How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 4

Little Boys

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2007 on CBS

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  • Robin and the kid

    Both parts of this episode were really good. First the Barney and Ted part.

    Both Ted and Barney have a a bet over which one can pick up a girl. If you had been watching the episodes up this point, you may think that this wasn't something that Ted would normally do. Remember Ted is still in the the process of getting over Robin. For some people it takes longer. Also when you watch more of the series. the bet makes more sense. A classic HIMYM moment happens when are only told part of the story of what happens when the girl slaps Barney. The end result is classic Barney. I find it funny how Marshall thinks he has game. Since I am single, I think that Barney or Ted has more game.

    In this episode, Robin dates a guy who has a kid. It's amusing how scared Robin is of kids. Her scenes with the guy's kid were pretty funny. Maybe it's because I am not much of a Ted/Robin fan but the whole situation with Robin and kids is why she is not the future mother. The ending was really sweet and yet another great song. (Commit by the Blakes)
  • Robin fears her boyfriend's son's growing attachment to her.

    I can finally admit I enjoyed an episode of Season 3 as Robin has her third boyfriend in four episodes. This one's "But..." is that he already has a kid, which we all know, Robin isn't a big fan of. However, she does become friends with him, but then believes he's becoming too attached. Lily sees a drawing he makes, similar-looking to Robin, and captioned "new mommy". Robin tries to "break it off" with Doug, the little boy, but it turns out the drawing wasn't Robin, and Robin is hurt by both Doug and George, her boyfriend. Meanwhile the guys' plot wasn't all that. Ted and Barney compete for the same girl, not surprising/exciting. Barney does pull off a genius scheme but it backfires on him.
  • Robin becomes friends with the son of the guy she's dating.


    "Little Boys" is a great How I Met Your Mother episode. I love this episode because you get to see Robin act motherly in this episode and it's so funny. I love how she's dating a guy named George and he has a son. I love how Robin gets along with Doug but decides she wants to break up with George. I love how Lily pulls out a picture that Doug drew about his new mommy and Lily instantly thinks it's her. I love how how Robin was just the babysitter and the real women in the picture was George's new girlfriend. In this episode, Barney and Ted compete for a girl. I think Ted gets the girl and Barney mentions he slept with her, so Ted couldn't sleep with her, but then Barney said he lied about sleeping with her. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • We now know that Robin is not the Mother

    With this episode we now become aware that Robin is not going to be the mother that is referenced in the title of the show, that is, "How I Met Your Mother." At the end of the show when Ted is in the usual flash forward scene and talking to his kids about meeting their mother several of the kids' drawings from their childhood is shown. It is a tip off that Robin is identified in the kids' drawings as Aunt Robin. If she is "Aunt" Robin to the kids she must not be the one that Ted marries in the end.
  • Genial estrategia de Barney

    ¿¿¿Que quién es mejor ligador entre Ted y Barney????, pero, cómo lo van a dudar?, no han visto el show?, pues este episodio nos deja bien claro quién es el mejor jugador!, una increíble estrategia de Barney, quién en un principio nos engañó dejándonos creer que estaba derrotado, para surgir luego con todo un plan maléfico! jajaja. Claro, pero por supuesto, un final clásico para no parar de reirse, "se da vuelta a la tortilla", así es el Karma jeje, no se pierdan este episodio si no lo han visto.

    Ah no podemos olvidar al buenote de Marshall que cree que puede competir contra Ted y Barney como seductor jejeje.
  • Barney & Ted compete for a girl.

    Slightly above average I would say. I didn't get much laughs out of it, but I was impressed by the complex plots. I knew Barney had something up his sleeve when Ted was dating Stacy. Basically Ted & Barney compete over a girl, Stacey. He lie and says he has dated her before, which makes Ted break up with her, while Barney was basically seducing her the whole time. I love how Barney is always so unpredictable in a plot like this. The joke ends up to be on him by the end, since Stacy ends up wanting to take it slow. I laughed so hard at that final scene. Robin starts dating someone with a child, it is revealed she hates kids. I loved "Robin's buts" in the beginning. Everyone was thinking it. So true. Robin starts liking the kid until the kid call her his new mommy. She goes over to "break up" with the kid only to find out he was talking about someone else the whole time, he ended up breaking up with her. I liked that future look we got to see. The kids drew pictures of Aunt Robin in the future. Good episode, great ending.
  • nothing to write home about.

    This was one episode where I must say I was a but disappointed at. I saw previews on entertainment tonight about barney being like a little insect all over the girl which freaked Ted out. It was interesting to see how that was filmed... but back to the episode, Ted and Barney fight over the same girl, Ted thinks he wins and in the end Barney is the one who has outwitted, outplayed and outsmarted Ted once again. Its begining to sound like Survivor. And Rachael seems to have no luck with men other then Ted again she backpeddles at commitment, think the son likes her and it comes out she crashes and burns again when the boyfriend has someone else....
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