How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 5

How I Met Everyone Else

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2007 on CBS

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  • World of Warcraft reference had me dying

    So far I haven't been enjoying How I Met Your Mother as much early in the third season. It's still a hilarious TV show but whereas the first 2 seasons felt more natural and free flowing, the 3rd feels formulaic. This episode though really delivered the great laughs that made me love the show the first 2 seasons, and it seems it came thanks to the short introduction of a girl that Ted met online, blahblah. Her presence of craziness really made the environment unsettling for the characters as she forced their pasts into the present, particularly on Robyn.

    The best part for me was the World of Warcraft gag. I haven't laughed that hard in a while from this show. It was funny enough that Ted's supposed meeting with blahblah was through online dating, but then we find out it was through a video game. And then to step it up further a notch Ted's character was the girl and the blahblah's was the big burly brute. Very well played.
  • Finally a very good episode in Season #3

    There are a lot of hilarious gags in this episode, . sandwich as a euphemism for weed or Blahblah as the surrogate name for Ted's short-time girlfriend whose actual name he's forgotten by the time he's telling this story. The acting is also really good (Abigail Spencer did a great guest performance) and the 20-years-later scene was great. All in all, it's for sure the best episode from the third season yet and the plot idea was really entertaining.
  • Ted meets everyone else

    This episode was rated one of the top episodes on many websites and it's my list for top episodes. I love back stories and hearing about a characters past. In this case you find out how Ted meets his friends and also how some of the other friends meet each other. All the stories were really good. What makes the stories so great in true HIMYM fashion, you only hear part of the story. My favorite story was how Lilly met Ted. What I have always liked about Lilly and Ted is that they were never more then friends.Even (spoiler alert) if the kiss did happen it was because both were drunk. When you find out who Ted and Lilly really kissed it makes the story of she meets Marshall even better. Other highlights include seeing college Marshall and Ted, Also another Barney theory. It may have some validity to it. I also enjoyed how future Ted can't remember the name of the girl. The best part was the "sandwiches." It is something you hear or see often.

    Overall this was a great episode.
  • The gang reveal flashbacks of how they met each other.

    While Ted brings his totally hot but crazy girl, BlahBlah, to the bar with his friends, it leads to a discussion of how he and everyone else met each other. I really like these kind of episodes, so that's why I rated it higher than any episode so far this season. And I really liked all the stories, too! I liked the different sides of how Ted and Barney met and the sign language he gave the girl Barney was hitting on. I liked the drama created when Ted told BlahBlah how he really met Lily. Then, I love how smoking pot is referred by Future Ted to his kids as "eating sandwiches". The flashbacks of how Ted and Marshall met as they became sandwich-eating buddies was great. Really funny episode all around, even though I was not a big fan of BlahBlah. However, she was necessary so that everyone could start reminisce about their pasts.
  • I should have "eaten a sandwich" before I watched this one!!

    This was the best episode of the whole season!
    The hot/crazy scale (Mendoza Line) was SO FUNNY and the "eating a sandwich" thing killed me-not to mention the use of animation with the World of Warcraft thing-then the ending with the aging them to their olden days?? Brilliant! Just one killer element after the next.
    This was the penultimate HIMYM

    1 How I Met Everyone Else
    2 Swarley
    3 Slap Bet

    Best EVER.

    That's pretty much all I have to say but apparently I have to hit 100 words, so I will keep typing until I hit it! I'm so close!!! Bingo, I think I hit it!
  • This is the story of how the everyone met everyone else.


    "How I Met Everyone Else" is one of my favourite How I Met Your Mother episodes. I love the beginning of this episode in which Ted introduces his new girlfriend to the group and he can't even remember her name. I love how Ted's embarrassed that they met online. I love how Ted gets her to make up a story about seeing Ted at a cooking class. I love all the flashbacks of how all the characters met each other. How Marshall met Lily was funny. I love how Lily needed help with her stereo, and she says she had this strange feeling about room 110, and Marshall opens the door, and they instantly fall in love. I love how Ted and Marshall meet because their roommates and they become friends while "eating a sandwich". I love how Ted and Barney meet in the men's room at the bar. I love how Barney pretends Ted is deaf so Barney can get a girl's number. I love how Ted knows sign language and tells the girl the give Barney a fake number. I love How Ted meeting Robin story was so short, that they met across the room of the bar. I love how Barney meets Marshall at the bar. Barney thinks that he's helping Marshall score with the hottest woman in the bar, but in reality Lily and Marshall were already dating. It was so funny how Ted and Lily met a freshman party and they think they made out at the party. I give this episode a 10/10.

  • song question

    What is the song playing for a short time when in college marshall gets into the room and sees Ted eating a sandwich and says: "You're not the dean" ?
    It starts playing at 05:50

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  • This brings new viewers right up to date as to what this series is all about in perfect fashion. Flashbacks, pretty girls, the 'sandwich' allusion, Barney holding court, differences resolved. If you're new to this series, this episode has it all.

    'Exactly why I watch this series' is exactly the perfect classification for this episode. Many shows do 'recaps' to get new viewers up to date and therefore get them in the loop for future references (and maybe save a little shooting time). This is about the best-done 'recap' I've seen in a long time... and right in time for viewers to get up to speed before (hopefully) new episodes air next month. The 'new' girlfriend would qualify on most guys' 'Hot/Crazy' Mendoza Line and she presents the perfect reason for the regular cast members to review how, indeed, they met and 'How', eventually - I'm guessing, 'I Married Your Mother'.
  • Finally an awesome season 3 episode.

    Well I have to agree with toher people on this site when I say that the beginning of this season was definitely lacking. I thought HIMYM lost it's spark, until this episode. I laughed in every scene. Ted meets a girl who he can't remember so he calls her "Blah Blah" while he tells the story. They met online, Barney assumes she is crazy and it turns out he is most definitely right. Some hinting of a Barney & Robin relationship, although Robin did say no 16 times. An eventful episode, since we take a gander at the past, (understatement of this show) and we see how everyone met each other. We already knew how Ted met Robin & Barney. We find out that Ted made out with Lilly when he first met her. We also find out that the whole gang smoked weed in college. I love how funny Blah Blah was, how she was assuming Robin was undermining her when she was doing nothing at all. I also loved how they replaced the word weed with sandwiches. I also liked the crazy scale. Every part of this episode was funny, not to mention eventful. In the end, it turns out Ted was wrong about making out with Lilly. And Blah Blah broke up with Ted. A great funny episode. Robin seems out of place this season, it's really strange. Great epsiode.
  • "Finally, a good one."

    I've always been a rather large fan of How I Met Your Mother, but I had always found season three to be lacking, until now. Truth be told, The reason why I watch this show is for the funny. I want to laugh. However, during the first few episodes this year, it was directed more towards plot than actual laughter. That can be a good thing, but frankly, it has yet to be.

    Well, this week teh writers of this show delivered a strong knockout blow after the introduction of Ted's old girlfriend "Blah Blah." They all discuss how the met, and Barney explains teh brilliant mathematical theory of the "Crazy-Hot Scale." Then, after telling tales of making out, room 110, and sandwiches, the show ended, and I had a smile on my face. People, this is why I watch this show. Sure, the occasional melodramatic moment makes this sitcom second only to Scrubs, but I watch this for the funny, people!
  • When Ted starts seeing a girl he met online the gang shares how they met one another.

    This was the first really good episode this season. Classic HIMYM. The fact that future Ted couldn't remember her name and how the writters played with that throughout was great. It was great to get the full details of all those stories that we've been hearing parts of for the first two years. Ted looks awful in a goatee, but he can sign which is awesome. I loved 'eating a snadwhich' metaphor that they played throughout, and Barney's hot/crazy chart is awesome and very useful. My favorite part has to be the end at the 20 year reunion just seeing future Ted and them 'eating a sandwhich'. I really like the addition of the flash-less-back and seeing Ted, Lily, and Marshall 20 years older. Now when do we get to see future Barney.
  • Very nice, it gives you an idea how they all met

    This episode is what we all needed to know how the cast of how i met your mother met each other, it is very nice, funny and well written. It connects between the past and the future seasons of this show. You have to be a true fan to get this episode. Actually, I personally wish that how i met your mother last. It is very funny and yet true.... It reflects everyone's life before marriage on how it is so hard to find the true love and the lady who will share your life till the very end. Thanks
  • One of the best episodes of the series so far!

    This episode is so good !One of the best !
    Ted introduce his new girlfriend, who met online, to the rest and they start remembering how they met each other, years ago .
    Ted's girlfriend named "Blahblah" dumped him because she was so dummy and crazy as Barney had preticted .
    Their flashbacks were so funny ! The "sandwich" joke was so hillarious . . . !In addition,the whole World Of Worldcraft thing was so smart and funny! The same about Barney's diagram!
    We don't learn any new information about "the mother" but still,the episode is great!
    I give it 9.6 out of 7 .
  • Un episodio para recordar

    ¡Genial!, ¿qué otra cosa puedo decir?, empezando en porque el Ted que narra la historia olvido el nombre de la chica con la que salió en la historia que le estaba contando a sus hijos, entonces le puso Blabla, jajaja, buenísimo. Luego esta Barney, esas teorías que tiene sobre las mujeres son simplemente geniales, en el eje "y" tenemos HOT y en el eje "x" CRAZY, entre más "hot" es la chica, más "Crazy" jajajaja. Sin dudarlo un episodio para no olvidar, porque todos cuentan la historia de cómo se conocieron (la que más me gusto fue la de Barney y Ted, Ted hablando por señas jeje). Ah, y para terminar con broche de oro, la forma en que se conoció Ted y Blabla online fue en World of Warcraft, y el personaje de Ted era una mujer!, wuajaja.
  • En el capitulo cada uno cuenta como se conocio con los demás personajes.

    Best episode ever. El mejor episodio que he visto de HIMYM. En el capitulo cada uno cuenta como se conocio con los demás personajes. Lo de los bocadillos ha sido uno de los mejores puntos de la serie. Lo de llamar a la novia blabla y lo de World of Warcraft tambien ha sido muy bueno, me he reido mucho. Cada vez me gusta más Robin, su pelea con la loca blabla ha sido buenisimo. Supongo que tendremos que esperar hasta el final de la temporada para conocer a la esposa de Ted. Ojala la serie tenga buenos resultados y dura bastante tiempo.
  • Ted meets a woman, who does not want the gang to know exactly how they met, but realizes that the way they all met was much more exciting.

    A bit different than other episodes, but still funny.

    We get to see how Marshall and Lily met, well how it really happened, and how they thought it did. I think this is a pretty good representation of real life. We all want the perfect story, but in reality most of us meet by accident and not like in some romance comedy. Then how Ted and Marshall met, it was hilarious and had that mistaken intention comedy, that I love about this show. Plus sandwiches!!

    Then the ball is dropped that Lily and Ted made out and Lily was looking for Ted but met Marshall instead, but it turned out they made out with people who looked similar to each other, so alas there was never a Lily/Ted hookup in 1996.

    I liked the story of how Barney and Ted met, well the actual story not the way Barney thought it happened. The fact that Ted knew sign language, was just crazy. I like that they are experimenting with him having a beard.

    Then there was Barney's Crazy Hot Scale and the diagonal named after some chick he once dated.

    Though what I thought was the funniest was how Blah Blah was so jealous of Robin, and targeting her for no reason at all.

    Once again we were treated to a look at everyone in the future. I love future Marshall and his lack of hair and general miserable dimeanor. Future Lily and her wealthy housewife look kills me. We finally saw future Ted, but alas his line "Where's my wife?"

    At first I thought this would be a nice little fuller, but it turned out to be another hillarious installment.