How I Met Your Mother

Season 6 Episode 23


Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 09, 2011 on CBS

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  • Ted's Building

    It all started with a building. Ted has always wanted to design a building to be in a city's skyline. He did it before for Tacoma. The place he wanted to do it the most was New York. When he finally has a chance it almost ends when he meets Zoey and eventually decides to join her in the protest the building (the Arcadian) where his building was to go up. This was yet another episode that were shown into the future (but not too far away). In this case it was a few days. Also like other times when this was done, it was entertaining. Robin was spot on what would happen between Ted and Zoey. I am glad she was right and it was a long time coming. I thought Zoey went a little bit over the line with Ted. It was a nice flashback though. I do wonder why Future Ted couldn't tell his kids what happened to the limestone, even though it was obvious what happened. I liked that the breakup happened in this episode and not the in the season finale.

    Other notes to mention about this episode were an awesome scene when Marshall hugged his former boss with Lilly, and Barney who came with him. I also liked the scene when Dream Barney tries to get Ted to change his mind. So the finale begins. You will love it.
  • Ted versus Zoey


    "Landmarks" is a good How I Met Your Mother episode. It wasn't anything special. As much as I enjoyed Ted and Zoey, I'm glad they broke up in this episode. They were started to get annoying, and it's better that they break up now before they get really annoying. I love how this episode was filmed with the flashbacks explaining why Ted makes his decision to tear down the Arcadian. I give this episode a 7/10.

  • 623

    Pretty predictable all things considered. I for one enjoyed the Ted & Zoey relationship contrary to popular opinion but we all already knew that it wasn't going too last, and we all knew that Zoey was not the mother.

    That is definitely why their relationship was doomed from the start, especially when the Arcadian hung in the balance. Most of the lines and jokes here were pretty ridiculous and contrived. Like the dream? Or Robin's "possible outcomes."

    The fact that they didn't reveal how they managed to destroy the Arcadian was a huge cop out and I felt like they could of used the time they had to explain why. If this is Zoey's last episode, it would also be a horrible sendoff of her character so hopefully we get some closer come next episode. So-so episode for me.
  • Ohh goshh...real-reel...HIMYM is mocking me...dis episode is telling my story...and the most surprising happened on the same day of the episode

    I came home to see HIMYM from an emotional meeting with a girl. Zoey says I gotta take this cab. She also said I gotta take this cab. That line was spot on,"Its nice to get one last look to remember what you were tryin to save". I told my girl I love her but she's getting engaged in a couple of weeks. I knew about it. She knew about my feelings. We are great friends but some things don't work out. That line bout the one last look ripped me. Seriously, dripping. Couldn't sleep the whole night coz the flute music at the end during zoey's and ted's confrontation was playing through my mind. Been 6 seasons of HIMYM and it still speaks to me. Won't ever forget that girl and won't ever forget HIMYM.
  • Spoiler - Ted decides to continue on with the GNB project, which spells the end of his short lived relationship with Zoe.

    I was dissapointed with this episode on a lot of levels. As someone else mentioned, I liked Zoe, but I fault the writers for letting us know early on that she wasn't going to be the mother. It made watching her relationship with Ted somewhat pointless.

    Also, because from the very start, Ted supported destroying the Arcadian, it didn't make any sense that Zoe would suddenly be so hurt by his decision. Yes, he changed his mind for a few days but so what? Although, it is touching that she has a connection to the building, she herself said it was disgusting inside and should be torn down. I also found it very odd that Ted never really considers Barney's problems in making his decision. He saves the building for self interested reason of furthering his career, which he should do as he has yet to build a single building. However, Barney stuck his neck out for him and it really didn't seem to matter to him that he would be fired. Also, Ted would have faced serious legal consequences for breaching his contract with GNB and possibly costing them the million dollar building deal for his little speech.

    Final thoughts, why would the Landmark committee care what Ted thought about the building? As the GNB architect, he is biased so I fail to see how his opinion would really matter to them. The only really good part of this episode was the bit about the dog Tugboat.
  • A very interesting episode! Much bettler than last weeks'!

    This was a very interesting instlament of the HIMYM series, as a big moment comes about in the balance between Ted's love life and his career. I think it was very interesting t o see how Ted would respond to the 'Landmarks' question, and I certainly really loved Robin's idea of the three scenarios, most notably with the ninja and the dart0throwing!

    Also, I really loved Robin's comment regarding Angry Birds and chess! That was just hilarious, and something that I won't forget too quitckly! Vry good writing!

    All up, a terrific episode, and nice to see HIMYM lifting its game! The season finale should be great, and I can't wait to see how this season will conclude!
  • This is why I love this show!!!

    (Possible spoilers)
    This episode was amazing, I think season 6 has been one of the best seasons of HIMYM in a while. This episode Ted has to decide whether to save his career or his relationship, as usual. We all knew Ted and Zoey couldn't last and this episode is the ultimate test. It would be the Ted thing to do to throw caution to the wind and save the Arcadian for his girlfriend, but Barney's boss tells him he'll be fired if Ted decides to save the Arcadian. This episode shows has much Ted has grown up since the first season because he chooses his career over his relationship (I'm not saying this should always be the case, but that it was smart of Ted to recognize his career over a relationship that won't last). And now that Zoey's gone, we;ll have a wedding next week and almost meet that mother.
  • Landmarks...

    This week's "Landmarks" was really not a landmark episode for How I Met Your Mother. There were some positives that have failed to arise consistently throughout the season, but all in all it didn't do a whole lot for us.

    The episode centers around the same problem that the group has been dealing with for several weeks now - namely, whether or not the Arcadian should be demolished. Unsurprisingly, the decision essentially falls to Ted. If he chooses to say that the building should be saved then his relationship with Zoey will be stronger than ever; if he chooses to say that the building should be destroyed to make way for the GNB headquarters, he will likely lose her forever.

    Through various flashbacks we see the moments that have affected Ted's decision, the most prominent of which being that if he decides to act against GNB both he and Barney will lose their jobs. Ultimately he decides that the building should go, saving his career, but is bested by his girlfriend when she produces a recording of the night that Ted said everything that was great about the building several episodes ago.

    When it seems like all hope is lost and that the board that decides the fate of the building will vote in favor of conservation, it falls to the suspiciously good criminal mind of Lilly to get the group out of their jam. As all of the players meet to hear the board's decision, it is discovered that the evening before the well crafted Lion's head that was the feature set to save the building has been stolen, leaving no real reason for conservation. The episode concludes with the inevitable break-up of Ted and Zoey, likely the end of Jennifer Morrison's stint on the show, and the discovery that the stolen head now hangs proudly above Barney's bed.

    As I said before "Landmarks" didn't really serve to do too much for the show. In comparison to recent episodes the plot has been propelled a fair bit with Ted's break-up and the reformation of Barney's friendship with the group, but all of that could have happened in ten minutes of screen time, not twenty. The show has been dragging out plot points over the later half of the season and it has hurt it to some extent, add in the fact that the writing hasn't been at the standard that it was as of last year and it makes for barely passable television. The one thing that How I Met Your Mother has done consistently well is finales thus far, so hopefully next week's season ender will breathe life back into the show.