How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 3

I Heart NJ

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2008 on CBS
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When Stella's babysitter cancels, a night out turns into the gang hanging out at her place, and Ted talks up New Jersey—until he learns Stella wants him to move there after marriage.

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  • New Jersey Vs New York

    The Series has been progressing with more interesting plot, and this episode no doubt is a nice one. I like Marshall's expression of describing how much he hated New York, that New York is so squeezy by which he appeared as a monster whenever he went. Also, he said that NY was busy, and he actually enjoys sleeping, which makes him like New Jersey instead. I have not been to any of these places either, however How I Met Your Mother somehow described them nicely, and I hope to get to visit either of them one day. Before ending, I would like to give this episode a 9.moreless
  • Ted hates New Jersey

    Last season Ted meets Stella and begins dating her near the end of the season. We find out in this episode that Stella is living in New Jersey and traveling between her house and hanging with his friends is taxing on him, his friends and Stella. So one night Stella invites the whole gang for hanging out at her place. A potential stumbling block in Ted and Stella's realtionship when she expects him to move to New Jersey once they get married. You realize that Ted actually hates New Jersey. It was hilarious that Lilly would have no problem with Ted killing her and burying her anywhere in New Jersey. While at Stella's place they all hangout in Stella's bar (which is a push) Ted and Stella get in argument about who's moving where. I can agree with Stella in having a kid and not wanting to move. I find it funny that Marshall quickly enjoys New Jersey. I really admire Barney for not putting down his band or first when making a joke and how he tries desperate he wants it to go down. Neil Patrick Harris acting was amazing in this episode. Also in this episode Robin is getting at the end of her patience with her job quits it to only want it back. I loved it how Robin claims she did that trick on her bike. It was call back to season 1 with the party and Lilly and Marshall threw. It was a really sweet and sad ending with Ted reading Lucy a book and the look in Barney's face when he found out Robin was going to have to back to Canada.moreless
  • The gang hangs out in Stella's basement.

    "I Hear NJ" is a great How I Met Your Mother episode. In this episode, the gang hangs out in Stella's basement. There's actually nothing special about that part in this episode. I didn't care if anyone thought New York or New Jersey was better. But I did love the part when Marshall reveals he hates New York and he wants to move to New Jersey. What I love about this episode was Robin and Barney. I love how Robin steals a little girls bike so she can get to the studio in time, so she can get her job back. I also love how everyone rejected Barney's high-five. I more like this episode for the commentary. The commentary is hilarious. It has these two guys named David Ellis Duncan and Evan Rock and they say they made a guest appearance in this episode, yet we don't actually see these guys in the episode. I give this episode a 8.5/10moreless
  • I thought this episode was names 'I heart NJ'

    Okay Mr. Stinson, now it's time to stop pretending: You love Robin and you have to do something about it or she'll move to Japan!! She can't move!! And Ted can't move to New Jersey either!!

    I'm not vert scary, I know everything we'll be back to normal, because at Ted's 31th birthday he's in the same apartment and Robin is living with him! (The Goat soty, remember??)

    The best was Barney trying to catch a lesbian! That was awesome!! Up top! (damn! lol)

    The first episode of this season was funnier than these last two. They have to get back to the Barney/Robin storyline soon, not only at the end of the season...I still think HIMYM is the best show ever!! Marshall's "speech" about how his life is in NY was very funny!! It's not easy to be a guy like him in a city like New York!

    Excited for the next episode!!moreless
  • Robin gets promoted.

    This episode definitely showed relationship development with Ted & Stella. In this episode, Stella invites the whole group over, much to the group's dislike since they all hate New Jersey, where Stella lives. Ted assumes that when he & Stella get married, she will move in with him, only to find out that Stella assumes that he will move to New Jersey with her, and we all know from 302, that Ted hates New Jersey. So it becomes an argument. I love everyone's opinions on New Jersey, I thought that was hilarious. I think it's pretty stupid that people are rating this episode based on the remarks they made about New Jersey, if you're offended: That's a personal problem, don't blame the episode quality on the remarks that are made. That's just my two cents. Meanwhile Robin gets promoted, or so she thinks as she quits Metro News One, to work somewhere else, it turns out she only got an audition. So she has to rush back to Metro News One to get her old job back, in half an hour from NJ to NYC. I loved the end of this episode; Robin ends up quitting her job again, after getting it back. She ends up actually getting promoted, and she has to move to Japan. Barney's face was heartbreaking. I guess he's still in love with her. All is forgiven between Stella & Ted. Ted decides to move to New Jersey after reading Stella's daughter to sleep. It was a nice moment between them. We find out Marshall secretly hates New York. The funniest bid in here was when Barney was raising his fist for a fist bump all night and no one gave it to him. An enjoyable episode, with development regarding Robin's career and Ted & Stella's relationship.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Ted goes to talk to Stella to apologize, he checks the living room. Sitting on the couch is a Magna Doodle that wasn't there in the previous scene. On it are the symbols for peace, love and happiness.

    • When at Stella's house in New Jersey, Stella sends Ted to the PriceCo., a members-only warehouse store, to purchase beer. However, in New Jersey, beer can only be purchased at locations that have a "liquor license" for the sale of package goods, such as a bar or liquor store. In New Jersey, Ted would not be able to purchase beer at a warehouse store or supermarket.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Stella: Springsteen.
      Ted: Sinatra.
      Stella: Yeah, he's from Hoboken... New Jersey.
      Ted: But what city is he singing about? It's not Seacaucus, Seacaucus!

    • Lily: But Marshall, you love New York!
      Marshall: Yeah, I do, except that I hate it! I'm too big for New York, okay! I'm always trying to fit into cramped little subway seats, or duck under doorways that were built 150 years ago. "Hey, guess what, people are bigger now! Build bigger doorways! What the hell is wrong with you?" And it's so loud. All the time. Yes, I know it's the city that never sleeps, but guess what? I like to sleep! I've been tired for eight years! Tired and scared, with black and blue marks on my elbows from trying to fit into all these tiny elf doorways! New Jersey's great! It's got huge stores, and lawns, and you never have to carry a cup again! For the rest of your life! I'm not afraid to say it: I love New Jersey! (sees Lily's face) I'm just kidding.

    • Marshall: (watching Robin's speech) Why does she sound like an idiot? Is she having a stroke?
      Ted: Yeah, a stroke of genius. Her speech is really good.
      Robin: With one eye on the horizon, one eye on the truth, and one eye on all of you.
      Lily: You wrote it for her, didn't you?
      Ted: It's a modified version of the speech I gave when I had to leave the swim team due to a chronic inner ear situation.
      Marshall: I thought you were the towel boy.
      Ted: It's part of the team!

    • Marshall: Maybe New Jersey's not that bad. Stella has a lawn, you could get a riding lawn mower! They sell 'em over there, I saw one with a cup holder! I saw a recliner with a built-in cup holder! I even saw a hammock with a cup holder! You move to New Jersey, you never have to hold a cup again!
      Ted: I don't think I have as big a problem with holding cups as you do.

    • Lily: Look, Stella, I understand that coming from New Jersey you don't picture yourself loving New York. But trust me, Marshall didn't expect to and now he wouldn't think of living anywhere else.
      Marshall: I hate New York! I'm sorry, but it's true! Today I was walking around PriceCo. Have you ever been there? It's huge! All the stores in New York are so cramped. Every time I turn, I knock something over. I'm like some huge monster who came out of the ocean to destroy bodegas!

    • Stella: People are nice in New Jersey. It's the kind of place where you know your neighbors.
      Ted: I know my neighbors!
      Stella: Really? Like who?
      Ted: Right across the hall I got
      Stella: Clackspama?
      Lily: His name is Paxton.
      Ted: Love that dude!

    • Lily: Ted, if you murder me and bury me in New Jersey, I'll haunt you forever.
      Ted: But if I murder you and bury somewhere else?
      Lily: Hey, I'll leave you alone. I'm sure you had your reasons.

    • Lily: You hated that job.
      Robin: It wasn't that bad.
      Lily: What did they make you call Tropical Storm Hector when they said it was raining "cats and dogs?"
      Robin: A furricane.
      Marshall: Hey, Ted, "Rock Me Like a Furricane".

  • NOTES (3)

    • The German episode title is "Ich liebe New Jersey", the French title is "J'adore le New Jersey", and the Italian title is "Amo il New Jersey", all meaning "I Love New Jersey".

    • International Airdates: Australia: February 9, 2009 on Network 7; Germany: December 5, 2009 on ProSieben; United Kingdom: December 31, 2009 on E4/E4 HD; Czech Republic: October 26, 2010 on Prima COOL

    • Music: "Jersey Girl (Live)" by Bruce Springsteen (Ted reads Lucy a bedtime story)


    • Robin has to get to the TV station in 30 minutes, and a ticking clock appears as an inter-title, playing on the device used by 24.

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