How I Met Your Mother

Season 5 Episode 12

Girls Vs. Suits

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2010 on CBS

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  • Funny while contributing something important to the main storyline

    As the title of the episode already reveals, it's about Barney choosing between a hot girl and wearing suits. But if we concentrate on our narrator Ted's life, it's about him stepping into the apartment of his future wife for the first time, however, with the intention on going on a date with her roommate.

    This episode has surprisingly low score on this site, since IMDB users gave it an average rating of 9/10 which is pretty darn high. This is for the reason that most of the people that watch How I Met Your Mother like the stories with Barney being all player-like the most. Besides that, this episode contains an epic musical sequence in Barney's mind, directed by Glee choreographer Zachary Woodlee. This episode had Rachel Bilson and Stacey Keibler as guest stars and while I liked the firstmentioned a lot, the other was just a helping hand for Barney's story part and had nothing special about herself.

    "Girls Versus Suits" had something that amounts to all good How I Met Your Mother episodes: a plot that is in a connection with the main, eponymous storyline of the series. This episode had a couple of references to Ted's future wife and that's always a good idea. Moreover, it was also quite a funny episode, especially the musical part of it.

    It's an episode that works in the typical style of the show and does so very well, therefore I had a lot of fun with it and I think it's the best episode of this season yet.
  • The 100th episode

    A 100th episode is a big moment for a show. Generally big things are supposed to happen and it didn't disappoint. The biggest strike in this episode was that it too much of a season 5 stink to it. That's not a knock against this episode it's just like whole season 5, season, something was missing and wasn't up to the standards of this great show.

    At the start of the episode Ted is outside of his classroom and meets a student who he has a connection with. Warning don't read this for they are spoilers. Like with Maggie this women is not the mother. Also like with Maggie, this storyline could've made you happy or upset. This made he more happy then when he met Maggie. This women turns out to be the mother's roommate. Great choice for the women who played her. I loved how future Ted talked about when he came in Cndy's place for the first time and talks about how when Ted and Cindy are on the date when Cindy talks about her roommate with future Ted commenting. It was a great tease by the producers not saying who the name of Cindy's roommate was. Another great scene when Ted is in the Cindy's room and everything he mentions is his future wife. It adds of things too look for and remands you of things have mentioned before.

    Meanwhile Barney tries to hook up with a new bartender but finds trouble when he finds out (through Marshall) that she hates guys who wears suits. Dedicated to nailing women, Barney suits down. It was a little bit weird but more funny to see him like this. It was amusing to see the pic of Barney on water skis in a suit. It was also good to see how Barney was going through withdrawal. Barney eventually is successful in getting the women to his apartment where she sees the room of suits that Barney has. This leads to another break in reality with a song. I did like the song and it was nicely done but I think it would've been better done either before or after this episode.

    If it annoys you that you don't see the mother (at least all of her) remember that this a long story. When Ted first sees Robin he falls in love but she winds up being the story of how Ted met Aunt Robin. I don't think Ted was in love with her but when he first saw her, he knew there was something special about her. It's the same way with Cindy. Although on a smaller scale. My only other complaint about this episode was that I wish this could've been a little bit longer.

    Overall a fine episode.
  • The show has officially lost it..

    I don't even need to make this a long review because there is not a lot to say about How I Met Your Mother anymore. I am not sure what happened to the show, but the last few episodes especially this one I found my eyes diverting elsewhere for something interesting to do. The plot was boring, once again they decided to tease at his future wife but again failed to deliver. The joke is old and stale now, just show the damn mother already. The parts with Ted once again were ridiculous and bored the hell out of me. I seriously could do with a lot less Ted and a lot more everyone else. Well except for Robin, she has lost all purpose on the show now. They simply have her there just because she has been there since the beginning and find excuses to keep squeezing her in.

    The musical was very cheesy and I did not find it remotely entertaining at all. Sure Neil did great in Dr. Evil but there is no heart what so ever put into this. All in all I found this episode to be one of the worst in the entire series. I no longer wait to see the show every week, I usually catch them whenever I have nothing better to do and then I usually wish I had cleaned or something.
  • It just keeps getting worse.

    This episode had everything going for it. It had a catchy title 'Girls vs Suits'. It had two hotties as guest stars (Rachel Bilson and Stacy Keibler). And there were rumors that we'd get glimpses of the Mother. But yet, it all fell apart the moment it was revealed that Rachel was the mother's roommate (who didn't see that coming?). Seriously, I'm tired of this repeated formula. I don't understand why they can't introduce the mother and have her join the gang. Robin seems completely wasted and I wouldn't miss her if she were replaced by the mother. And what was with the musical ending? It just shows the laziness of the writers. This episode will surely reduce the fanbase of HIMYM.
  • Barney has to choose between a girl or his suits.


    "Girls Versus Suits" is an awesome How I Met Your Mother episode. I love how Ted gets closer to the mother and we get even more clues as to who she is. I love how the mother is the roommate of Ted's student Cindy. I love how Ted loves all the stuff he thiinks belong to Cindy, but they actually belong to the mother. I love how Ted gets a glimpse of the mother's feet. IN this episode, there's a new bartender who Lily and Marshall find attractive and Robin says she's only attractive because she's serving beer. I love how she goes behind the counter and she too looks attractive to everyone. In this episode, Barney has to choose between his suits and a girl. And I love how he chooses suits. I love the musical number at the end. I give this episode a 9.5/10.

  • Horrible.

    Well, that music sequence was certainly no SNL Digital Short. I'll just say that, and that is what they were hyping this entire episode with? Thankfully it was just a few minutes and not an entire half hour devoted to singing, dancing and whatnot.

    This is the first episode I have seen in two months, and I probably will not watch any more frequently than that. The show is just not funny and probably rivals Accidentally on Purpose and The New Adventures of Old Christine as CBS' weakest comedies on their lineup.

    And Stacy Keibler probably won't be getting any Emmy nominations for her "performance" here either.
  • Without a doubt, one of, if not the greatest HIMYM episode of all time.

    HUGE mother-story progression. Check.
    Big musical number. Check.
    High standard of comedy and writing. Check.

    Unlike the disaster last episode that was 'Last Cigarette Ever', this episode is on the other end of the spectrum. I can forgive them for that episode though, as I knew it was just a filler for a brilliant 100th episode the following week which they were putting more effort towards.

    Barney pursues a hot bartender, forcing him to choose between his beloved suits and the girl, thus the title.
    Meanwhile, Ted visits the mother's APARTMENT. The yellow umbrella is there along with many new clues that are also given.

    Now stop reading this and watch it.
  • 100th episode.

    I think the problem with this episode is that it was over hyped. That's probably why everyone rated it low, but if you look at the big picture, you'll see that this episode was entertaining, enjoyable, and eventful. See how far this show has come? 100 episodes is amazing, but the thing I don't like about the 100th mark is that they are too overly hyped which makes you have great expectations that are impossible to fulfill. Luckily I missed the hype, and thought this episode was really great. I didn't think the musical performance was going to be that great but it was surprisingly enjoyable. Seeing everyone is suits made me laugh. We get mother development, you think it's Rachel Bilson's character but it isn't. It's actually her roommate and we see her feet! The yellow umbrella plot progresses, as Te leaves it in the apartment when Cindy finds out that Ted likes things about the mother. So the mother got the umbrella back, and now we wait some more, it was enjoyable development definitely. Barney has to choose between a girl and suits, he chooses suits but still manages to sleep with her, there is even a musical performance about suits. I thought I would hate it but it was quite catchy. I loved Robin trying to be a hot bartender. Hilarious! :D So this is it, 100 episodes. Good job on entertaining us through the years HIMYM. :)
  • One of the BEST episodes, a classic suit episode with a surprising musical ending! Is Ted about to meet his future wife??

    The episode starts with Ted staring at Cindy, a student doing her PhD, they like each other and go on a date. Apparently she lives with a roomate she is very jealous of because all the guys fall in love with her. Throughout the episode Ted's comments about her stuff happen to be related to her misterious roomate. He also likes this roomate more and more, although she Cindy is great, they can't date because he's a professor. Barney has to choose between a bartender, one type of woman he's never nailed before, but has to sacrifice his suits. It looks like Ted is closer to meeting his future wife.
  • NPH. Singing. Suits.

    (I've learned at a young age everything can be improved, hence this episode has a 9.5 not a 10) How I Met Your Mother's 100th episode. Our first glimpse at the actual mother... it's only been five seasons, no big deal. Honestly though, Neil Patrick Harris stole the show away from that big moment for fans and Rachel Bilson's guest appearance (as the mother's roommate, with serious roommate issues). We finally met Barney's tailor, hello Tim Gunn! I personally loved that Tim Gunn played himself. Sadly he could not 'make it work.' NPH's musical number was, perfection. A love song to his suits. oh, The lengths Barney goes to get the girl. Honestly, I thought it was the perfect way to celebrate their 100th episode and all in all, great episode!
  • Poor (specially that musical-like ending)

    I found this episode quite poor in general: writing, acting, character development... After so many false clues, twists and turns, etc., the introduction of "your mother"'s roommate is quite rushed. Also, I didn't find myself laughing out loud in almost any moment of the episode.

    I specially disliked the final musical-like ending of the episode. I found it unnecessary, not funny and boring -and too long, too. What was that? Is it, like it seems, that the writers are running out of original ideas?

    In my opinion, this show is losing its originality and freshness. It needs a good boost, and soon!
  • Enjoyable moments but disappointing as a whole.

    Enjoyable but where was the big musical that the creators couldn't stop talking about before the episode came out? It was ONE bloody song. Do you remember the Scrubs episode "My Musical"? Now that was what I call a musical. I liked Ted's story though. Finally, we at least got a glimpse of the wife - even if it was just her legs. I wouldn't have minded if it had been Summer, uhm, what's her name? The OC girl. But of course, that storyline keeps the mystery going and gives us something to chew on while we're stalled for yet another season watching Ted make a fool of himself around himself and looking less and less like the 30-year-old he's supposed to be. When's he going to be a father? At 60?

    And I'm really hoping for a good Robin storyline that lasts longer than one episode. She's been a bit lost among the men lately (as has Lily btw). Wasn't she supposed to hook up with the News guy?
    Personally, I'm dead set on Robin-Barney but there's no harm in letting her enjoy hot news fellow for a while.
  • Not at the amazing quality of previous season, but thoroughly enjoyable, nevertheless!

    This was a highly original and innovative episode. The title is very interesting, and basically sums up the episode. And this episode actually got us closer to the truth of "How I Met You r Mother", so it was good in that aspect, as well!

    The storyline in this episode was quite interesting, and there were many interesting moments. Barnety giving up suits was hilarious, and the ashes of his old suit was just amazing! I absolutely enjoyed that! I also loved the musical number, at the latter stages of the episode.

    This is an episode tht I would highly recommend. It was funny, had a good storyline, and was way better thatn episodes in recent times!
  • They're BACK! After a looong stretch of mediocre episodes, HIMYM is finally back where it belongs. And we finally get a glimpse of the mother! Ok, a small glimpse, but hey - that's one foot more than we've got to see of her so far.

    I'm not a big fan of Ted, but strangely the best HIMYM episodes revolved around him finding the right girl (at least for me they did). Ted dates a cute girl from his university, who has a complex that every guy she meets eventually falls in love with her roommate (a "whore", as she calls her). Future Ted reveals that this very roommate is the owner of the yellow umbrella, the future Mrs Mosby, the honest-to-goodness MOTHER... and he almost meets her. Almost.

    Please please please dear HIMYM writers, don't let another 100 episodes go by until we meet her again!!
  • Barney finds out the new hot bartender hates men in suits so we have to deal with an alter ego Barney for most of the episode before his real self comes out in song. Lily is strangely attracted to the bartender herself. Ted "almost" meets her!

    Come on, it's suppose to be tongue in cheek. I saw the total score of the votes so far. This was one solid episode of How I Met Your Mother.

    The negativity could be because of the rumors that flew around earlier in the year that Ted's wife was in the opening seasons Economics 305 class he was teaching by mistake and the fact they lead us to believe that Cindy played by Rachel Bilson is Ted's kids mother.

    Stacy Keibler, the WWE Babe of the Year and WCW's Nitro Girl, plays Karina the hot bartender worth lying about his suits too. By the way she really is hot. So Lily is not lying! I must admit though it was almost too much when Lily admitted fantasizing about her in bed.

    The end number with the singing was well done and Neil Patrick Harris has a credible and entertaining voice. It was fun to see the cast pull this one off as they move into episode triple digits.

    A very entertaining and enjoyable episode of How I Met Your Mother. The guest cast was excellent tonight and the regular cast did a great job. Thanks for reading...