How I Met Your Mother

Season 6 Episode 9


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2010 on CBS

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  • Robin Sparkles 3 you all

    Sometimes everything comes together. No this episode is not about the mother. In this this case everything worked in this episode. All of the cast was on their A game for this one. It wasn't just becase of a third Robin Sparkles video or in this case TV show. Another reason this episode was great was that it was mentioned earlier in season 4 and now it comes to light. This may have been the best Robin Sparkles yet. The TV show Sparkles did with her friend Glitter was one of the funniest I have seen. Robin has said she didn't do porn but this TV show had all the makings of it. The comments the gang made were very amusing. When Lilly finds out that Robin had a falling out with Glitter she thinks it's because Glitter had a baby. More on that later.

    In other news Ted's friend punchy comes to New York because he thinks that Ted is lonely. This guy is good but only in small doses. I liked Ted using Lebron to convince Robin for letting him stay in their apartment. Some added interest was added when you find out that Punchy reason to see Ted was to invite to his wedding. Knowing what happens, I won't give the full reveal but yes you will see Punchy's wedding.

    It turns out that Robin didn't cut out Glitter from her life because of the baby. It was because of the baby Glitter didn't spend time with Robin. I loved the ending when you got to hear the beaver song.
  • Robin Sparkles has a friend named Glitter.


    "Glitter" is a funny How I Met Your Mother episode! I was laughing all the way through this episode. I love how Robin Sparkles was first a character on a Canadian tv show called Space Teens. I love how the gang all thought the show was really dirty. I love the beaver song. Punchy was little annoying though, but it was funny how he acted all normal with his wife, and then asked Ted to be his best man. Oh, I love Barney making fun of all those reality shows. I give this episode a 10/10.

  • A rare misfire...

    Not sure what happened here. The writing was way off, for sure -- and I guess that threw everything else off-kilter, as well. The jokes fell flat, the characters acted out-of-character. Just not, in my opinion, a good episode. What I can usually count on with HIMYM is solid character-based humor, with a smattering of jokes to fill. This episode turned that ratio on its ear, and ended up with mostly "jokes" and very little character humor (and what there was of that, as I mentioned earlier, did not work for me, for the most part). The actors were all game enough, but this proves the axiom that if the writing isn't there, nothing else will gel. Fortunately, one poorly-written episode is not enough to blacken my overall appreciation of this series. Nevertheless, even if you're a big fan of the show, it'd probably be best if you missed this episode. Hopefully they'll return to form next week.
  • One of the most amazing HIMYM scenes ever, as well as Robin Sparkles 3.9.

    This was a very hilariuos HIMYM episode! Substance wise, the storylines weren't particularly special or pertinent, but they were very enjoyable and hilarious!

    I really enjoyed the Barney scenes, where he talked for a solid 2 minutes of various elimination lines from relaity TV Shows! I enjoyed all of those, and I did not spot laughing, right throughout those scenes!

    I also really enjoyed Robin Sparkles! That is really funny! The kids shown turned porno. Really hilarious stuff, and that was extremey well written!

    All up, dfinitely the best episode of the season! They had me laughing the swhole way through, and I would definitely recommend this one! Phenomenal effeort, guys!
  • Finally!

    Finally an episode worthy of this show's status that was building up for the last 5 seasons. I must say that so far the new season has been anything but good, in fact it was very lame. The jokes were mediocre, even barney was not on top of his game. Plus, the on-going mystery of who Ted's wife is going to be. I really hope it's that blonde activist/snob, because i'm really tired of waiting. They should end this show before it sinks even deeper and is only remembered for dragging the storyline to no end.

    As for this episode, i laughed so hard i was almost crying, the whole sparkles-glitter erotic suggestions were hilarious, including the jokes about the canadian accent. Oh, and barney's monologue in which he makes fun of almost every reality show on tv - epic!!

    Hope they keep it up and that this episode is not just a one-time thing.
  • Pure Win.

    This is by far the funniest episode I have ever seen. All you critics who gave this episode a poor score are seriously too uptight. Every show that reveals more on Robin sparkles gets me excited. I know they are making fun of Canadians a bit here, but it is all in good fun.

    I do grant this episode focused on humor over story and character, but sometimes you need that. Its not like every episode needs to have something to push the story. This episode is a perfect example of how this show just keeps getting better and better. Each passing season I look more and more forward to great episodes such as this one. Keep them coming.
  • 609

    Are you kidding me with this? The problem with How I Met Your Mother in season 5 was the constant focus on Robin being Canadian, and it was just extremely annoying here, that people just get a laugh from the accents now, or the only way HIMYM can get a laugh from it's audience is having Robin say "Eh" repeatedly. Now I'm not Canadian, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were offended by this. It's maybe funny for a one liner, but it was just way too heavily used here. The return of Robin Sparkles was a hit and miss. The past 2 appearances have been enjoyable but this was just unbearable. And not being someone's friend because they're having a baby? I have never heard this happening before, and it was just an excuse for a plot. HIMYM tried for emotion here but it failed miserably. The only thing that salvaged this episode from me rating it a 1 was the development of Punchie asking Ted to be his best man which is development to how Ted meets his future wife, but did it really have to be some random character that no one cares for that's getting married? So overall a hit and miss for HIMYM, regarding the try for emotion, or the return of Robin Sparkles. Nothing about this episode was remotely funny, and it's just sad considering how good the last episode was. Oh well, hopefully the next episode will be better.