How I Met Your Mother

Season 6 Episode 21


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 18, 2011 on CBS

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  • Barney's Dad 2

    When Barney decided to he wanted to see his dad after 30 years, it turned out to be one of the hardest moments of his life. When Barney decided to see him again, he wanted his friends to come along. Jerry agrees and comes to Mclarlens. The scene where everyone was deciding where they should go was entertaing. It helped that some of the places they mentioned were used in previous episodes. Similar to the story he told his friends after he first met his dad, the stories he has for his friends for Jerry were fabricated to say the least. The start was one of my favorties with the cast signing the show's song. It's intresting how Barney can manipulate his friends into doing tasks for him. It's kind of similar to when he first had Nora met his friends. Barney not only makes up the stories for his friends to impress his dad but he hopes to get his dad to his old ways as crazy Jerry. As with the previous episode John Lithgow's work was again brillant. I find it intresting that he had Ted and Robin date. The scenes between them were very good. Making this episode even better, you get to find out the history of Ted's boots. Not only was it great but it would (eventually) lead to another story. Maybe it's because what I know now but why was Robin similing at the end?

    The story that Barney thought happened with his dad and the actual one were pretty good. You get to see how Barney became to be with Jerry doing his magic tricks. The ending was amazing. It left you guessing what women Barney was talking about.
  • Barney tries to get to know his father more.


    "Hopeless" is a disappointing How I Met Your Mother episode. I didn't like Barney's attitude towards his father. I didn't like how Barney didn't like his dad because he wasn't wild. I think Barney trying to get to know his dad should have been dealt more maturely, yet still funny. It just wasn't funny how Jerry pretended to be crazy so Barney would like him. Now, I did love how Jerry revealed he pretended to be drunk. I loved the theme song in this episode. I love the gang is in a band and they did a cover of the theme song. I didn't like Ted ruining Robin's secret crush. I give this episode a 6/10

  • An interesting set of scenes!

    while this episode was pretty pointless and irrelevant in terms of its contecnt, I thought it was pretty great from the comedy aspect!

    The scene isn which the gang is discussing the clubs to go to was hilarious! All of that was just absolutely brilliant to watch, and I really aenjoyed it!

    Another funny scnen was Robin's attempted encounter with her secret crush. Te d was quite funny over there!

    Barney adn whis dad were hilarious, and I really enjoyed some of those scenes! There were quite a few good laughs, and althought this episode was not good with content, this show is a comedy, and it scertainly lived aup to that title!

    Definitely recommend this episode, and I can't wait for the next one! Keep it up, guys!
  • The episode is about Barney and his dad reconnecting on the wild side. We get to hear the story behind the red boots and Robin meets a certain someone.

    This episode was so forced. While the intro was somewhat nice, I usually like the new episodes, I really do, and I love this show but this time the show seemed like it was trying too hard. It just wasn't funny nor emotional. It seemed shallow and given the plot, it seemed like a waste. The dialogue was terrible. Especially the club naming. The Lily/Marshall part was overused, we've already seen how Lily is "The settler" (though not everyone agrees) and this was not done in a creative way at all, as if they just needed something to do. And that leads us to the call-backs. Oh dear, the call backs! It's as if the writers thought, "Hey maybe we should get back to our roots", and then did it literally. Way too many call-backs people, what is this? A special plot reunion?

    The barney/Daddy part was... Well... Personally I got a daja-vu vibe from it. His father tried the "I'm going to pretend I'm a lady-killer Crime Rider to impress my dear son" before and while it was kinda cute, it just wasn't working. Barneys life speculations were out of place, no mood no nothing. And it could be great, it could be legendary, but no. I'm sorry, no cigar for you.

    But we appear to get some progress on finding the mom via Robin. While the Robin part of the episode was the best (IMHO), it still wasn't quite right. I just hope it wasn't there to gain some time, because every time Future Ted says "I'll get back to that" I die a little on the inside.

  • Not so shabby, a bit hard to watch at the beginning, but it picks up at the end, certainly.

    Spoilers Ahead

    I liked how hard Jerry tried... Though, with Robin and Ted pretending to date again.. that was kind of weird and hit a soft spot for me that I've always had for them, especially when Ted and Robin "Break up" after Jerry leaves and Ted summarizes a break-up by saying, "I would've stolen you a whole orchestra" before knocking back his drink.

    I know it was supposed to be funny, but it reminded me of that old wound. It also made me a little sad to see where Ted has come from when we first met him; I miss the starry-eyed architect who believed in love, rather than the douche-y guy they've made him become.

    Still, this is ultimately a story about how he met his future wife, so I suppose they'll have to get back to it. Concerning Barney, I like the way his character is developing; I hope he gets back together with that girl he stood up... I hope that's who he was talking about when he said, "Maybe I've already met her" at the end, rather than Robin, who he seemed to be interested in still earlier in the episode.

    I loved how he and his father got along at the end; I'm glad they bonded through magic; that's the dorky sort of thing they needed between them. Looking forward to the next episode.
  • Hopeless...

    This week's How I Met Your Mother sees the return of John Lithgow as Barney's former badass turned suburban driving instructor dad, as Barney tries to get him to connect with his former self. To aid the process Barney enlists the help of his friends, or rather slightly improved versions of his friends that he has concocted to make his life seem more exciting. He tells his father that he and his playwright friend Marshall, who is in an open marriage with fashion mogul Lilly, along with toned down Ted and his girlfriend the professional scotch taster Robin, are in a band. This beat brought about the first genuinely surprising and fairly legendary thing that How I Met Your Mother has done in a fair while, in that we get to see the fake band perform their own opening credits.

    After the short-lived song we get to see a modern take on the classic vaudeville routine "Who's on First?" as the guys decide which of the many New York clubs with conveniently inconvenient names they are going to go to. Ending up in Hopeless, the episodes namesake, Barney's dad then proceeds to cut loose and return to his partying ways. He and Barney terrorize the city with their drunkenness until finally being brought to a stop by the police, when Jerome reveals that he isn't really drunk and was just acting that way to try and show his son what trying to party forever really looks like. Using their respective magic skills they both break free from their handcuffs and escape custody. As they drive to Jerome's house they have one of the many revelation conversations that Barney has had in the sixth season of How I Met Your Mother, but it does feel that this time he may have finally gotten the message; that at some point he has to settle down. In amongst the father son bonding session we also get to see Marshall and Lilly compete at getting phone numbers to prove who would really score more were they actually in an open marriage and we see Robin come across a crush from her past, guest star Michael Trucco. Voiceover Ted seems to imply that the relationship between them might go somewhere, however for now, it is little more than a cool addition to an episode for any Battlestar Galactica fan.

    Overall I find it difficult to say definitively whether or not "Hopeless" was a good piece of television. On the one hand it was a refreshing change from the abysmal "The Exploding Meatball Sub", but on the other it didn't do too much in the way of humor. I will simply settle for saying that you wouldn't be bored or find yourself thinking about watching re-runs of Gossip Girl whilst watching "Hopeless", but you might not have many other feelings either.
  • 4/18

    Ugh, Michael Trucco. Really did not like the suggestion by Bob Saget that he could be showing up down the line. Not looking forward to seeing that terrible actor from Battlestar Galactica and Fairly Legal again.

    John Lithgow was the star of the show tonight, as Jerry, Barney's father. You just saw what a real sitcom icon looked like compared to the alleged "stars" of today. He was really responsible for the laughs tonight, although those were few and far between.

    The stuff with Robin, Ted, Lily and Marshall was just disastrous though.

    Not a bad episode as a whole, but the show needs Lithgow desperately.
  • 621

    Great episode of How I Met Your Mother that brought us a lot of substantial development regarding Barney. Will Barney actually be willing to settle down and stop his usual antics? That's definitely some change. Looking forward how Barney will end up by the end of the season.

    The red boots tie in was great continuity. Robin's crush I didn't like very much though and I really am not excited about his possible return. Maybe that is the wedding that everyone will be attending? Another possible theory, for sure.

    The theme song was just epic. It was a surprising scene that I'm sure everyone enjoyed. Marshall & Lilly were quite annoying in this episode though, which was probably the only setback. Overall, great installment.
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