How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 11

How Lily Stole Christmas

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2006 on CBS

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  • This is a true story of a Chirstmas

    This was the first Christmas episode of the show and it was a very good one. Part of what makes this show great is on showcase what happened in this episode. The consistent references to "grinch" was funny. Future Ted telling his kids the "truth" is a common theme in the show and this is not the first time it happened. I also like the references to the Christmas movies. Another funny part was Ted coming back to Lilly's places and calling her "grinch" and the power going out. Marshall kid like reaction to Christmas was very enjoyable. One of the funnier parts of this episode was Barney being sick. His acting was very funny. I really liked the ending when Lilly made up with Ted.
  • A message left by Ted months ago puts the gang's Christmas in jeopardy.

    This was one of my favorite episodes of the season. Lily has decorated the apartment and made it look amazing for Christmas. However, when she and Ted recover the answering machine that was unplugged while she was away. She plays the messages and hears Ted telling a struggling Marshall to get over that "grinch", although that's not the word he used. Lily takes down the decorations and heads back over to her apartment, which she still has, while Marshall is at the library finishing a report. Ted must get everything back to his place but he doesn't want to apologize, and I don't think he should have to either. Lily deserved being called that, at that point in time. Meanwhile Robin and Barney play in a well-used but still great storyline. Barney gets sick and Robin must take care of him. Anyway, Marshall comes back home to see the apartment has been redone by Lily, but Ted has already fled to his religious cousin's place in Staten Island for Christmas. The rest of gang come to rescue him as Lily apologizes like she should have, and Ted comes back to celebrate the birth of Jesus with his friends in New York City. Great episode and one of my favorite holiday episodes.
  • Ted calls Lily a bad word.


    "How Lily Stole Christmas" is a funny How I Met Your episode. I love how Lily and Ted turn on the answering machine and the message is Ted calling Lily a "grinch". I love how Lily overreacts and she takes all the Christmas stuff in Ted's apartment and she brings it to her apartment. I love how Barney is in denial about having a cold. He says some of my favourite quotes in this episode like, "My nose is just overflowing with awesome and I had to get some of it out" and "You see, whenever I start feeling sick, I just stop being sick and be awesome instead. True story". It was so cute when Marshall helped that guy deliver packages. I love the end of the episode when Lily and the gang show up Ted's doorstep and both apologize to each other. I give this episode a 10/10.

  • how could you say such an awful word??

    ted calls lily a "grinch" but not really a grinch, and lily gets really mad. he's like fudge, but he doesnt really say fudge. lily takes teds word advice and steals all the christmas decorations and sets them up in her house. the guy upstairs turned out all ofg lily lights. that was funny. when marshall gives lily a present that she loves he gives the credit to ted, and lily kinda feels bad. by then, he is at his very strict families house, which is all funny in itself. lily apoligizes and its all good. elsewhere, barney gets sick, making more entertainment. also, i was happy to see the mayor of sunnydale in this great show. how cool.
  • Lilly, the Grinch.

    A hilarious Christmas episode, and the title is so perfect for this episode. They use the word, "Grinch" to disguise the word that Ted actually called Lilly, and midway in the episodes, out of rage, Lilly takes all the decorations down and takes them to her place, like the actual Grinch. Sorry, I had to say how awesome the title fit for this episode. Anyways while putting an answering machine back in to place, Ted & Lilly hear some old messages, including the one where Ted calls Lilly a "Grinch". Lilly & Ted then starts to fight, then that's when Lilly takes all the decorations. When Ted leaves to go celebrate Christmas with his relatives, Lilly puts all the decorations back before Marshall comes home. Meanwhile Marshall acts as Santa, by getting everyone's packages in on time. Robin tries to nurse Barney to health when he is sick on Christmas. Then when Marshall tells Lilly he got the sentimental present (Easy Bake Oven) idea from Ted, she finally forgives Ted. They go pick him up from his religious relatives' house, and celebrate Christmas together. I liked how Ted refereed his friends as family in this episode. A great Christmas episode, and I enjoyed it more than the Christmas special last year, so that's definitely a plus. Great heartwarming episode by the end.
  • Oh ted, Oh Teddy boy....

    Another How I met your mother classic, Never seen Lily this mad before, and first realized how super religious Ted's relatives were.

    I mostly love the part where Barney was sick, he acts like a total kid, Robyn would make a great mom.

    Marshall would also make a great Santa, He's by far the only person in this episode, who feels the Christmas spirit.

    I kinda love how they censored that word... to Grinch, I also thanked that those kids didn't say the real word.

    It turns that Ted and Lily had weed, where Lily, reveals her favorite thing, an Easy-bake-oven, So cute, but for a woman, no.
  • Christmas is almost ruined when a message from long ago has Ted ans Lly fighting.

    This episode is probally one of the all time best ever. Barney being sick gives bim a sense of emotion since we now know for sure that he is human. Ted and Lily a fan might notice never have conflic so this story made thier relationship much staronger now that they have more interaction. The moments were hey say things like:

    Ted: Oh, fudge.
    Old Ted: Only I didn't say fudge.

    kept the audidiance laughing constaly when they now hear the word fudge (at least I do). Thsi episode also delived one of my favourite scenes ever:

    Marshall: (over the phone) Oh, wait! Ted, Ted, Ted, Ted, one more thing: how 'bout the cookies? Are they delicious?
    (pause, as Ted recalls:)
    Robin: (screaming, as smoke bellows out of the oven and she unloads a fire extinguisher at the inferno) Ahhhhhh! Holy Mother of God!
    (back to the present)
    Ted: You know, honestly, they taste a little store-bought.

    That made me laugh so was legendary!
  • Grinch!

    This was an alright episode for me. Lily just overreacted, she should know that Ted was just trying to help Marshall at the time. Lily should have also known that her leaving affected Ted as well. We got to see a sick Barney for once, and Robin nursing him in bed was great. There wasn't enough Barney in this episode, and to me he makes this show good, although I love the rest of the cast too. It was nice seeing Ted really still looks out and cares for Lily as a friend, remembering what she wanted nine years ago. At the end, they make up and all is well!
  • It's Christmas in Manhattan and Ted has said the wrong word to Lily.

    Christmas specials are always good and this one is one of the best Christmas episodes for TV shows. In this episode, Marshall isn't at home because he is writing a paper for law and Lily finds her and Marshall's old answering machine. When she finds a message from Ted calling her a Grinch, she gets mad at Ted and forgets about doing the whole Winter Wonderland thing for Marshall. But, when Ted goes and apologizes to Lily, Marshall comes back home to a surprise and when Lily gets a present from Marshall and heard Ted told him to get it, she learns to forgive him. And, Robin has to stay back home and stay with Barney when he becomes sick. Overall, this goes in as one of the greatest Christmas episodes ever.
  • Grinch

    I love that instead of the use of some non-curse word like fudge or some lame censoring they substituted grinch in for a, I assume, nasty word and had Ted sort of voice over a little explination. Wonderful touch.

    I particularly enjoyed Marshall in this episode, with his amazing joy about how great his apartment would look all Chrsitmas-ed up and decorted. When he delivered the packages that was so sweet, too. And comical!

    But my favorite part was when we got to see Ted with his family for the holidays, and those two little kids, and the whole gang showed up at the door. Of course they had to pose as Christmas carolers but still! And hey, who knew they could sing that good? Nice little holiday surprise.
  • After hearing an answering-message where, over the summer, Ted called Lily a "far from complementary word" and outraged he would call her that word: an arguement ensues & Winter Wonderland is almost lost, but in the end a Merry Christmas is

    I love this show!
    Ted's revelation to Lily that her departure didn't just leave Marshall shattered, it affected him as well....she'd left Ted, too. As cheesy as Marshall and the UPS guy delivering all the packages ("one last package to deliver" to Lily, indeed:)
    I thought it was great...what's Christmas without a little cheese? Ted remembering what would blow Lily's mind-hole,
    everyone showing up at Ted's cousins house and Lily with the beer mug of apology....I loved it!
  • We finally see a vulnerable side of Barney and Lily and Ted have a major fall out.

    While this may have not been the best episode of the season, I for one, enjoyed it.

    Lily listens to an old answering machine message from when she left and hears Ted calling her a bad name in order to try and cheer Marshall up.

    She takes offence at this and her and Ted have an argument where Ted basically refuses to apologise. This causes Lily to take her Winter Wonderland from Ted and Marshall's apartment and Ted has to try and make things up to her before Marshall gets home as he is who the Wonderland was for.

    Meanwhile Barney won't admit he is sick but eventually gives in and Robin agrees to nurse him, though she soon regrets it when he starts acting like a spoilt, needy child.

    I really enjoyed the scenes where Barney was ill, even when he is sick he is funny. The scene where he says "legend" then falls asleep but wakes up a minute later saying "ary" was very funny.

    We also see that Lily leaving did not only affect Marshall, it affected Ted too and that he was really hurt by her too as according to him, she didn't just leave Marshall, she left him too.

    Of course, they all make up at the end when Marshall buys Lily and easy bake oven after Ted remembering something Lily had told him about 9 years earlier.

    All in all, not the best episode, but still funny none the less.
  • How the Grinch stole this epiosde.

    The christmas epsoide of "How I Met Your Mother" is a downer on little St. Nick. I looks as if some body stole Christmas from someboday's apartment.Ho-Ho-Ho! It could have been funny but it's not. then why the heck do I watch this show? Because of Allyson Hanningan. the only good thing aboiut the series. The only good person that I like. All others are "Friends" rejects. I've giving this episode a 4.0 because I'm such a nice guy around Christmas. I love that theme song, it rocks, even if the show doesn't. Let's hope the show improves in 2007.
  • Could've been a little more christmas celebration..

    Christmas is the nicest time of the year for many people. Ted is not one of them, he has 3 really bad options to choose between when celebrating christmas. But this year he decides to spend christmas with Robin, Lily and Marshall. I like christmas alot, so it's always nice with christmas specials, especially when it's one in your favorite tv-show. Though I think there should've been a little more actual christmas, there weren't that much of it. Just a short scene with Ted sitting down to have dinner at his cousins house which was kind of fun actually. Other than that there's not much, I did like the idea of Marshall being a Urban Santa helping the postman get all the parcels out to waiting families. In short, a nice episode though kind of missing the goal by just a tiny little bit.
  • I like this show but Lilly made me mad this last episode.

    I enjoy this show, everyweek it makes me laugh, but Lilly really got on my nerves in this episode. I understand that Ted called her a bad name, but she should have realized that Ted only said to make his friend feel better after she left. She was the one who cancled the wedding and said they shouldn't talk. Anyways, it's been months since then and everyone is fine about it now so she shouldn't have gotten as upset as she did. I'm glad she did come to her sences and bring the "winter wonderland" back for marshell and appologize to Ted.
  • Mainly cos it's Christmas!!!

    Ok, so I'm a bit of a cynic too when it comes to the ol Holidays such as Christmas.

    The Episode starts off well, with some great ground work for the episode, and what never ceases to amaze me is how they keep continuation of stories, which unlike most series that just keep going and never look back, HIMYM has done it again. This time they explain how Ted helped Marshall by doing what all people do after a bad break up, they blame the other person and start picking out their bad points. This comes back to haunt Ted in this episode when he replugs the answering machine with one of his messages which includes him saying something about lily calling her a "grinch" but not actually that word since it would be censored. They played this card very well I thought. Also they have Barney being sick which was great and Marshall is the one with the great Holiday Spirit. This time the story focuses on mainly the friendship between Ted and Lily, and I love it how they use ideas of christmas such as "oh you poor thing, spending ur xmas with family"
  • Feel good Christmas episode of How I Met Your Mother! [Spoilers]

    This was a light hearted, even by How I Met Your Mother standards, episode. I absolutley loved it. The episode centred on Ted and Lily, as they Lily found out that Ted had called her a \'grinch\' (lol) after she had broken up with Marshall. Lily became upset and decided to take all the Christmas decorations back to her apartment. So that Marshall\'s Christmas isn\'t ruined, Ted decides to leave and spend Christmas with his cousin. Marshall is out all day delivering Christmas presents to people, and when he gets back he gives Lily the present she wanted since she was very young. The present was Ted\'s idea and Lily realises her mistake and so the whole gang make a trip down to Ted\'s cousins place and bring Ted back. Also during the episode Barney was sick, and Robin was looking after him, this was hilarious as Barney was acting like a 4year old. I believe that this was episode was very light hearted and did not really add much to the whole main plot, but it is perfect considering the time of the year. Lots of laughs and a little bit of drama. This show is fast becoming one of the best comedies on tv right now.