How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 6

I'm Not That Guy

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2007 on CBS

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  • Ted Mosby the "porn" star

    This episode was not as good the last one but that last one would be hard to follow. Even though Marshall, has choose a profession that a lot of people don't like, his choice in law career is endearing. When he went to intern for the company that Barney worked at, he did with reluctance. I admire him for that. Now he has a chance to work his dram job at the NRDC until a potential employer came along for a possible job. John Cho did a great job in this episode. I liked how he recruited Marshall without actually recruiting him. Marshall's walk of same was pretty funny.

    In this episode, you find out what Lilly has a problem with money. This was done very good even though she hid her secret from Marshall. If you watched this slow very closely, there were small subtle hints that Lilly had problem with money. I really liked that Lilly supported Marshall on his dream job even though it paid less money.

    The C Story was not as good but had it's moments. A former classmate of Ted using his name to be famous was pretty funny. The convention was pretty good too. Ted awkwardly waving at his fellow employee was memorable. The best part was the interview he did with what he thought was an Architect magazine. Too bad you didn't get to see the whole interview.

    Overall this episode was good but not as good as the last one.
  • Marshall chooses between his dream job or a higher paying one, while Ted shares the same name with a porn star.

    I thought this was a great episode and feel that the show has made a decent comeback after the first three episodes were a little dull. Both storylines were great. Lily secretly wants Marshall to take the high-paying corporate job because she's buried in credit card debt but after the interviewer "seduces" Marshall with dinner, Lily tells Marshall to pursue his dream job. However, when Jefferson Coatsworth says the only client he would serve would be an amusement park, Marshall doesn't hesitate and accepts. Can't wait until he finds out about Lily's debts, her shopping sprees need to be stopped. Meanwhile, Ted's plot was great as well as Barney discovers a porn star with the same name. Ted meets him and gets the explanation for why the guy is using his name and it was a nice short story. Really a great episode and I'm pleased with how the show has responded after three straight "ehh" episodes to kick off Season 3.
  • Ted gets his dream job, but also gets offer a job with higher pay.


    "I'm Not That Guy" is a funny How I Met Your Mother episode. In this episode, Marshall gets the Natural Resources Defense Council job, but also gets an offer for a higher paying job. I love how Barney thinks this guy is trying to seduce Marshall with asking him to dinner. I love how Lily encourages Marshall to take the higher paying job. I love how she reveals her shopping addiction. I love how Barney finds a porn movie that has a porn star with the name Ted Mosby. I love how this guy thinks Ted stood up to a bully for him, when it was really another guy. I love how Barney help makes this guys next porn movie and let's Ted's apartment be the filming location. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • john cho!

    John Cho, I did not really like his performance on the show the first time I watched this episode, but rewatching it syndication showed me that it was actually a pretty good appearance by the Harold and Kumar star. He worked well and gave this show a much needed "jerk" character, something Bays and Thomas have been reluctant to write in.

    It was not that funny, but if you compare it to episodes in the past few seasons, it just trumps them in quality. We not only need John Cho to return at some point but we need porn star Ted Mosby to also come back. That was definitely a good gag.
  • Ted Mosby: Sex Architect.

    HIMYM seems to be coming back to it's norm, this show is really picking up, it's about time. Ted's plot was a bit ridiculous, but I will give it funny. Ted finds out that there is a porn star that has the same name as him. So he goes to meet him, it turns out that he does know him, and the porn star was using his name in honor of Ted. Since Ted helped him from a bunch of bullies in grade school. Like I said, it's ridiculous. The funniest part of that plot would definitely have to be when Ted is doing the porn interview and he thinks it's for being an architect. Hilarious. A more serious plot: Barney gets offered a job at a place he's been wanting to work for, for a long time. NRDC: The Environmentally Friendly Job. Then he gets offered a job from an "evil" corporation that offers him a lot of money. He doesn't know what to pick. Then Lilly confesses a secret to Robin. She's thousands of dollars in debt, she needs Marshall to take the job, that he doesn't want to take. Robin pushes her in to telling Marshall. She doesn't have to when he is finally convinced to take the evil corporation job, he is now going to make a lot of money. I think Lilly should have at least told Marshall what was going on. Debt is serious, and I think you should tell your husband that, and when she looks at how much money Marshall will make, she thinks about more boots? Instead of paying off the bills? Lilly is unlikable in this episode, but the plot overall was good. Great episode.
  • Marshall considers taking a high paying, corporate job over working for the environment. Barney discovers that there is another Ted Mosby and he is in the adult film business. Robin uncovers a secret about Lily's shopping history.

    Marshall was debating whether or not to take his dream job at the NRDC or at some corporate law firm where he would be defending oil companies and other horrible businesses, but making a huge salary affording him the life he always dreamed of having, and that we have seen in the flash-forwards. John Cho guest stars as Jeff soemthing or other, he has been making the rounds on tv lately. It was great to watch him court Marshall, and then the icing on the cake was seeing Marshall do the walk of shame with the other ladies.

    So Ted Mosby: Pornstar, that was classic Barney to discover something like that about everyone's favorite architect. Then when we met him, I was a bit shocked, he looked like a regular guy, which I guess made it funnier. His story on how he chose to pay homage to Ted Mosby his 4th grade hero.

    I think the funniest story was Lily's although not big, the dream scene of her with all the boots and the back story of how she acquirred all of those boots and clothes was great.

    In the end though learning Marshall would represent an amusement park with many problems includin food poisoning was just great, I guess now this explains why in the flash-forwards he looks so sad and bald.
  • Interesting situations and an awesome performance by John Cho......

    Ted Mosby a pornstar? well thats what this episode is partly about how Ted finds out who this person is trying to use his name in Porn movies and being famous too. Marshall gets new job to save the environment but he has to choose between that and a huge salary which John Cho(guest appearance) decides to give him to keep him at the firm. The way in which John Cho seduces Marshall into staying by taking him to cool places and all is just too hilarious. Barney is trying to find out who this Ted Mosby bizzaro pornstar is and he and Real Ted goto a porn convention to find that out. Lily tells a big shocking secret to Robin(who doesnt have much to do in the episode).Good episode overall