How I Met Your Mother

Season 8 Episode 9

Lobster Crawl

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 2012 on CBS

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  • Excellent Episode

    I feel this has to be the last season of HIMYM but I really do love the end plot twist:


    The whole Ted Marvin thing was boring for me so I'm going to skip over that!!

    Robin realises she wants to sleep with Barney one last time because as Lily said "You closed the door but Barney Locked it!" Barney said he wasn't going to sleep with Robin anymore because it is too tiring... But Robin wants Barney but he just doesn't even fathom Robin's attempts until one of the best endings ever... Robin goes to Barney's apartment and throws herself at him but he is on a date with Patrice instead of sleeping with Robin's Hot Co Worker Brandi Barney actually talks to Patrice and is kinda on a date with her... This is essential character development on Barney's side!

    Barney has stated for years "I won't get up on a fattie" yet he finds himself talking to Patrice and being on a date with her playing cards instead of either banging one of 2 hotties (Robin or Brandi).

    I think this an absolute brilliant plot mainly because every woman who Barney has had a long term relationship has offered a different dynamic:

    Robin was Barney's equal in terms of alphaness and strong personality

    Nora was a sweet girl who knew how to keep Barney in check and even got Barney to abstain from sex

    Quinn was Barney's foil in the sense she was also his equal in terms of every sense of the word

    But Patrice offers a VERY different challenge to Robin... she famously said during the Intervention with Stella "Oh anything I say about Stella would be bitchy plus I'm hotter than her!"

    The thing is with Patrice she isn't hot and she is overweight and she is insecure but she has done one thing which NO OTHER GIRL has done for Barney... She LISTENS and was emotionally there for him. Robin is very strong headed and will give Barney hints but she will have to take the lead to get him back IMO!

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