How I Met Your Mother

Season 5 Episode 16


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 2010 on CBS

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  • I wasn't hooked

    It wouldn't take much work to follow up the last episode with something better but to to make it worse, that's an interesting way to do it. There was a lot more to dislike about this episode from the previous one.

    Ted is again in the clutches of a women named Tiffany. While this women is pretty (played by Carrie Underwood) I do wonder why Ted tries to be with her. She is like Karen but less douchey and just more jerky. Hasn't Ted learned his lesson from Karen. Also why doesn't this women fall into the crazy eye theory. It gets even worse when there is a women on the hook for Ted that he treats as badly as Tiffany does Ted. Henrietta has a desperate neediness that even Barney wouldn't hook up with. Also doesn't Henrietta fall into the hot/crazy theory? You also find out that Robin is doing the same thing with Don who is a cameraman on the show. For someone who tries to have integrity on a new shows even one this early, why would Robin do this? At the same time she was on Simon's hook or that guy who had one good eye who wouldn't call her. I did like Barney explains the history of hot girls and the careers they choose. The best one was the first one he told. The women that Marshall was on the hook for in high school came as less mean then Tiffany. Not to nitpick but wasn't Marshall on the hook for a girl in grade school? I did like that Ted did end things with Henrietta as painful as it was for her. It was good to see Scotter again. This was not a bad episode but it was the season this episode was in.
  • Ashley Benson!

    Carly was so great. I love her from PLL and the way she played off of Ted thinking he was a vietnam vet. So funny and cute!
  • Ted is in denial when the gang tells him he's on Tiffany's hook.


    "Hooked" is an awesome How I Met Your Mother episode. I love the fishing metaphor in this episode that when you like someone they give you false hope that their may be a relationship. I love how Ted is on Tiffany's hook as she said that she's really in to him,but she can't be with him "right now". I love how everyone told their stories about being on someone's hook. Marshall's story of doing some girl's homework and he'd be her secret boyfriend was so sad. I love Robin's story of allowing the camera man to get her coffee and doing her laundry. And currently Lily's boyfriend Scooter still thinks he has a chance with Lily. It was so sad when Henrietta was on Ted's hook and she thought he proposed and she told her parents. It was so cute when Lily went to release Scooter from her hook, but then Marshall looks at him and he tells him that he and Lily can be together after he dies. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • Hooked

    Here comes the shock of the year: this episode was not THAT bad. And Carrie Underwood actually was not THAT bad. She looked good and had some comedic abilities, as opposed to Britney Spears who looked overweight and was not funny.

    The problem with the show lies in Lily and Marshall right now. Ted actually received a passing grade from me, Robin was alright and Barney was funny, but the married couple is just so awful. Jason Segel has to be one of the most annoying people on the planet right now. I guess that is what happens once these people become movie stars. Ed Helms started to go downhill on The Office once The Hangover came out.
  • Carrie Underwood guest stars.

    When I first started watching this episode, I was getting horrid Britney Spears flashbacks. But Carrie Underwood wasn't that bad in this episode, I think it was because she didn't get that much exposure but her performance was pretty good. This episode revolves around with everyone's backup; someone strings someone along for years and never truly lets them down, but never really dates them either. It's a chain reaction, and that's what we find out in this episode. Lilly's high school boyfriend: Scooter is working where she works and won't take "no" for an answer. Lilly tries to turn him down but she continues to string him along. She tries to reject him with the help of Marshall. That plot wasn't that entertaining but it was cool that we saw Scooter again. Ted starts to be on someone's hook (Carrie Underwood's character). He just doesn't realize it; he also doesn't realize he has someone on his hook: Henrietta. Her scenes were probably the funniest with her trying to impress Ted, and trying to get Ted to be with her. Ted accidentally proposes to her by the end right after rejecting Carrie Underwood's character. Then he had to let her off the hook, Robin learns to do the same with her guy that she has on the hook. Right after he did her laundry. Barney hits on pharmaceutical girls. Eh. One good plot, the rest of the plots didn't really stand out. Okay episode.
  • Ted is being strung along by a girl Tiffany when his friends make him realize that he is being used (hooked) by her and doesn't have a chance. It turns out they all have either been hooked or are doing it to someone else. Barney goes pharmaceutical!

    Another amusing episode of How I Met Your Mother. This episode reveals the truth that we've all been in relationships where we were either being led around by someone else with no intention of hooking up or we were doing the leading. Ted is so thick sometimes, but he is not alone. Lily and the guy at the lunch counter was sort of weird and Marshall's final reaction was even stranger!?! I must admit though the pig was cute! Robin is a hoot with her friend from work. Sometimes she is the funniest character by far. Barney this week is in his own little world. We get to see his "Hot Babe Jobs of the last half century" bit and then he gets jacked when he finds out that the girl that has Ted hooked is a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep. You do realize that all the people that have those jobs are hot chicks! It's actually sort of creepy!

    In the end Ted puts everything right and convinces everyone else to do the same. An amusing tale this week, but we've seemed to get off the trail of his wife and the kids mother again. Will they actually reveal anything more this season? My bet is they won't. Thanks for reading...
  • Another good HIMYM ep, but so far into season 6, it would be nice to focus a little less on the one liners and more on the story lines.

    A solid HIMYM episode, with a balance between all the different characters, relating back to Ted's issue of the day. This week's ep explored the torches people carry for others, or 'hookees' and 'hookers' (not my term) as Ted is on the hook of a ridiculously good looking girl, until the rest of the group convince him its never ever going to happen. Good laughs, although not as many from Barney which was slightly disappointing, as Lily and Marshall took the lead with the jokes. Lily had to let down her 'hookee', with Marshall using a tea-cup pig for her to practice on. *side note, I don't know where the got the tea-cup pig idea, but hilariously accurate - I caught myself 'aww-ing' more than once. The episode did little to progress the season, and that sneak peak of Ted dating the 'mother's room mate a few eps ago seems to have been a once off rather than a signal as to the direction of the season. Robin was surprisingly absent in this ep - she was there, but did little to contribute, other than acting in her usual unemotional way. Looking forward to more eps, but wish the writers would get a little closer to the point - 6 seasons in and Ted's still single. At least give him a girlfriend already.
  • In Hooked Ted is being strung along by Tiffany (Carrie Underwood) and the gang talks about being hooked or hooking somebody. Lily tries to break up with Scooter (David Burtka).

    This Episode was a very superb and I think one of the best of the season because it was a old HIMYM episode to me bringing back the same stuff with main storyline on Ted and Barney helping out Ted with tips. Great Episode. I think everybody was great on this episode. I do think they should get Marshall and Lily a storyline but there still great on the show. And for Underwood (Tiffany) Great acting and very funny the country singer definetely has acting potential in her future. Let's see how Jennifer Lopez turns out on Monday. But anyway let's hope they keep up this kind of How I Met Your Mother.
  • Pointless episode that serves no purpose whatsoever in the grand scheme of things. Disappointed by this one, that's for sure!

    This is another one of the disappointing episodes from this season. I thought that this episode lacked any real substance to be a great episode, and I feel that the storyline was unusual and uninteresting.

    The positive was that I really enjoyed the scenes with Ted and Henritetta. That was really funny, a little cliche, but still really great! The acting was certainly great, partciularly by those two characters/actors.

    However, I was really annoyued by the whole Tiffany hthing, as it wa s pointless, and it draged on for way too long. Thankfully, it did disintegrate at the end of the episode, but it really lacked any flair to be considered great.

    Overall, barring some great scenes, I wouldn't recommend this episode at all. Hoping that this show gets its act back together and re-improves.