How I Met Your Mother

Season 5 Episode 20

Home Wreckers

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 2010 on CBS
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Ted's repulsed by how erotically his mother's fiancé talks about her, and their wedding spurs him to take drastic action. Marshall reveals crazy things he's done and has everyone guess if he was drunk or a kid.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • I just LOVED that final scene!!

    It was a fine episode until Ted goes for the toast at his mother's and that final scene when Ted goes back to find Marshall bbq-ing and all!!!
  • The house

    Yes it does get better. It starts wih this episode. I don't know if it was how the last episode was but something was definetly clicking in this episide. And them some. Up until this point Clint has been seen only briefly. Ted has never been a fan of him but gets some upseting news when his mom gets engaged to him. The song that Clint sung was very funny. It's too bad you can't hear the full song. My only complaint about this episode was that and on who cried (Barney or Robin) at Clint's song. This was a little too much like on if Marshall got mugged. Thankfully this was not dragged on too much or take up too much time. Also it would've been nice to see Ted's sister but I understand if the person playing her was busy.

    There were so many good moments about this episode. Kids there was no guitar was one of the best lines I heard from future Ted. Marshall's drunk or kid moments was very entertaining. This is a game I am surprised that hasn't surfaced on the market. For whatever the reason (I think there was more then one) Ted makes a big decision and buys a house. Normally when Ted makes a big decision after a major event involving him, it doesn't come off very good on him. While at first you may think this was another bad decision by Ted, there is reason why it turned out to be good. I liked that Marshall went to bat and defended his friend. The jokes on Ted's expense were also good. Yet another reason why this episode was good was the inspector of the house. He has been in many things but I enjoyed him not just because of this performace but he was Stewie's dad in Malcom in the Middle. Ted realizes he is not over his head and tries to back out, but he doesn't. The ending was one of the big reason this episode was great. Great song as all the gang was smashing up the house (as well as a great song). Ted's speech was also great and even better when you realized that both Ted's mom and Clint both just had I think this was one my favorite moments when you realize the house that Ted bought is the same house future Ted lives in 2030 when he telling stories to the kids.

    This was easily in the top three of this season.moreless
  • Ted buys a house.

    "Home Wreckers" is a great How I Met Your Mother episode. I actually enjoyed Ted's mother and boyfriend getting married and it upsetting Ted because you don't really get to see too much of his home life. I did think it was unrealistic when he goes to apologize for leaving in the middle of the wedding but Clint and his mom are high. I did enjoy Ted buying the house, the same house that's in the future where his wife and kids live. I love how the gang smashes the house and I love how Ted decides to fix up the house. I love how the plot Barney catching Robin crying, but it was really Robin catching Barney crying and it goes back and forth. I give this episode a 9/10.moreless
  • The writers of the horrendous "monkey episode" strike again.

    I cannot express strongly enough how this episode, clearly written by the same writers as the previous "monkey robbery or not" writers, is destroying 5 seasons of faithful watching of this show. The endless repetition of already pretty lame jokes ("oh it was robin crying. oh no it was barney. oh no it was robin") are unbearable. Whatever happened? Are they going out of their way to ensure we stop watching the show? Three times my husband said "please let's stop watching, I can't bear it anymore". I persevered as there was a slither of a story line I didn't want to miss. Come on, enough is enough, back to some decent substance and decent comedy, or have the guts to call it quits.moreless
  • Ted's mother gets re-married.

    In this episode, we get something that finally connects with the future. You know the house Ted lives in, in the future with his kids? In this episode, he gets that house. Which made the rating of this episode that much higher considering that eventful occurrence, Ted's mother gets re-married which makes Ted reach an epiphany. Since his wife isn't here yet, why not buy his own place before he gets a wife? It makes sense, but the only problem is that the place is a big mess. It reminded me of "Dowistrepla" kind of, Marshall's biggest mistake was buying that apartment, and so is Ted's in this episode. I love how everyone came together to destroy the house in the end with the hammers and axes. The inspector was laughable, not that funny but laughable. Barney crying when Clint's song cam on, eh, I didn't like the idea of Barney going second base with Ted's mother. Isn't that the second bro code he's broken? Ted's mom gets married to Clint, her long term boyfriend, Ted's mother doesn't do much for me. Same in "Brunch", I wouldn't be missing much if she wasn't there. It was a nice housewarming from Marshall in the end, and it's nice to know that were one step closer to finding the mother since Ted already has the future place they're going to live in. Good concept, eventful, not really entertaining, but an okay episode overall.moreless
Harry Groener

Harry Groener


Guest Star

Gary Anthony Williams

Gary Anthony Williams


Guest Star

Koby Rouviere

Koby Rouviere

Ten-Year-Old Marshall

Guest Star

Bob Saget

Bob Saget

Voice of Ted, 2030

Recurring Role

Lyndsy Fonseca

Lyndsy Fonseca


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David Henrie

David Henrie


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    • Ted: I'm gonna put a grill out here. Every Sunday, right here, it's gonna be a total sausage fest.

    • Lily: Ted, this house is going to take years of work and a small fortune to make livable.
      Ted: I'm an architect, I'll find a way. And if I start right now, hopefully it'll be ready by the time me and the wifey are ready to move in. (long pause)
      Barney: Is she in the room with us right now, Ted?

    • Marshall: Did [the inspector] say he found a hobo?
      Ted: Okay, yes, there are problems, but I see this house for what I know it can be. I see a swing on that tree. I see a wreath on the door at Christmas. I see a grill on the patio where I'll be barbecuing every Sunday. I see this house for a life I know I can have. (inspector falls through ceiling)
      Barney: I see a lawsuit!

    • Lily: What do you mean, you bought this house?
      Ted: I mean, I made a bid online, I won the auction the next day, and got approval! I just finalized the paperwork.
      Barney: And was the Blair Witch easy to deal with, or did she haggle over the closing cost?
      Marshall: Don't even joke about that, man!

    • Future Ted: I didn't give up on my dream house, because that's the thing about stupid decisions; we all make them, but time is funny and sometimes a little magical. It can take a stupid decision, and turn it into something else entirely. Because kids, as you know, that house... is this house.

    • Home Inspector: I finished downstairs and the outside. Now, I could keep looking and see what else I can find besides the black mold, the damaged retaining wall, the frayed electrical wires, the lead paint, the water damage, the fire damage, the sun damage, the broken furnace, the rotted floorboards—hey, look at that, no termites—the cracked chimney, the bats, the rats, the spiders, the raccoons, the hobo, the detached gutter, the outdated fuse box, and the paint job in the kitchen, which is fine, but the trim really clashes with the counter tops. Or, I could just recommend that you do not buy this godforsaken Guantanamo-Bay of a house and suggest that we all get our asses out of here before a medium-sized wind blows the whole sumbitch down.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The Italian episode title is "Demolitore di case", an exact translation.

    • International Airdates: United Kingdom: October 7, 2010 on E4; India: November 1, 2010 on Star World; Czech Republic: January 5, 2011 on Prima COOL; Germany: February 16, 2011 on ProSieben; Slovakia: November 29, 2011 on JOJ Plus

    • Music: "Night Moves" by Bob Seger; "Our House" by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young


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