How I Met Your Mother

Season 5 Episode 13


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2010 on CBS

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  • Neil Patrick Harris' directorial debut is really nice!

    In this episode, Marshall gets a new co-worker, called Jenkins. Due to a misunderstanding by Lily, the whole group thinks that Jenkins is in fact a man, and not the hot woman - played by Amanda Peet - that she actually is. When he finds out that Lily considers herself the "settler" and not the "reacher" in their relationship, he gets the idea to make her jealous with Jenkins. In the meantime, Ted's students have created a drinking game out of Robin's morning show.

    As i said in the review title, this is the first episode of the show that is directed by a cast member, in this case Neil Patrick Harris. And although the plot has very little to do with the main plot of the show, it's a very well-written and funny episode. How Lily reacted to the Jenkins stuff wasn't good and was some of the things I don't like about her character, but the rest (including the hilarious drinking game) was pretty great. Ted and Barney being totally wasted because of said drinking game was also a really amusing scene and Amanda Peet made a nice cameo, it would be great to see her again sometime.

    I've seen funnier episodes of the show and some stuff like Ted's students isn't so good, but all in all, I think this is one of the better episodes of this season and with the last, great episode, these are actually the first two consecutive episodes of this season that I enjoyed. Let's hope they continue this with future episodes!
  • The story of Jenkins

    How do you follow up the 100th episode. You do it with this one. Yes it was not the strongest one but even judging by season 5 standards, this was a little off. There is a new person at GNB who is pretty crazy and does them out and in the workplace. It turns out that Jenkins is a women. I thought the reveal happened too soon. I also thought that Jenkins would've been better if it was a guy. The story as Jenkins as a guy. However while at the same time the stories of Jenkins as a girl were not funny but it was little bit hot but over the line. Marshall feels guilty about not telling the truth about Jenkins to Lilly and it turns out she is not upset. Jenkins is from Minnesota or claims to be comes on to Marshall. It also turns out that Marshall find he is the reacher in the realtionship. This does not surprise me. The story of Jenkins was told in a classic HIMYM storytelling. And even that was told in the best way even with the connection to the other story.

    In the other story Ted finds out that Robin is the result of a drinking game. When she finds out about that, she takes revenge on Ted. Her but um was pretty funny. I do find it curious that in this episode she doesn't take her job too Maybe Don is getting to her? The end of this episode was good but not great. I thought that Lilly getting jealous and beating up Jenkins was a callback to when Marshall tried to get jealous in season 1.

    Yes there were some holes but remember it's getting better. Just wait for it.
  • Marshall introduces the gang to Jenkins.


    "Jenkins" is a good How I Met Your Mother episode with definitely some cute parts. In this episode, the gang is supposed to meet Jenkins, but everyone thinks Jenkins is male, but really Jenkins is female. It was cute how Jenkins kisses Marshall and Marshall feels so bad. I love how Lily doesn't believe that Jenkins kissed Marshall. I love the debate between "reacher" and "settler". I love how Robin is starting to get a lot of viewers, but that's only because they play a drinking game when she says "But...umm". I give this episode a 8.5/10.

  • "But, um..."

    Getting right back on track after the 100th episode, the show continues with hilarity. The Lilly/Marshall plot was a bit unoriginal, but it definitely was still funny. Robin's plot was definitely original, and definitely funny. In this episode, Robin learns that she has fans when Ted's class recognizes her from her newscast. Only to find out that they made a drinking game out of her, every time she said "But, um…" they would have to drink. Meanwhile Marshall keeps on talking about how awesome his co-worker, Jenkins is, he lies to Lilly and says that Jenkins is a guy. When she finds out that Jenkins is a girl, she surprisingly doesn't get jealous. Marshall then wants her to get jealous, when he fears that she might be the settler, and he might be the reacher. When Jenkins kisses him, Lilly doesn't believe him, and thinks it's just something to get her jealous. The funniest part is when Jenkins finally admits to kissing Marshall and you think Lilly won't care, but boy were you wrong. Lilly punches Jenkins in the face, hilarious. I also like how it tied in with Robin's plot. She was drunk that day because of Robin's drinking game. Robin manages to do some payback and says "But, um…" nonstop so that they can drink until they can't drink anymore. Both plots were hilarious and the fact that they tied in together was great.
  • Perhaps the most laughs I have had over a thiry-minute time-period!

    This was an absolutely amazing episode of HIMYM, and it really is a great return to form for this amazing show!

    I thought the storyline was really great, with the "but, um's". I was cracking up all throughout those scenes, and I thought it was just brilliant! I loved that, so much!

    I also thought that th e fact that Lily didn't believe Marshall got kissed by "Jenkins" was hilarious! I laughed really badly all throughout this storyline as well.

    Overall, I'd highly recommend this episode, if you're looking for a few laughs! I absolutely loved it, and if the show continues this way, I can't wai t until we see some more!
  • Welcome back HIMYM

    Following the brilliant episode last week, returns (from the laziness a couple of episodes ago) How I Met Your Mother with an episode that brings back what we love about the show. Funny scenarios.
    FINALLY, Marshall and Lily have somewhat of a story and episode devoted to them. Lily believes that she is 'the Settler' (settles for someone lower than her league) and Marshall is 'the Reacher' (reaches out of his league). So when Marshall gets kissed by Jenkins, a new worker at his office, he tries to get Lily jealous.
    Meanwhile Robin also gets a drinking game about her, where people take shots whenever she says "but um" on her early morning news show. Although the phrase "but um" doesn't quite catch on as well as "Swarley" or the likes, it's still quite a funny concept.
    Overall, a welcome return to How I Met Your Mother and the same originality put in as the earlier seasons.
  • Marshall has a new friend at work and it's a woman named Jenkins. Of course he leaves the woman part out as he is embarassed at first until he finds out he's a reacher! Robin is impressed when all of Ted's students know her, but for the wrong reason.

    Some very funny scenes and a few embarrassing moments tonight.

    Jenkins is played by the beautiful and quirky Amanda Peet. When Marshall first tells the Jenkins stories then you see them again with Peet as the actual person doing the skits you begin to understand Marshall's fear in telling everyone Jenkin's is not only a woman, but a very attractive one at that.

    Things get a little carried away when Ted and Robin point out the reacher/settler rule of couples. When Marshall finds out even Lily thinks he's the reacher he gets really stupid. I really like his Big Fudge persona though.

    The bit with Robin is funny. The pride she takes in being famous, not knowing it is for a very different reason than she realizes. Boy are those interviews bad! You'd think someone would say something? In the end she seems to rise to the occassion while everyone else is just trying to survive.

    Last weeks episode got some interesting reactions from people all around. Tonight got back to a little normalcy. Not the best episode of How I Met Your Mother and not the worst. Thanks for reading...
  • A good episode in spite of NPH being almost entirely left out.

    After two back to back disappointing episodes, HIMYM finally does something right. This was a Marshall-Lily centric episode and the main plot really worked for me. Marshall is my second favorite character on the show and is so much more funny and interesting than the protagonist Ted. So I like it when the show focuses on him. The main plot concerned Marshall's new colleague Jenkins who seems to have a thing for Marshall. However, Lily refuses to believe his story that Jenkins forcibly kissed him. This puts Marshall on a mission to make her believe his story. There was also a theory on relationship that I found amusing. The sub plot was nothing to talk about. I didn't like it much. And that's why an 8/10.
  • Good for a general viewing.

    Marshall hides the fact that his new co-worker, Jenkins, is female from Lily and freaks out on how to explain to her that Jenkins kisses him. He is even more miffed to understand that Lily believes he is making it up since Jenkins is so hot. As a subplot, Robin basks in her new-found celebrity status amongst the college kids and Ted is confused as to why.
    The Marshall-Lily side of the episode is well done and a delight to watch. The whole 'reachers and setttlers' view on a relationship was pretty informative on the whole psyche of a relation but does not conform to the jealousy and possessiveness usually exhibited by women, especially Lily.
    Robin as a drinking game was good yet they could not go much more than they did for that. And alluding Ted's act of defiance against Robin's act of revenge to like a captain and his crew going down with the ship was nice. Hence, a pretty good show, but it can be (and has been) much better. Amanda Peet's a treat.
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