How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2008 on CBS

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  • Barney Stinson's Awesomeness

    In this episode, it shows the continuation from the previous one, which Ted wanted to move out, sames goes to Lily and Marshall, and Robin gonna go to Japan, everyone are moving out. However, the character which I like the most who is Barney, wait for it ...... Stinson again showed his awesomeness. Again, it was not the main message of this episode, yet Barney's old guy make up, and also the magic trick, as well as being hard of hearing, make Neil Patrick Harris alive. Being a playboy, in this episode, Barney came out with a new trick, which is impersonating an older version of him, who ages 80 years old, hooking up with a bimbo named Cindy. You are always awesomely legendary, Barney Stinson. Next, I have never witnessed someone an played a magic trick, which involved fire, without any items in their hands but Barney did, maybe there is an item in his hands, in the blind spot perhaps. Last but not least, in the old man make up, he feigned deaf after he entered Ted's apartment unit, finding out that he became the target of intervention.
  • Ted moves out again

    This episode was a bit of a callback to previous seasons. After Ted and his friends hang out at Stella's place, Ted and Stella decide to move in together. Unlike the previous time Ted moved in with Robin this time the fight was not as big and it seemed mutual on both sides. Ted moving out and everyone telling stories kind of remained me of Lilly officially moved in with Ted and Marshall. All of the stories of the happenings in the apartment were all funny and entertaining. My favorite one was the one with the fire mark. This was classic HIMYM storytelling. A story within a story. The interventions were pretty funny. Robin's remark about Marshall's hat was hilarious. Ted finds out his friends were planning one for him. This leads to Ted freaking out about moving which lead to everyone getting freaked out about their situation. I am glad that they all decide to move on with help of Barney. Speaking of Barney, he was great in this episode. His pickup line was one of the best I have seen so far right next to him trying to pick up a lesbian or give him your number. (see Ted's birthday in season one)

    Robin is a great character and someone I really enjoy. In this episode she was not far from being jerky. I think it's another reason why well you know. Robin being drunk Canadian was pretty funny. This was a fantastic episode but my only complaint about this episode was not seeing Lucy or Stella. I can understand Stella not being in this episode because the women who plays her has role in another series. I would at least like to see Lucy even just a small scene.

    Overall there is lot of good in this episode.
  • The gang has an obsession with interventions.


    "Intervention" is one of my favourite How I Met Your Mother episodes. It actually makes it in my Top 5 How I Met Your Mother episodes. I just find this whole episode entertaining. I love how the gang became obsessed with interventions. I love how they find their old intervention banner and they reminisce about their interventions. I love the one with Robin reenacting the great Vancouver Canucks in full hockey gear. I love the intervention of Stuart being an alcoholic and Barney comes in and offers him a drink. I love the interventions for Marshall's hats, Lily's fake British accent, Robin's tanning addiction, and Barney's magic trick. And I love how they had an intervention for having to many interventions. I love how Barney pretends to be an old man picking up young women and the gang has an intervention at the end of the episode for him. I give this episode a 10/10.

  • Moving day.

    Everyone starts packing up to embark a new chapter in their lives. Robin is moving to Japan for her job, Marshall & Lilly are moving in to their own apartment, and Ted is moving to New Jersey with Stella. This was a closing chapter in everybody's lives. But it's time for new beginnings for the gang. I loved the Intervention gag, everyone had their own reason for their intervention, that was hilarious. The Intervention gag develops when Ted finds old Intervention letters addressed to him regarding Stella. Basically, it said not to marry Stella and that Ted was moving too fast. Ted starts to doubt his actions and gets scared, and decides to stay in the apartment, which becomes a chain reaction for everybody else, when they all end up not wanting to move. Sooner or later, when they see Barney in his "old person" suit, they all decide they need to move out, they can't be scared, and they have to do this. Meanwhile Barney proves he will be exactly the same by the time he's 80 years old. By the end, they all decide to embark on the new chapter in their lives. Future Ted lets us know that a year from now, everybody will be living in the same apartment. Kind of a spoiler, but I guess we know things are going to go south with Stella. Robin's not leaving, and Marshall & Lilly will move back in a year from now. I sort of wish I didn't know that was going to happen, but I still enjoyed the episode. Great episode that made me nostalgic on the old HIMYM days.
  • This episode was just gold. Barney as usual was just hilarious. This is definately a MUST SEE!

    In packing up the apartment to move out for good, the gang starts to get cold feet. While sorting through old stuff, Ted discovers that at one point Marshall and Lily were going to stage an intervention to tell him not to marry Stella. After admitting they thought Ted and Stella were moving too quickly but now realize they were wrong, Ted then starts to question if maybe his relationship is moving too fast. His hesitation towards change then makes Marshall and Lily question whether they should move into their apartment, and Robin becomes uncertain about taking the job in Japan.
  • Ted!! No!! You never break up a girl fight! NEVER!!!

    Neil Patrick Harris made me laugh so hard on the scene qhere he punches the wall that this episode is worth just by that scene.
    The episode is funny in general, Ted is packing to move in with Stella, Robin is going to Japan and Lilly and Marshall are moving out as well, only to realize that no one wants to move out, everybody wants to stay exactly where they are. And, as always, scenes are funny as well, the interventions were awesome, hilarious. It wasn't very moving forward plot wise, but hey, with comedic shows, i really don't care much about the story, i just want to laught as hard as i can.
  • Apartment Memories

    Moving to a new place can be a painful experence sometimes because whereever you live, for however amount of time you always make memories, leaving them behind is really sad.

    This episode is good if not one of the best I'm still waiting for that episode that will give season 4 the umph it needs right now.

    There were a lot of funny moments in the episode, from Barney's current scheme which was real daft yet amazingly worked, that little subplot with him was really just a joke of the week but a good one as well as a plot device for latter.

    Though the real funny moments were in seeing what each little detail of the interior of the apartment ment. My favorate was the wall hole with Robin and Lily, when Robin downed one beer too many and takes her Canadian nationality a bit overboard, from the accent, hockey jersey, stick and puck with it. She executes a slap shot which could of made a hole in the wall if Lily hadn't caught the puck (supprised Lily wasn't a goalie). Robin gets riled up about it and picks a fight with Lily. Lily in turn gets riled up, and soon both actually fight. I though this was cool but unfortunately it only lasts one minute if Ted didn't get in the way (wuss). As we see it made Barney frustrated getting robbed of a girlfight and punch the hole in the wall.

    But of couse the real kicker was just in the interventions which are suppose to be a stopping point communication where friends would gather to express their feelings about a certain unplessent activity one is doing. One favorate of mine is Lily and her Brit accent.

    The current intervention this time was Ted marrying Stella. Marchall said exactly what my feelings were about it, I do feel Ted might be making a mistake. At first Ted is in slight denial but then he takes out something in one of his boxes and it triggers something that was dorment in him, the fear of leaving a place he's made so many great memories behind and fearing more he may be unable to make new ones that are a happy as the ones before. This freaking out episode triggers that same fear in his friends. I thought this was both funny and slightly emotional because even I'm wondering about the future for all of them. But all learn that the past is not forver and they have to accept these changes to make new memories, however they should never forget what brought them to those changes whcih was how all of them still had that bond together doing the same old thing years latter.

    The episode though is held back mainly from Lily and Robin not expressing their intervention opinions was I thought a copout scriptwise. But mainly I thoigh the resolution was a little fast, it was the same problem I had with the last episode. I know that Ted is suppose to learn a lesson but his full acceptance of it, I don't find entirely realistic. Despite this you don't forget what occured before it just demonstrates Ted I feel is ready for change but not yet as a saying goes there is a time and a place for everything.

    Transition from one place to the other is always painful and scarry but it's something we all have to do to make new memories someplace else.
  • As the group packs the apartment to all move to new places, they look back at times spent there and numerous interventions held to point out some issue all of them has needed pointed out. Wacky times follow when Ted finds out one was planned for him.

    I've gotta say that while I wouldn't count this in my all time top ten (a topic I could debate for hours beyond the episode ratings here) I would say it's easily the best of the first four episodes of the year (and leaps and bounds better than the crap sandwich which was last week's "I love New Jersey"). It was a group effort with everyone having multiple moments. Robin finally had a real presence – and her going hard core Canuck was to me the highlight of the season to this point. Lilly was great with the accent. Marshall was, as usual, an integral part of everything. And Barney had a nice episode with a few solids. My biggest complaint would be that Ted continues to become less and less likable. Maybe it's just me but every time Ted has a woman I find myself disliking him. He's best on the prowl or heartbroken.
  • Ted discovers that his friends were planning on having an intervention to pull him out of his marriage.

    After two seemingly below-average episode, this one was good turn around. Or at least, it gave an indication that the show is moving toward its original ways. Despite a good show by the cast, it was obvious the spotlight was on NPH. With a top notch performance as Old Barney and Young Barney, his character has set the bar for awesomeness. The story moves around the concept of intervention sessions that the gang used to conduct to tell one amongst themselves to change their ways. When Ted realizes that one such session was in the offing for him and it was about Stella, he totally freaks out. But, on the flip side, he realizes that he had been moving too fast, and decides against moving to NJ. Robin drops her Tokyo plans and Lily and Marshall decide to stay back. But they again realize it's time to move on and they carry on with their plans.

    According to me the first part was hilarious with all the flashback sequences. The latter part was more or less on the lines of the previous two episodes - story sans humor. Nevertheless, an enjoyable installment.

    This one is called "Interventions" and not "Stella". Sort it out, guys.

    Barney: The life and blood of the show steps it up a level. This was undoubtedly one of his best performances ever. His character was simply outrageous, and his acting superb.

    Interventions: lol. The way they all intervene when things get bad was a nice storyline - especially with Marshall and Lilly.

    The French: like playing tennis with the net down? Meow, puddy-cat.

    Ted: refreshingly less irritating that normal, and showed flashes of emotion. But his face is mostly still just too darn wooden. Please REPLACE him!

    Overall, a hard episode to rate. I was hoping for a quick killing of the Stella angle, and was left with mixed feelings here. Barney "Awesome" Stinson simply carried this one on his own. Don't you DARE change him!
  • Ted finds out that Lily, Marshall, Barney and Robin planned to have an intervention regarding his engagement to Stella.

    Okay, they clearly stole the hat intervention from Family Guy down to the "I can take it off whenever I want to," line. That being said, this episode actually had some funny moments including Barney as the old man, and Ted's response to Lily's "weird, fake English accent". Even though a number of them were humorous the show went a little absurd with the plethora of flashback scenes in this episode. Barney was on fire (literally) in this episode, but unfortunately the rest of the cast was their awful selves. Marshall went from being my favorite character on the show to being incredibly annoying.

    Well, things slowed down toward the end and the laughs disappeared. I do not like this new formula and I don't think it's an acquired taste, I just think that it's a big mistake.