How I Met Your Mother

Season 6 Episode 17

Garbage Island

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 2011 on CBS
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Marshall regains his desire to help the environment, Ted encounters The Captain, and Robin wants Barney to admit his feelings for his Valentine's Day date, Nora.

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    Another great episode of How I Met Your Mother, I loved the flash forward and how it had something to do with the waitress and Marshall's co-worker. I just love everything fell in to place. It reminded me of the first couple seasons of this show when the sole focus was fate, and where you end up in 20 years.

    That is exactly the reason why season 6 has been so great, it's definitely returned to form after season 5, and we don't have that much episodes left, maybe the wedding has nothing to do with Punchy, maybe Nora & Barney? Just a theory, but I'm also liking how Barney's character is developing.

    In connection to Natural History, we know that Corporate Marshall will be history, and I got a feel that it would happen soon judging by tonight's episode. Great episode overall, kind of sad to hear that Ted & Zoey wont work out though, I wonder how it will end...moreless
  • Garbage Island...

    Where has this How I Met Your Mother been?! For possibly the first time this season, a genuinely funny, charming story like the earlier episodes of the show. Tying in with the events of the last few episodes, Garbage Island begins and ends with a story related to Marshall still not feeling too great about his father's death. Mostly centered around Ted and Marshall trying to be good guys, or rather, trying not to be bad guys, this episode really was the high point of the season for me so far. Marshall being an environmentalist finally comes back into play after a significant period of not being mentioned and they did it in the right way. Assuming Marshall does go ahead and quit his job it will be a pretty major turning point for him. Ted has to deal with The Captain and his guilt about stealing Zoey away from him and ultimately feels better about it. However the funniest moments came from Barney's story. Although the smiling upon saying a girl's name was just really not funny, the rest of the back and forth between Barney and everyone else gave genuine laugh out loud moments for the first time in a long time. Overall this was a great episode of How I Met Your Mother and it felt a whole lot like the past seasons which is what the writers need to aspire to. If they keep it at this level then whenever the show does end, it really will go down as one of the best sitcoms in my book.

    On a side note, is it just me, or are Lilly's involvement in episodes nowadays based entirely upon her wanting to have sex? Off the top of my head I can't remember the last time she had any kind of significant story that wasn't actually just a tie in to something going on in Marshall's life.moreless
  • classic HIMYM

    I mean... what happened between wendy and marshall's co worker... it was a classic HIMYM ... one different move, one different idea and those guys wouldn't end up together... about ted and captain... seriously, I'm not sure about that... it was aweomse, awesome, awesome and ups... it was a big rush the way ted told the guy the truth... but I have a feeling we're not done with captain character... at least hope so

    about zooey, I'd say I knew something would go wrong the moment she started the phylosophical talking about what looks how and what means what... and future ted prooved it... at least it's intriguing, I hope captain and zooey will end up together again, I really hope to see those guys again, love both of them...

    lily and marshall part was kind a annoying until the moment marshall actually started talking... then it was just a masterpiece...

    and what about robin and barney... plus that girl norah... I don't really know where they're going but I have a few theories, I guess it doesn't really mean anything for now...

    10/10... maybe it was 9/10 and I was in a really good mood, but I was so satisfied

    P.S: sorry for bad english... :)))) hope it wasn't too difficult to read because of my bad language...moreless
  • Some great stuff

    After last weeks review with my Zoe and Ted bashing I retract. It was well done this week looking at how their relationship began from the two perspectives and the omelette metaphor. Many have been wonder if Zoe was the mother but Ted clearly states in this episode that she is not and actually things are not going to end well. Barney and Nora I was kind of neutral on. I am thoroughly tired of Marshall moping around and his garbage thing threatened to turn this episode into garbage. The funeral was a touching episode for him but this tailspin has got to end.moreless
  • Some interesting developments!

    This episode was no improvement on its predecessor in terms of its comedy, but this one was very interesting in terms of the remainder of its contenct.

    The Captain is back, and he is an excellent character! He is very funny to watch! I enojy watching this character, because you can never tell what he is up to! His character is hilarious!

    Hoping that the comedy part of things will improve, but the storlyine is still very itneresting! Good episode, better than the last one, and I hope it continues to improve from this point oforth! Good job, HIMYM, and I woul d recommend this one.moreless
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Daniel O'Brien


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Edward Flores

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Bob Saget

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Ted calls Marshall on his phone, which ten years from now is supposed to show holograms of the caller, Marshall's hologram is shown with the same hairstyle he wears today, but in previous episodes showing flash forwards to ten years from now, like the college reunion in "How I Met Everyone Else," or when he opened Lily's death packet in "We're Not From Here," Marshall had a receding hairline to the point of baldness, just like Marvin, Sr.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Ted: You think Zoey's sleeping with the doorman?
      The Captain: He always winks and tips his hat when he sees her! I know how these things start. He's holding her package and pretty soon she's holding his. And did you see that mustache? I will have him fired for this.
      Ted: You can't have him fired.
      The Captain: You're right. (starts waving a flail around) Maritime protocol demands physical retribution!
      Ted: Oh, God, no! Not physical retribution! Now, stop!
      The Captain: Who is this flower child, and what has he done with my lionhearted friend Ted Mosby?!

  • NOTES (1)

    • International Airdates: United Kingdom: June 23, 2011 on E4; Germany: October 26, 2011 on ProSieben; Czech Republic: February 9, 2012 on Prima COOL


    • The sound effects superimposed over girls talking towards the beginning of the episode (when Barney is ignoring them) is the same as the sound effects used for adults speaking in Peanuts cartoons.

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