tells sections of his story as everyone tells their most embrassing moment to make him continue.
    In 1998, Barney worked at a coffee house playing the piano and singing and worked with his girlfriend and love, Shannon. We see that Barney was a sensitive, peaceloving guy who hated suits and wanted to join peacecrops as well as wait to have sex with Shannon after they were married. However Barney's heart is broken when he finds out that Shannon is seeing a successful and rich man named Greg. He attemptted to win her back by making the infamous tape but it failed and Barney recieves a filer on a suit sale and goes there. He then transforms into the man he is today.
    Barney then says that after he left the apartment, he went to see Shannon and finds out that her and Greg broke up years ago and that she's a single mom. Barney then makes a revelation on his life now and in a mere moment you feel sympathy towards him, but then he laughs and recants back happily saying that his life rocks.
    We also learn of everyone except Victoria's and Robin's embrassing moment although we hear Victoria's intro. We learn of Marshall being called funny butt by Lilly's class because he freaked when a kid saw him in a shared bathroom and forget to pull up his pants, Lilly and Marshall's dislike of his mom's cookies and how they have sex but Lilly frogot to turn off the phone while his mom listens on, and Ted's wee-return, when Ted first broke up with Robin he got drunk and went back to her place with Barney and the cab driver and Ted puked on her doormat ruining it.
    This episode was hilarious. I felt said for Barney, in the past, when Shannon broke his heart and then she and Greg laughed at him for his video. I knew when I read this summary that Barney's change would be because of a heartbreak from a girl, but the writers made it funny and enjoyable and I especially loved the part where Barney recants about his life and the audience thinks 'Now he'll change his life'. But are left with a recanting Barney on how great his life is now.
    Funny and enjoyable episode.
  • Grrrrrrrrrrrrreat episode!

    "How I Met" Strikes again!!!...

    Another great episode from this hilarious show...
    I just hope they keep 'em coming!
    This episode revolves around an invented game that makes everyone tell their most emarrasing stories. Throughout the whole episode Barney tells (in parts) the story of how Barney became the dress chasing, cigar smoking, one night standing guy that he is today.

    Well written (as usual), very VERY hilarious episoede, that once again proves why "How I Met Your Mother" is a once in a decade show...

    I just hope the rest of the season is that interesting and they don't run out of things to write about...
  • HIPPIE!!!!!!!!!

    After seeing this episode, it reveals a lot of things. It's hard to see that Barney was once a hippie! Plus, we finally find out where Barney got the catchy phrase "Suit Up!". Nice spoof of the Darth Vader scene from Star Wars Episode Three as well! This episode is one to remember!
  • A series classic right here, folks.

    The classic How I Met Your Mother episodes just keep rolling in here. This is the third or maybe even fourth five star episode of the series and we are still only in the first season. It is amazing how much chemistry the main actors have considering the short duration of the show. In this episode we hear a dark, dark story from Barney's past. And is laugh-out-loud hilarious. You will not believe it. Finally it is revealed how Barney first "suited up". Brilliant episode that is really a must-see for any sitcom fan. This is one of the best episodes of this still fresh series.
  • Great best episode.

    After winning several game nights in a row, Marshall invents "Marshgammon," but game night gets sidetracked when a tape of Barney when he was just out of college shows us a side of Barney that we never knew. What a great episode I loved it Barney was on top form he had me laughing all the way through this episode, when he tried to destroy the tape was great he was a funny hippi it was great when he put on his suit and shaved I was really laughing alot through this episode, Marshall was great when he made the game Marshgammon.
  • The group's most embarrassing moments all jam-packed in one episode.

    Well let me start off by saying the best aspect of this episode was of course: character development. I'm kind of glad that this episode was designed just like that. Ted continues his relationship with Victoria, and Barney wants him to tell her that he used to have feelings for Robin. A crazy night ensues when a girl, Shannon, sends a video tape over on Lilly's hands on game night. The whole group ends up watching. And it's Barney from the past, a very embarrassing video. Barney goes missing for a couple hours and then returns. To tell the full story about Shannon, he must get some dirt from each and very friend of his. I loved the fact that they went back to the night of the first episode: Turns out Ted re-returned for Robin, only to puke accidentally on her welcome mat. He tells this story to Victoria, it puts things in a weird place but they're still growing strong by the end. Marshall's embarrassing moment was when he showed his butt on accident to Lilly's students. Lilly's is when Marshall's mom hear Marshall & Lilly having floor sex on the phone. Robin's is a previously seen embarrassing moment, when she fell in horse poop. Victoria's story was apparently too inappropriate for Ted's children. Anyways all secrets are revealed and Barney continues to be on top since he ended up sleeping with Shannon and getting his revenge by the end, and successfully got dirt from all his friends. I liked how that minor thing with Robin didn't break up Victoria & Ted. I'm beginning to really like that relationship. A great episode, with a lot of character development, and probably gives us a hint of the promising plot lines to come. Great episode.
  • Game Night showed a huge insight into Barney's mentality.

    After Ted warned Marshall and Lily not to turn into the parents he moved away from during a game night, and asked them to please not embarass him by grilling Victoria.

    While at the bar planning the game night Robin let it be known to Lily that she could not stand Victoria and her jealousy towards her, and reaffirmed her feelings for Ted.

    Marshall invented a new game and he somehow kept turning the questions on Victoria asking her questions into her life. During one of the conoversational exchanges after Victoria answering how many boyfriends she has had, Robin's jealousy and disdain for Victoria came through with a few snidely comments.

    As Game Night progressed, Lily mentioned to the group that she ran into an Ex of Barney and she gave him a videotape. Barney freaked out and didn't want them to watch it. They did, showing an embarassing side of Barney they never could have imagined. He was a love sick Hippie, really and truly set on joining the peace corps.

    Following Barney running from the apartment, they met up with him again in a Bar, where after exchanging embarassing stories Barney slowly tells more of his story with Shannon.

    Though the story line of how Barney went from the abstinate, celibate "in love" barrista to the "suited up" player is revealing to Barney's true character, to me, it's not as important as the continuing Ted/Victoria/Robin saga.

    When it came time for Ted to tell an embarassing story on himself, he tried to tell another story, but the gang made him tell the entire story about how he met Robin, his feelings for her, including saying "I love you" very shortly after they met.

    Victoria looked rather disturbed at it, and Robin looked rather pleased at it.

    Part of the story never known to religious HIMYM fans before was the fact that Ted went back to Robin's a 3rd time that fated evening and vomited on her customized "Sherbatsky" doormat before knocking on the door with Barney and Ranjit in tow.

    Robin found it incredibly sweet that he "Re-returned" though he ruined her door mat. Victoria looked slightly disgusted.

    In the end, everything seemed okay. Victoria left fake vomit on Ted's door, Lily & Marshall were as always, Barney - even after his tangent about how awesome his life is now- was sitting in a bar alone looking sad.

    Someone left Robin a new floor mat with a red bow on it.

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