How I Met Your Mother

Season 5 Episode 11

Last Cigarette Ever

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 2009 on CBS

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  • Stupid plot, but there is some fun at times

    So, this episode is basically only about smoking. Many people didn't like that and called it the worst episode of the series, which is a pretty hard award to achieve since "Duel Citizenship" and "Slapsgiving 2" already set a negative record some episodes ago. I don't think this episode was as bad as those, but was it actually good or at least entertaining? God, no.

    The plot is absolutely idiotic since the explanation why those 5 are now smoking isn't good. Additionally, it's totally wrong how they depict their "addiction" so that they're not in a position to stop smoking anymore after only one week. I think, Bob Odenkirk was a fine supporting character, however Benjamin Koldyke, another guest star in this episode, was absolutely unnecessary and boring. Contrary to some of the former episodes of this show, there are some funny things to find in this episode, for example Lily's smoking voice by Harvey Fierstein. But most of this episode wasn't really good.
  • it's smoking

    Season 5 has been called the "worst" of the seasons of this show. This episode is an example of that. Like with the other episodes of this season, something was lacking. This time it was a little more.

    The biggest problem of this episode was the main story. I thought the cigarette was thrown out of left field. Besides Robin no one has mentioned smoking or seen doing it. When Robin and Ted were about to move in together they had an argument about smoking. There some good moments. I liked Lilly's smoking voice. Barney freaking out about the stain was also funny. Marshall trying to cover the smoke smell was good for a laugh. The biggest problem of the cigarette storyline was that is shouldn't have been the main story.

    What saved this episode was the other storylines. It was nice to see Marshall's old boss. It was enjoyable to see him again and how he can't remember Marshall. I do find it surprising that Marshall is not secure at his job since he is sports guy. The guy that Robin met in an earlier episode is introduced, His name is Don. He makes quite an impression. He is someone who has been a numerous amount of news cast shows across various states. Thanks to that, getting fired from a big time job at national newscast, and going through a divorce he doesn't try at the job. It spreads to the other people. The no pants thing was funny. You have to admire Robin for doing a good job despite being a low rung show.

    I think this episode doesn't deserve the hate. Like I said before this show is a great show and the standards were set high. It was a nice song at the end.
  • The worst episode ever of all TV series from America!

    I can't believe in such a bad episode!
    For seasons I hadn't seen the people in there so sold and lost! This episode falls in the storyline without any parachute to support it, there is no way in the past for they being smoking at all. Season after season they have lost the main idea and soul of the show. I couldn't even laught, couldn't seen any funny with that thing, and for sure we had a bad created character to work with Robin. Too many spots to work on it, but, we receive this.
    What can we expect for now? I can't imagine what can be done to fix such a horrible idea.
    They earn lots of money doing this, and they do bad! Let's believe that with this episode they have earned some money to pay best writers!
  • The gang becomes addicted to smoking.


    "Last Cigarette Ever" is a fun How I Met Your Mother episode. I love how the gang gets addicted to smoking and they all try to quit. First of all, it's no surprise that Robin smokes. I think it was mentioned before this episode that she smokes. It's not realistic how the whole gang smokes, but it doesn't matter as I love how this episode is trying to prove a point. I love how Marshall gives into the peer pressure to smoke at work. I love how Lily can still smell the smoke on him even after he showers. I love how you think she'll get mad at him for smoking, but she just starts smoking too. I love how Ted and Barney feel left out, so they smoke too. I love how Marshall's boss has a heart attack and that's when they all decide to quit smoking. I give this episode a 8.5/10.

  • Sm0oking, really?

    This episode had yet another very awful storyline. The smoking is turning into a real cliche on many shows, and I am not enjoying episodes about it, in any TV show.

    The episode did have some decent moments, but unlike the previous episode, it was not full of great laughs, and I didn't enjoy it nearly as much.

    Marshall and his job were interesting to see, and that evil boss was interesting, but overall, storyline needs a whole lotta work if it wants to reach a decent level.

    I wouldn't reommend this one, as it is one of the worst episodes of the show, in my opinion. Decent, but not creative.
  • Perhaps only a former smoker can relate to this witty and honest story.

    I think you need to be a former smoker, one who has gone through the hell of nicotine withdrawal, to relate to this episode. I have been through it, and I thought this episode was a realistic account of that experience.

    The repeated "What?" response from Ted's future children when they learned that Aunts Lily and Robin and Uncles Marshall and Barney -- not to mention Ted -- had once been smokers was an honest one, given the way that most modern young people seem to be far more repulsed by smoking than my generation was -- and that is a good thing. There was far too much ambiguity about the risks of smoking when I was growing up, and many of my contemporaries got sucked into a nicotine addiction at very early ages.

    It was honest, also, the way the characters backslid, as people often do when trying to give up smoking. In my experience, it usually takes something big to get a smoker's attention and make him/her give it up for good, and it's different for everyone. The story made that clear with Lily and Marshall giving up smoking in connection with becoming parents -- and Ted giving it up two weeks after he started dating "your mother."

    He "never looked back," future Ted told his kids. And I've known some people who were like that. But not many.

    I, for example, have been cigarette-free for more than four years, and I have looked back plenty of times. But I have resisted temptation because of my own "something big."

    Loved Lily's smoking voice!
  • WTF. Worst episode ever. Don't tell me my favourite show has just jumped the shark. Nooooooo

    How about introducing a new story arc after five years that just doesn't fit in. How about it having no previous references in the past 5 years. How about it being a complete waste of an episode. How about the writers must be being paid by the tobacco companies. Even the actors struggled with this. So after five years we find out that they are all smokers. Whats next they all wake up on a spaceship heading for Mars and we find that they have been dreaming the last 5 years. Time to find a new favourite show. I hear good things about The Big Bang Theory.
  • This episode is a joke. And that joke isn't funny.

    This episode was the least-entertaining and pointless, and consequently WORST episode of How I Met Your Mother. Ever. I only recall laughing twice. Once, where Don informed us that a chair was doing the camera work, and the second time where they flashbacked to when you were allowed to smoke in bars, and Ted confused a chair with a girl.

    And.. I absolutely HATED Lily's smoking voice.. it was sooo unfunny and disturbing.

    This episode was disappointing, contributed NOTHING to the series, and would best be forgotten and never spoken about again. I sure hope this was just a rushed job because they were instead putting the effort into the (hopefully) epic 100th episode next week.

    Note: I'm quite surprised that the worst episode of the series got the highest ratings this season. WTF
  • I hate this episode with a passion.

    What the heck was that? Just when HIMYM was becoming watchable again, they throw in this monstrosity of an episode. It seems like the writers have completely run out of ideas. In this episode, we find out that the characters are obsessed with smoking and can't seem to quit the habit. This obsession was never once mentioned in the past. But I could deal with that if the episode was funny. It was not. All the characters including Barney seemed so fake while smoking the cigarette. It was apparent that they had never smoked. And Lily's smoking voice. Lets just say the writers should know when they have overplayed a bad joke. A terrible episode. By far the worst episode of HIMYM.
  • This was definitely not one of the better episodes.

    They had not mentioned anything about them smoking or even eluding to the fact of them smoking in any episode. I could understand them hiding this since it is the father telling the story but the addiction to it was so over the top. Marshall's boss went from this high powered hard-nosed jerk to the other extreme. He is now a dog obsessed lunatic who can't even remember the guy who told him where to go and how to get there. The only funny part was Lily's deep voice - "Doll Face". Let's hope things pick up when Robin starts to date her new defeated co-worker.
  • What's with everyone's strange hatred with this episode?

    If you actually like this season and enjoy the show for what it is and has become, you will enjoy this episode. Sure it was a bit random and out of the blue that they were all of a sudden smokers. The viewers did know that they smoked weed though. So we might have made the connection beforehand even if it wasn't mentioned. There were some exaggerated scenes, but this epsiode had a lot of special scenes. The only problem I had with this episode was the exaggerated joke with Lilly's voice. If you're a smoker and you get that voice, you can never revert back to you're normal voice, so it was a bit unrealistic and I didn't find it very funny. This episode was what it was: The gang trying to quit smoking. We see the kids from the future looking spiffy with new clothes. Robin continues to work with Don and she learns that he doesn't care about his job, Robin tells him off by the end of the episode and calls him a loser. We find out in the future that she ends up dating him withing 3 months. The group finally watches Robin's show for the first time which is a special scene. And when the group had their "last cigarette ever" was the most special. We get to learn about what will happen in the future. Lilly trying to get pregnant, Marshall being a father, Ted quitting 2 weeks after meeting the mother. An underrated episode definitely.
  • REALLY can't see why everyone hates this episode so much.

    I really don't see why everyone hates this episode so much. It's not like we had no idea the gang smoked i mean we've seen them do weed a dozen times, we know robin smokes and lily smoked the day of her wedding so it shouldn't have been a total shocker. I think people forget this show is a guy telling these stories to his kids and sometimes our parents used to smoke. i thought this episode was really believable except for the part about lily's smoking voice but other than that i thought it was a really sweet episode
  • Ah, smoking

    I think my favorite part of this episode was the gang's relationship to smoking which is so popular. The line between casual smoking and being a smoker is very thin for may of us and watching them all become addicts was great. The different changes were hilarious. Lily's "dollface" was good for the laughs and the scene with Ted climbing up the stairs was classic. Marshall's boss was so-so but the best part of the ep was Robin's new coworker (I can't wait for three months later when their dating) his character was outrageous and he had some Barney like audacity. I can see the two becoming friends. Her hope was cute and the reactions of Ted's kids were great.
  • So what...

    Definitely no boring moments but still have many cheesy moments specially at the end. The episode had potential but did not made it. I crave, like a cigarette, episodes like the past season's. That is funny, engaging, witty, interesting, sexy and many many more good characteristics that this show gave for the past years. It's like its a whole new mediocre, that is close to bad tv series but with the same actors. i did not know what happened, because I'm not investigating, like to check whether its the same script writers or not. I don't care about that, I only care in what they are showing and for me its not the same show. Like that show "Til Death", I love that show, but when they eliminate the Woodcocks the show suddenly stinks.
  • Ted tells an interesting story to his kids when he admits to them that everyone use to smoke. The rest of the episode is made up of one liners and smoking bits.

    Interesting but not one of the best episodes of How I Met Your Mother this season. In a way this season has been pretty uneven.

    The underwear jokes got a little stale after a while and the attorney having either a stroke or heart attack on the roof wasn't very humorous, but some of the bits were fairly amusing.

    All five of the main characters are outed and as usual they go back and forth on the subject like they usually do. In this case smoking. Lily's special voice for the episode was sort of cute. The thought of Robin and that guy together is a little terrifying but one must remember this is a sitcom of sorts.

    Mainly a throw away about a major subject in today's society. Good job on the part of the writers in that by the time they are done you aren't sure if they approve of smoking or not. It really is that vague! For once this was probably the weakest of the Monday nights CBS comedy lineup tonight. Let's hope for some better stories once the episodes return. Thanks for reading...