How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 6

Happily Ever After

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2008 on CBS

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  • ouch ted

    Few things hurt worse than getting dumped. "Happily Ever After" shows Ted going through the stages of grief, with particular emphasis on anger and acceptance. It's always difficult to let an ex who breaks up with you move on. You want to make them hurt as much as you do and often the only way we can do so is to lash out in anger. We see a little of this with Ted's imaginary confrontation with Stella at the end of the episode. But really this is more about accepting what happens after a breakup and the reasons why, whether noble or not. The episode is something of a balancing act keeping it on the side of both Ted and Stella as to who exactly is in the right after the breakup. As viewers we feel strongly that Stella should get some sort of comeuppance after her wedding day walk out of Ted. While she does so because she is still in love with her ex and wants to reunite her family, its difficult not to feel some revulsion towards her in the way that she leaves Ted. Not talking to Ted in person afterwards, especially, feels very cruel on the part of Stella especially because Ted is such a good guy in the show. It leaves a lot of questions as to why exactly Stella was even a character on the show. We were made to empathize with and like her only for her to break the heart of the shows protagonist? How much sense does that make? The fact that there is no real confrontation between her and Ted after this episode makes it feel like Stella escaped unscathed and Ted, undeservingly, takes he brunt of all the hurt and rejection. The episode is great but ouch.
  • Bittersweet

    This episode of How I Met Your Mother is chock full of gags as usual. What always catches me by surprise is how it uses the same gags and still has me fooled. The most common one is when the episode makes us believe that Ted is going to finally find his balls and take charge, and then it reveals to us that was just what he would ideally say if he had balls. In reality he ends up chickening out as always.

    Overall this was a great way of ending the arc with Stella, with a punchline mixed in with some philosophy. And the episode itself, again chockfull with gags and set ups. The "confronting those you're most uncomfortable with" was a great way of showing some backstory of the gang and incrementally fleshes their characters out even more.

    In the end though I find every episode of How I Met Your Mother to being less and less funnier, this no exception. There's a marked dropped off of humor from season 1 and 2.
  • Everyone's Fear, except Marshall Eriksen

    This episode starts with Ted Mosby being unusually happy and he claimed that he has already moved on despite it was just 24 hours of Stella Zinman breaking out with him. His expression such as being calm, and dancing inside the Mac Laren's Pub was one of his weird behaviour, which everyone could not generally accept. The story continues with Ted Mosby fearing of running into Stella, causing him creating a map of red region, being the probable places which he might meet Stella. After Lily Aldrin recommending Tapas Grill, which is not inside the red zone, Ted and his pals went there, however Stella was there taking food away. Here comes the story of everyone's fear except Marshall. Ted was fear of Stella, to the extent of him hiding below the table. Below the table, Lily remembered she accused the boy siting on her right farting in her ninth grade, and her classmates called him Gasser instead of Michael Sasser. Then, comes the funny part where Barney Stinson, talked to the prison lady, and turned into another girl inside the prison, which lead to a fight between the two ladies. There is another fear for Robin Scherbatsky, which her dad treated her as if she is a guy in her childhood. Overall, this episode was great, where all of the main characters hid under the table.
  • After the marriage

    After such an emotional episode, I am glad a more funnier episode was done while still not mocking what happened. At the start and end of the episode both songs are very good. I thought it was funny how this episode picked up from the ending to Ted back at the bar when you think that this was good time has passed when it was only 24 hours. This was sort of like the end of season 3 when you think it's something serious but actually funny. It turns out that Ted is scared of confronting Stella when he makes a map of the places he can go without running into Stella. Ted is doing something that I think I would do if I were in the same situation. All of the stories of everyone's fear (but not Marshall) were all funny. I do wish there would've been a story of Marshall's fear. Eventually Ted comes up with the courage to confront Stella. He tells her off only to have it be something else when he walks away and lets go of the fear. This is a great way of doing this and very good way to end the episode.
  • Ted makes a map of all the places that are safe and all the places to avoid Stella.


    "Happily Ever After" is a much more entertaining episode than the last episode of How I Met Your Mother. I love how Ted acts unusually happy about his break-up with Stella. I love how the gang is angry at Ted for being happy. I love how Ted makes a map of places to avoid Stella. I love how they go to a restaurant that Lily's friend recommended but that friend ends up being Stella. I love how Stella walks in and they all hide under the table. It was so cute how Lily shared the story of farting in ninth grade and blaming the boy beside her. I love how Barney shares his story about chatting with one prison inmate, then talking to another, making the other one jealous, and the inmates gets into this huge fight. It was so sad how Robin shared that her father wanted a boy, so he raised Robin as if she was a boy. I love how Ted finally lets his anger out and he's about to confront Ted, but he sees how Tony is with his daughter, and Ted just can't yell at Stella. I give this episode a 9.5/10.

  • Lame.

    Really I expected better if Stella wasn't going to be the mother. "I just let my anger go" Right. She lectures Ted about inviting his Ex, but it's okay to rush right in and make out with hers. I didn't think Ted was Buddha and could control his anger so well. I would have enjoyed a scene where they at least talked about it. Instead we get Ted being wimp and scared to talk to the person who cheated on him. And we get an easy route to end a storyline. Is this the same show I watched a couple years ago?
  • The aftermath of Ted's wedding.

    After the shocking last episode, we are shocked to see that Ted is completely fine, he doesn't seem hurt at all, all his friends try to comfort him, but the truth was there was nothing to comfort. He's completely fine. Or so we think, until we find out that Ted made a guide to avoid Stella at all costs. They end up going to a restaurant, where they hope is Stella-free, only to find out Stella is there ordering something. The whole group hides under the table revealing the people they don't want to confront any time soon. Barney and a girl he wanted to sleep with, who was in prison, Robin's father, and Lilly's old high school friend. After all the stories are told, it all comes down to Te wanting to confront Stella. And secrets are revealed from the past & present. Marshall reveals that Stella didn't like Star Wars. And we find out that Stella moved in the city with Tony, when she was going to make Ted move to Jersey with her. Ted blows up and lets all his anger out. The thing that annoyed me about this episode is the confrontation that we were all waiting for didn't even end up happening, we just saw Ted imagine what he wanted to happened. Nothing happens in the end, I guess the point of this episode was to get Stella redemption and get the aftermath over with. And Ted getting over it. I just didn't like how Stella posed to be the good guy in the end. She deserved a confrontation, but like Future Ted said: She was meant to be with Tony, not Ted. I guess it all boils down to fate. A great aftermath episode, which I think was an aftershock of the drama from the last episode, because I had the same heartbreaking feeling I had from the last episode. Great episode.
  • Pretty good episode.

    After being left at the alter, Ted tries to pretend it didn’t happen despite his friends' concerns that he hasn’t dealt with his emotions. They take steps to try to get him to open up. But only a chance crossing of paths with Stella herself finally allows Ted to see that he has major unresolved issues and he sets out to confront her about everything that happened. I found this episode to be good and pretty funny at times, but so far I just dont think its one of the better ones in the season, but still give it a watch.
  • After Stella leaves Ted at the alter he puts on the appearance of being totally okay with the situation.

    I'm pleasantly surprised with the turn this season has taken. The open with Ted the day after Stella runs off with her ex boyfriend is solid. Ted has taken the stance that his way of dealing with the situation (as it is with all Ohio natives and if you don't believe me obviously you haven't watched the last two BCS National Championship Games) is to avoid it. We find that he is not the only one in the group that has someone to avoid. Each person takes the trip down memory lane and talks about the one person in their life they avoid. I'm impressed with how it culminates with Ted deciding he must confront Stella and tell her just what he thinks her leaving. When the moment comes he can't do it. It's there and he just can't do it. A great scene first with Ted imagining what he's going to say and second, what happens when he catches up with her. He lets it go. He walks away. He has this chance. That's why this show will keep going. It was solid writing. Very funny. Good character development. Memorable moments. Glad to see this season is on track.
  • Surprisingly good.

    Surprisingly good.

    Yes, Teddy bear has no emotional range, but despite that, this one actually had a very good message.

    Ted cannot dance either. Why they insisted on starting with that was beyond comprehension.

    Barney's lines were all very Awesome:

    "Ladies.... to the stairwell!"

    "I'd maybe get under *that* table!"

    "people of the *chicks I'd banged* persuasion!"

    Robin is once agian well written for.

    Marshall crying was terribly funny.

    Lilly looked surprisingly at home in school as a student.

    Apart from the last bit when everything evaporated from Ted, and the bit when he finally gets riled up, the "perfect" leaving scene with Stella was really very weak. I mean, if I was left at the last moment by the woman I felt was perfect for me, and then she runs off with her ex, I am pretty darn sure that I would have MUCH stronger words to say in my mind's eye.

    Anyway. Stop over-using Ted for the love of Barney! Otherwise, this show served up a wonderful surprise of an episode.
  • Well water is blue.

    So they all hid under a table to avoid Stella. Evertyone wanted Ted to be angry at Stella but he said he was fine, which is the most common lie in the world might I add lol. Anyway so they go to dinner and Stella shows up so they hide and reminisce about people they would all hate to show up. Then Ted realized he had to confront her so he chased her to her Tony's apartment and he finally got angry, he had a whole speech prepared but he decided to take the moral high ground and let it go. Good episode and good ratings, HIMYM has really improved in the ratings this year, I smell a renewal.
  • Ted contemplates ways to deal with Stella, when he confronts her.

    This easily is the best installment of this season. The story line was impeccable, and executed without any flaws. The first 15 minutes were genuinely funny. Not the funny that we saw in the first two seasons, but definitely a huge jump from the sore comedy we've seen this season. I loved all the flashback sequences right from 'gasser' to Robin Sr. The part where they all hide under the table was silly, nevertheless, would ensure that you laugh hard. Barney's sequences were limited this episode. For most of this season, he reminded me of the lone quarterback saving the team game after game. I'm happy to see the other characters pitch in well without his solo effort.

    The final sequence was an intended tearjerker. The cab ride was nearly as funny as the preceding sequences. It was one perfect ending to the whole Stella story; easily they couldn't have done it any better.

    A good episode. I absolutely loved it.
  • Ted sees Stella at a restaurant and everyone hides under the table.

    Stop stealing from Family Guy! Seriously for the second week in a row they ripped off a classic FG scene. Here we saw Robin's father with a "It's a Boy" shirt and get upset when Robin turned out to be a girl at birth, much like Peter wearing sports gear and asking the doctor to check again when he said it was a girl on Family Guy.

    That angry rant aside, this is pretty much the same thing we get every week from the 4th season of the show. After a good episode two weeks ago there was potential here but that momentum has evaporated oh so quickly. It's enough with the cutaway scenes too. This is why American Dad is better than Family Guy now, because they don't utilize that concept. Again they went for the dramatic climax. When they did this in Season 1 it worked because they only did it a few times so the concept was oversaturated. Now that they do it every week it means very little, not to mention there was zero build toward this. No memorable lines and outside of Barney nothing remotely funny period. Pretty much your average How I Met Your Mother.