How I Met Your Mother

Season 8 Episode 9

Lobster Crawl

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 2012 on CBS

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  • Lobster Crawl

    This episode was amazing now i have faith that this season is returning to what made HIMYM Amazing. The episode was Hilarious with Ted babysitting, Robin trying to seduce Barney, and Lily still wanting Robin even though she has a kid now. Robin made it seem that there is a playbook for girls but she couldn't make it work with Barney after trying many ways to seduce him. Barney going out with Patrice is something unexpected and it give the character something to do, and now Robin must really hate her because she took Barney from her and saw her humiliate herself. The ending with Ted and his baby girl and Lily and Marshell taking revenge was awesome and i would like the next episodes of this season to be like this one dont take a step down HIMYM writers go up and make the show more enjoyable than it was.