How I Met Your Mother

Season 6 Episode 17

Garbage Island

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 2011 on CBS

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Ted remembering the year 2021 on a trip to Hong Kong he was stuck at the airport he met Wendy the Waitress to figure out what she was doing there the narrator takes us back ten years ago at the bar with Robin telling Barney that he heard he and Nora had a fun time at Laser Tag but Barney believed it was a disaster just because she didn't want to go grab a drink with him as soon as she said that Barney tuned out of the conversation and Nora gave him her number and told him to call her, he tore the card that she gave him. Robin though believes he really likes her stating that he can't say Nora's name without smiling which turns out to be true. Robin tells him to call her but Barney refuses because he doesn't chase as Lily tries to advise him he tunes out.

Meanwhile, Ted tells Wendy a story of how he and Zoey met saying that they started as friends even though she was married to a super-rich and super creepy guy called 'The Captain' and one day Zoey and 'The Captain' got into a huge fight and he asked for a divorce and Zoey was left heartbroken but after a while she ended up back with Ted, but Wendy was just asking him how his meat was.

Zoey tells Ted to please help her pick up her box at her old apartment i.e. 'The Captain's' house and Ted is cared because he hasn't seen the captain since the breakup. He doesn't want to see him because he's scared of him.

Marshall leaves for work after a long set of complaints. Everyone is worried about him because he hasn't really been himself lately. Lily is more worried because it's been a long time since she and Marshall have been intimate and Barney estimates the time down to 5 weeks 3 days and he's right. Others leave, leaving Barney and Robin and Barney tells her it's been 18 weeks and she admits that she has been on the dry spell lately, Barney tells her that if she's really hurting for it he throw her one i.e. sleep with her. Robin thinks it's just about Nora that Barney is not happy he lost his shot with Nora because he likes her so he's trying to hook up with his ex to prove to himself that he doesn't care. He thinks she's wrong but asks what she means by he missed his shot, Robin tells him that Nora has a date with someone else and he's taking her to Café L'amour i.e. the café of love and Barney seems bothered by this but still denies liking her.

Back at Marshall and Lily's pad, Marshall can't sleep and Lily thinks she could help by sleeping with him but he's watching a documentary about an island called Garbage Island, hence the name.

As Ted goes over to pick up Zoey's things he runs into 'The Captain' and he thinks Ted was there to rescue him from all that happened and they adjourn to the study.

At the bar Marshall tells everyone about Garbage Island and how it's twice the size of Texas and how he's going environmental. He says he's implementing it on the bar as well; Wendy the waitress hears him and is shocked it's his fault that she has to carry an 80 pound of bottles every night to the recycling centre and how she threw her back out. Marshall then tells the gang that he's taking his ideas to GNB but it'll cost 12 million, but Barney is against him and tells him that his idea would get him fired. While all this is going on Lily can't seem to her hands off Marshall.

Ted joins them at the bar and tells him that he ran into 'The Captain' and how weird it was because 'The Captain' believes that some guy with a moustache stole Zoey away from him not knowing that its Ted. He tells him that the guy swoop in and stole Zoey from their happy life, saying Zoey demanded a divorce and even though he was pissed he pleaded with her and they made love that night, but morning came and she left him. Ted then realises he's the bad guy in the story and realises he didn't pick Zoey's things.

At their house Lily tries to seduce Marshall but they come to a compromise that immediately Marshall is done with his environmental project she would get what he wants.

At the bar Barney is mad at Robin for lying to him, he tells her that he went to the place that Robin told him of and he didn't see Nora and her date there. Robin tells him that she lied to see if he cares and she does so she gives him her number but Barney tears it, she tells him she programmed it into his phone and he destroys the phone which is weird because he just walked in so I couldn't be possible, Robin points this out to him. She tells him that he is really smitten but doesn't want to admit it because he's scared of relationships. Robin then tells him to ''throw her one'' Barney tells her he would do it but she doesn't believe he would, they decide the next day at Robin's place.

When Marshall coms back Lily is excited and throws herself on him saying they'll have sex first then foreplay after but Marshall is not in the mood because his idea was not adopted at GNB, in fact they almost fired him but had pity on him because his father had just died but fired someone else who was behind his idea called Meeker. Marshall is sad because Meeker got fired because of him but Lily tries to console him. Meanwhile she set a 6 pack for him and while kissing him Marshall seems more concerned with something else. He then asks Lily where the plastic rings of the six pack was. Lily told him she threw it out and Marshall gets mad because in the video he watched of Garbage Island he saw birds that were hooked with such. He starts complaining about the island and Lily tells him she really doesn't care right now. He leaves to go look for the rings.

Meanwhile Ted tries to go take Zoey's things again and runs into 'The Captain' again. They head to his study and they talk about Zoey as usual. The Captain tells Ted that he knows it's his doorman who steals Zoey away from him. Ted plays along while 'The Captain' says he's going to try fire him but Ted stops him, instead he says he's going to handle him physically, Ted stops him and tells him that it's nobody's fault that him and Zoey separated because they had nothing in common. 'the Captain' then realises that Ted's right and says he should thank the person that separated them. After saying this Ted agrees with him and tells him that he was the cause of the breakup and runs away taking Zoey's things along with him.

Lily joins Marshall at the dirt truck looking for the rings and hopes it doesn't make her look desperate.

Barney meets up with Robin and says "give it to me". Robin is mad telling him that he failed her test, that she tried to root for him even as his ex-girlfriend when he meets someone she says Barney "go get her", she tells him to forget it that he's never going to change she's done helping him. Though, Barney was asking for the number because he couldn't tell a particular figure in the previously torn one. After a cute little argument Robin gives him the number and tells him to go get her.

At the bar Ted asks Zoey if he stole her and she says yes by being the kind of sweet, thoughtful guy who would never think of doing that. He realises he's the bad guy, she tells him the story isn't over yet and it would be long before they know who the good guy or the bad guy is in the story; saying sometimes things need to fall apart to make ways for better things.

Marshall is really acting up because he feels his father would never get to see how he turns up, his dad was always proud of him for wanting to become an environmental lawyer. He feels that if he and Lily have a baby now he would be stuck at GNB forever. Lily supports him and tells him to do what he wants and they could start a family in a year's time after he's settled. He's scared he thinks everyone hates him Lily tells him that's not true but Older Ted tells us that's true. After Meeker got fired because of Marshall, on knowing that they hanged at the bar he headed over there to give Marshall a piece of his mind but at the entrance he met Wendy the Waitress who dropped the bottles and apologized as they bonded they realized they both hated Marshall.

In 2021 it's seen that Meeker and Wendy the Waitress are married with three kids and are at Hong Kong for their second honeymoon. Ted was about to tell them of how he met his wife but they were in a hurry.

It ends with Old Ted calling Marshall with a phone that lets you see the other person and tells him he won't believe who he just ran into.