How I Met Your Mother

Season 6 Episode 9


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2010 on CBS

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  • One of the most amazing HIMYM scenes ever, as well as Robin Sparkles 3.9.

    This was a very hilariuos HIMYM episode! Substance wise, the storylines weren't particularly special or pertinent, but they were very enjoyable and hilarious!

    I really enjoyed the Barney scenes, where he talked for a solid 2 minutes of various elimination lines from relaity TV Shows! I enjoyed all of those, and I did not spot laughing, right throughout those scenes!

    I also really enjoyed Robin Sparkles! That is really funny! The kids shown turned porno. Really hilarious stuff, and that was extremey well written!

    All up, dfinitely the best episode of the season! They had me laughing the swhole way through, and I would definitely recommend this one! Phenomenal effeort, guys!