How I Met Your Mother

Season 1 Episode 17

Life Among the Gorillas

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 2006 on CBS

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  • Comedy and life lessons all wrapped up in one

    I just love how How I Met Your Mother can take real life problems and put a comedic spin on it, not deviating too much away from its humor while giving enough philosophical meaning to give it a literary significance to it. It was great how Marshall integrated himself into his new environment, and that the episode forced him to decide between preserving his old self for the sake of the one he loves, or chasing a desire that has been long expired, which was his dream of living with gorillas.

    And it was even better how they incorporated Ted's story with Victoria in this so seamlessly. With his relationship with her falling apart with every phone call, it made Ted realize that he was only holding on for the feelings that she gave him, but have since long stayed its welcome. And that was where Marshall's decision to stick being with Lilly came in.

    The writing as always is top notch, but it's even greater that it does such an astonishing job of taking real life matters into the equation to give itself spiritual meaning.
  • Marshall at his job and Ted tries to have a long distance Relationship

    After some quality episodes this was slightly down from the last few. This was still good episode. The ending is what made it higher. Marshall enters his first day on his job and encounters some guys who are like Barney. The producers did a good job of casting the right guys for it. They were kind of like Barney but more annoying. It's interesting how Marshall slowly develops into those guys. I think it's a reason why what happens in the season finale. And right before the ending I like that Marshall sang the song that Lilly wanted to, to do a duet with. I also like how Robin helped Ted, even though she didn't. You can still see that Ted has feelings for her even if they are deep inside.

    Now the ending. It was great and had you guessing what would happen in the next episode. I won't tell you the spoiler.
  • Marshall endures pain on his first few days of the new job and Ted is not handling the long distance thing too well.

    I really was not a fan of either of the major storylines. Marshall's realized he's not doing what he had hoped he'd would as a kid and that makes him sad as he also has to battle the meanies at Barney's office. (we still don't know what he does..) He ultimately falls into peer pressure and disappoints who he truly loves, his fiance Lily. But he gets out of trouble by requesting their song for karaoke at a party later on. Meanwhile, Victoria has already sent Ted three care packages and he hasn't sent one. So he turns to Robin of all people to help, and even though she secretly has feelings for him, she helps. Ted is ultimately satisfied and appreciative of Robin's help. However, Robin asks Ted if he wants to come over at the ending of the episode, and although it isn't officially a two-parter, this is probably the biggest cliffhanger set at the end of any episode this season. It was one of the most memorable ones in the entire series for me, too, and I loved how Bob Saget repeated the running gag at the end: "What do you do? Go." Other than that, it was still an average episode and I wish Robin would make up her mind or let Ted maintain his relationship.
  • Marshall tries to fit in at the workplace.


    "Life Among the Gorillas" is a great How I Met Your Mother episode. Marshall's plot is so cute. I love how he hates his job because he can't fit in with the rest of the guys at his new workplace. It was so cute how he tried to change to fit in, but Lily doesn't like that. I love how he went back to his normal self and sang karaoke with Lily at the end of th episode. I love the cliffhanger ending with Victoria emails Ted saying they need to talk and so Ted's expecting a phone call from Victoria. I give this episode a 8.5/10.

  • Victoria & Ted continue their long distance relationship.

    A good episode, with a GREAT cliffhanger. Victoria & Ted continue their long distance relationship, which seems like a bit of a waste since we already know it's not going to work out, thanks to Bob Saget for ruining it for us in the last episode. Robin helps Ted out through the whole episode with his tribulations with Vicotira. Victoria sends him a letter, he assumes she's going to break up with him, so he just waits for the phone to ring, for her to call. Meanwhile Marshall tries to fit in with his new co-workers once he starts working at Barney's corporation. He has to act like them in order to win them over, which is upsetting Lilly since it's changing Marshall dramatically. Everything is pretty much resolved in the end though. Lilly & Marshall talking about "the package" was absolutely hilarious. Them singing together at the end was a good end to their plot. By itself this episode was just okay, but then something happened: As Ted was waiting for a call from Victoria, he gets a call... from Robin. She asks if he wants to come over at 2 in the morning. What does he do according to Bob Saget: "Go". So a pretty big cliffhanger, and definitely a lot of development in their relationship. HIMYM continues to get more interesting. The cliffhanger brought the rating for this episode way up. Good episode, great cliffhanger.
  • How many cupcakes did Ted eat in this episode?

    Ted eats a severely high number of cupcakes in this episode, but that is not what makes this episode so great. The aspects that stand out here are the solid acting and writing. The actors seem to know their characters very well and know what works with them. Marshall working at Barney’s work is a great storyline and causes for a lot of laughs. The way Marshall receives peer-pressure from his co-workers is pretty funny. This episode may very well make the phrase “steak sauce” famous. The Ted story where he thinks Victoria may break up with him is not great initially, bit once Robin gets involved it gets very interesting. This episode ends with a ‘to be continued’ type moment which keeps you wanting more. Recommended.
  • This show just gets more and more interesting.

    Barney gets Marshall and internship where he works, and Marshall soon discovers that he is working with a bunch of morons. I order to get acceptance he too starts acting like them and eventually offends Lilly when he starts acting like his co-workers at home. When he discovers what he has become he quickly realizes that his action are hurting his fiancée and that he must change. So he goes up on stage at a local karaoke bar and starts to sing his and Lilly’s favorite song even though his co-workers found that to be very lame he decides Lilly is more important then social importance. Ted continues to receive gifts from Victoria and feels like a total pig because he has not done the same for her. Ted also realized that this whole long distance thing was not such a good idea.
  • I love this show. Also, what does barney do?

    I cannot get enough of this show! I base my self-esteem of the week on whether it is a re-run ar new installment of this show. I don't know why but this show just sucks you into it and I think it will be around for a while. The next time you see a tennis ball, wonder "What does Barney do!!!"
  • Once again the Robin and Ted saga takes a new twist after 21 minutes of building....

    The comedy of this episode centers mainly on Marshall interning at Barney's company. We now see that Barney has some important job at this corporation, but, they still leave it up in the air actually what on earth Barney's job is.

    Marshall is quickly attacked by his new co-workers as he begins his internship in the legal department. He just doesn't fit in.

    Barney's advice to Marshall is to conform. It's just easier that way. Marshall relents and does just that, much to Lily's dismay. It's pure comedy though. There is one heated discussion between Lily and Marshall so wrought with double entendre that I absolutely cracked up at. Hilarious. In the end, Marshall stays true to himself and to Lily.

    The other main plot line running through this episode is Ted realizing what a slug he is as he attempts to continue his distance relationship with Victoria with her in Germany.

    Victoria has sent Ted three care packages, with Ted sending none, but, lying about sending one in return several days before. Ted gets some help from Robin on what to send Victoria to make up for it. Then he thinks that he needs to take some action in their relationship, so, he's pondering what to do, and decides to go visit. Robin looks extremely upset at it.

    Ted sits around waiting for Victoria to call after she said that they need to talk. She never calls, and, after Robin gets off work, she calls Ted, and asks him to come over.....and this is where we stand.....

  • Kind of a filler episode to lead into Marshall's internship and Ted's conflicts...

    More entertaining than any "filler" episode I've seen in any other tv show, Life Among the Gorillas mantains great writing while moving along the plot, situations, and personalities. I found that Barney, more than ever, came off as a jerk, but was still hilarious. Harris has great comedic timing. Looking forward to the next episode!
  • Ted is still conflicted about the long distance relashionship. Marshall starts working with Barney and gets seduced, by the awesome side. Lilly helps Marshall find his place. Robin makes an offer that Ted, can´t refuse?

    This episode was a little stale, until it got to the end. It sort of funny seeing Barney in his work place, never reavelaing what he really does there, and meeting some of his co-workers, who started funny, but then just got stuck in the same place. It was anguish watching Ted dealing with his relashionship with Victoria, and to tell ou the truth, I thought she was going to show up in the end. That would have been good, but it ended so much better. The only thing I could say at the end was, Woah! But maybe, this would have been a better season finale. Altough, if it would have been, we would have to wait a whole three months to see what happens. I can´t wait to see how they top this ending at the end of the season. HIMYM is the best new show this year with My name is Earl. I hope they both last a good while.
  • We need more episodes with Victoria (Ashley Williams).

    This episode, though not my favorite had its good qualities. At least Alyson Hannigan is in it. I found Barney's coworkers to be annoying more than anything, but I guess that's what they were meant for. Hopefully this won't be the case, but I am going to guess that Marshall will continue working with Barney and the coworkers will generally not be mentioned one way or the other. Though annoying, this is likely the case. I do like that Barney's job is shrouded in mystery. I think this was a good ploy by the writers. The whole getting back together with Robin thing though, well I personally hope it doesn't happen.
  • To Robin or not to Robin

    Damn sitcoms and their ending in climaxes. Another week to wait. Anyways, not the greatest episode but HIMYM is still leading the way in good new sitcoms. Wonder if Marshall shall still be working with Barney next week? I for one hope that Ted and Robin don't get back together straight away, the tension between those 2 helps drive the show. Not much of a review, i suck at this.
  • Marshall interns at the corporation where Barney works and finds that he is becoming a shallow jerk as he tries to fit in with his Barney-like coworkers. Meanwhile, Ted feels guilty when he receives several gifts from Victoria while he hasn't sent her any

    Was this a sitcom ? This episode was just so lame and also awfully boring. Except for some superb Barney one-liners this episode had no content at all. Thats why the 4 rating, else i would have given it 0. Since when did Ted start opening out to Robin instead of Marshall. I just dont get the sudden change of character. The writers really need to do some homework. They can't expect this series to be a hit wit such less role for Barney. Also what kind of jewellery is Alyson Hannigan wearing in this episode. Who the hell wears such long necklaces ?
  • Gorilla Head

    I loved this episode, I loved the way Marshall got to come out of his shell. I mean, normally he's a pretty silly guy, but this really took it over the edge. Watching Marshall become a Barney was phenom!!!

    Ted, oh poor Ted, LD relationships really never do work out ... at least not for the best.
    Nice plan on the return care package though ... hah ... three day old paper.

    I expect we'll get the big breakup soon, however, I did think that the end of the episode was really clever, with the "cliffhanger" OOOHHH what will Ted do?

    Cleverly written, well executed by the cast, a truly wonderful episode.
  • Though How I Met Your Mother is perhaps the greatest single outgrowth of the sitcom, this episode is perplexing and frustrating, in addition to its awesomeness.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE fan of HIMYM. I've independently hooked 4 separate groups of people on the show; some are drawn in by Barney's awesomeness, some by Ted's amazing girl powers, and some by the fact that Allison Hannigan is just plain hot. But there exists a fine line between serialization and episodes.

    This show crushes that line with a frickin' brick.

    Let me explain. The show is deeply serialized, each episode telling the next chapter in a very convoluted story. Ted's never ending question makes little sense without first understanding Robin's place in his twisted little world.

    And I like it that way.

    But there is a point at which you're no longer rewarding the viewers of previous episodes and instead begin punishing them. This episode is way, way, way past that point. You cannot end (successful) with, not just a cliffhanger, but with what amounts to the exact main question the entire episode was phrased to ask. It's almost as if the entire episode was designed as filler to ask this one simple question, and doesn't.

    Now, there are other factors to consider, admittedly, which is why it still manages to rate amongst my top rated single episodes of any show. The Barney/Marshall interplay is well written, and their talk at the bar inspired. Sadly, real life isn't written as comedically. So, too, do Ted and Robin have an interesting and compelling dynamic. Even Lily, with her minor role, manages to be important (and hot). All of which simply adds up to excellent television.

    But you cannot cannot cannot end episodes like that!