How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 18


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 2012 on CBS

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  • Solid Episode

    Best line: (Ted to Barney) "I can't believe we're at a strip club, and you're the biggest boob here." LOL

    Where is Ted going to live now?
  • One of the best in a long time!

    I actually really enjoyed this episode thoroughly. Karma/Quinn stealing Barney's money was downright HILARIOUS to watch! I absolutely loved all of those scenes and it was just spectacular to see!

    Meanwhile, Te'ds creative uses for Robin's vacant room were also hilarious, such as the highly indurable wooden furtniture and the mug with a hole!

    This one had a lot of laughs and it was a lot of fun to watch! I certainly hope the rest of the season maintains this level! Also, Robin in the suburbs was quite funny too!
  • not as great as rated

    Personally I didn't like this episode as much as it's been rated here. For the sole reason - it's disheartening to see Barney making a fool of himself for a stripper. I understand it's "necessary" and all... but how in the world can Barney (awesome, legendary as he is) be fooled so easily... I know they are sort of preparing us for the wedding but it doesn't work... not for me at least...

    But as it's rightly titled .. it's his karma.. as u sow so shall you reap..
  • better episode of the season

    Barney trying dating with the stripper.. she is making money frm him..

    Ted missing robin and trying to find a new hobby..

    lily and marshal hating the suburb.. and trying to make robin as hostage..

    and finally ted giving his apartment to them.. better episode than previous of this season.
  • Barney tries to go out on a date with his dream girl and stripper, Quinn, while Marshall and Lily invite Robin into their home.

    I thought this was a much better episode of How I Met Your Mother compared to the past few weeks. Barney's fallen in love with a new girl, but actually considering to make this one, "the one". He tries to find out why she's playing hard-to-get, but then he realizes it all. She's a stripper at the club he and Ted frequently go to. She gets payback by using him for extra money and a few laughs while he tries to ask her out on a date. Barney doesn't get the clue and thinks they're soulmates, until Ted helpfully points the obvious out. Barney is still against Ted's thinking, until he catches Quinn, or "Karma" saying the same stuff and inviting another guy to the same room she invited Barney to. However, they do meet up in a local coffee shop and do say their sorries, and agree to sit and chat. Hopefully she's on for awhile. Becki Newton, who plays Quinn but also known for her role as Amanda on Ugly Betty, is hot. Just saying. I couldn't stop drooling in the strip club scenes... Meanwhile, another reason I liked this episode was that I loved all three storylines, and that will always help, as Marshall and Lily offer their home to Robin and try to keep her hostage. I thought their attempts to keep her there were pretty funny, especially Lily. It turns out they hate the suburbs. When word spreads to Ted, he does one of the most thoughtful things of the entire series by cleaning out his own two bedroom apartment and giving it to the married and expecting couple. He even repaints Robin's old room and puts a homemade crib in it. Although it was so predictable that the crib was going to fall apart, I still burst out laughing when it happened. I loved every character in this episode, along with the good, thought-out, realistic plots. Looking forward to more good episodes like this for the remainder of the season.
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