How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 15

Lucky Penny

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2007 on CBS

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  • Ted finds a penny

    Every so often an episode come along that rises about the rest. This is one of them. When we find out that Ted is trying to make a flight, there are stories to why it happened. It's an episode like this, is why I love this show. Ted missing his job interview was not because of one reason, but several of them. The funniest part is Barney's story. Sometimes Barney is all talk but when he said was going to run in a marathon but then actually did it. The kicker is at the end when you find out that because of the marathon, his legs don't work. It was great scene with Barney on the subway with the old women, kid and pregnant women. The only better scene was at the end of the episode when the thugs took his medal. The reaction of him was priceless.

    Like I said this was one my favorite episodes of the series. It's the little things that matter. In this case it was Ted finding a penny, possibly on the same subway that Barney took. Even though it was not mentioned, other things played a factor. If Lilly never left Marshall, of if Ted never dated Robin. Maybe I am wrong about that but a show like this, especially a episode like this, you have theories. I also love that near the ending you get the first glimpse of the mother, even though you don't see her face.

    This is probably top ten episode of the series if not top 5.
  • Ted and Robin try to decide who's to blame for him missing a very important flight.

    Ted has been offered the job of his dreams but he must first fly to Chicago for an interview. However, he's late and disappointed, so he and Robin sit and try to remember whose fault it was for the bad news. Ted wouldn't had been late if he hadn't had a court case to attend earlier that day. He wouldn't have had to attend court if Barney wouldn't have ran the New York City Marathon and become helpless in the subway. Barney wouldn't have ran the marathon had Marshall not gotten injured. Marshall wouldn't have gotten injured had Robin not scare him in his own bathroom. Robin wouldn't have had to gone to the apartment to take a nap had Lily not dragged her to camp outside a wedding dress shop. Lily wouldn't have known about the store had Robin not told her about it. And Robin wouldn't have seen it had Ted not bought her a hot dog with a 1939 penny in that part of town. Ted sadly realizes it was his fault, but wishes he knew the person who dropped the penny. He doesn't get to the interview but is eventually glad because the person who got the job had to move to Chicago. Had Ted moved to Chicago, he wouldn't of met his wife. This funny wasn't too funny but had some good moments especially at the end, but this was is definitely in my Top 3 of favorite episode formats this great show has used in its history. Great episode.
  • Ted and Robin are late for a plane and they try to figure the origin of their lateness.


    "Lucky Penny" is a terrific How I Met Your Mother episode. I love how Ted misses his plane,so he and Robin try to figure out who's fault it was. At first Ted blames Robin for being late, but then Robin says it's Barney's fault that they are late. I love how Robin says that Barney got sick and tired of Marshall complaining that he worked so hard to compete in a marathon and now he broke his toe, that Barney will compete in the marathon. I love how Barney can't move his legs and he's stuck on the subway, so Ted has to get him, which causes him to be late. Then, I love how Ted starts blaming Robin again because he remember the reason that Barney ran the marathon in the first place. I love how Ted explains that Marshall was applying jelly to his nipples and Robin walks in, surprises him, and he breaks his toe. I love how Robin explains that it was Lily's fault that she was at the apartment because Lily wanted her to sleep out with her at the wedding dress store but the annoying car alarm kept Robin awake, so she decided to sleep at the apartment. I love the end of this episode when Ted realizes being late for the plane was his fault because he found the lucky penny, used it to get hot dogs where he saw the line of for wedding dresses. I give this episode a 10/10.

  • The reversed timeline format is a success again!

    This format of this episode is very simalar to "The Pineapple Incident" with Ted and Robin rushing to make a flight to Chicago, so that Ted can attend an interview for his dream job. We find out exactly what caused them to be running so late through a series of flashbacks, as they try to decide who is responsible.

    This episode had some really excellent sequences, such as Marshall's preperation for the marathon and Barney's being stuck on the train. It's good to see Lily's excitement at wedding dress shopping, and I'm really enjoying the build up to the wedding at the end of the season.

    Ted's comment about "If I had gone to Chicago, I would never have met you're mother" is something to cling on to, but really isn't telling us much. I hope we'll get some bigger clues in the future. It'd be kind of kewl if they gave us a few people to speculate about. More to analyse please!
  • Reversed time line.

    An amazing episode, that had a reversed time line format, Ted misses his flight and Robin & Ted try to find out who's fault it was, and it reverses all the way back. I like all the connections with the mother as the season is almost coming to a close. We learn about destiny in this episode, how it was destiny that Ted would miss his flight. It all starts when he finds a 1939 penny, sells it online, gets a dollar 50 out of it and takes out Robin for hot dogs, while outside, they see a wedding sale, where she camps out with Lilly. Tired, the morning after, she wants to stay at Ted's, she walks in on Marshall in the bathroom, Marshall slips and breaks his toe, Barney bets he can run the marathon once Marshall realizes he can't/ He runs it, but his legs end up giving out, so Ted has to come save him, so he ends up running in to the subway without paying. He gets caught and has a court date, which is what made Ted & Robin late for the flight. We found out in the end that it was destiny that Ted missed the flight, because another person ended up getting the job and he ended up getting transferred to Chicago, and if Ted got transferred, he would have never met the mother. A great episode that tied in perfectly.
  • Ted can't seem to catch a flight to interview for his dream job and he and Robin contemplate why.

    This episode was so funny and well played out. It was so entertaining to watch. This episode was very well written and the actors shined on screen. The writers are very creative and talented. The sequence was so funny. This episode was cleverly plotted. It is definitely a series classic. We came so close to seeing the mother in this episode. It was so great that Ted did not have to move. This episode was definitely above average. I personally think Robin is the mother, because the kids did seem surprised when he said Aunt Robin in the pilot. This episode is yet another great installment.
  • very funny.

    this episode is very cool. it goes through this whole story of how robin and ted are late for a flight. and its all this pennys fault. ted was late because he was in court. he was in court because he was trying to get barney off the subway. he was on the subway because he ran a marathon, and couldnt move. he ran the marathon because marshall broke his toe. he broke his toe because robin walked in on him in the bathroom. robin was tired and walked in on him because her and lily were up all night for a wedding sale. they were there because ted and robin passed the store. they passed the store because ted took robin out, after he found a penny. in conclusion, it was the pennys fault. very funny episode. and if you understood this complicated review. then yay!!
  • Ted can't seem to catch a flight to interview for his dream job and he and Robin contemplate why.

    This episode was so funny and well played out. It was so entertaining to watch. This episode was very well written and the actors shined on screen. The writers are very creative and talented. The sequence was so funny. This episode was cleverly plotted. It is definately a series classic. We came so close to seeing the mother in this episode. It was so great that Ted did not have to move. This episode was definately above average. I personally think Robin is the mother, because the kids did seem surprised when he said Aunt Robin in the pilot. This episode is yet another great installment.
  • The evil penny.

    Ted and Robin miss a flight for his job and they try to find the cause. Ted had a court date that made him late It starts with Barney running a race and Ted having to come get him, therefor jumping a turnstyle. That was because Mashall broke his toe. He broke his toe because Robin came in on him. She came in on him because her and Lily were at a bridal shop waiting all night and she was tired. They were waiting there because Ted took Robin out and they passed the shop. He took her out because he found a penny. So yes, it was all the penny's fault. This episode was so funny.
  • One of those vintage HIMYM episodes.

    A welcome return to the “so who is their mother” story line. The last few episodes have been centred on building Ted’s character as we continue through the How I Met Your Mother maze which will hopefully answer our burning questions. This episode was one of those which reminds us why we love this show. Lucky Penny as described by the episode name is the key to yet another of Ted’s catastrophic adventures. We soon learn Marshall has broken his foot/ankle and Barney has gambled his way into to the NYC marathon, and if this isn’t enough for us to think, “have I missed an episode?”, it seems Lilly and Marshall are getting close to tying the knot when Lilly camps with Robin outside a wedding dress shop. Warping time from present day Ted applying for a Chicago architect position to 6 months younger Ted getting arrested for jumping a subway gate hilariously trying to save a paralysised Barney we once again are lead on a crazy vendetta which always seems to end in debacle. This episode has the hilarity, perplexity and disaster to match vintage How I Met Your Mother episodes like ‘The Pineapple Incident’ – my all time favourite, ‘Game Night’ and ‘Slap Bet’. A really enjoyable episode as I was beginning to get bored with the single story lined sagas.
  • Ted can't seem to catch a flight to his dream job, and while in the airport, the story of why unfolds in a reversed timeline.

    This episode is a great example of why How I Met Your Mother is such a great show. Not only was the story highly amusing as usual, but the out of sequence timeline added much to the fun! Starting in the airport, Ted and Robin miss their flight taking them to Ted's dream job interview. The story begins to unfold here. We find out that Ted was late to the airport because he had court that morning for jumping the turnstyle at the subway. This is when it becomes "Barney's fault." If Ted hadn't had to jump that turnstyle to get to Barney, this never would have happened. We go back to earlier in the day to find out Barney was stuck on the train and couldn't walk, because he had run the NY Marathon that day. We go back even more, to "Marshall's fault" seeing that he could not race that day, having broken his toe. He makes a bet with Barney that he couldn't run it, which is why he did. Then back to "Robin's fault." She walked in on Marshall rubbing his nips after a long run, and he freaks out and breaks his toe. Further back to "Lily's fault," the reason Robin was in the apartment to scare Marshall, was cause she was camped out at a wedding dress sale with Lily. Back even further to "Ted's fault," since no one would have known about the sale if it weren't for him.
    Great story, told backwards, and the end is a big payoff with Ted screwing himself. If they keep coming with these kinds of episodes, How I Met Your Mother is bound to become a winner.
  • Love this show but needed some fine tuning last night.

    Well all because of a "lucky" penny was what began this episode. I think that Ted and Barney are usually so funny but this episode was different than the rest of the episodes so far. I did not like the fact that everyone was trying to blame someone else for Ted missing his flight for Chicago which evidently was not meant to be anyway. I hope that the writers go back to the usual way the gang meets up at their usual hang out. I love Allison Hannigan's character Lily but they are making her way to mushy since her and Marshall got back together. They need to make her more wittier which suits her character more so than being so meek. I did miss Barney and his suiting up properly attire. Are we ever going to see the mother?
  • Barney was so funny!!!

    When Ted misses his flight to Chicago for a job interview, he and Robin recount the events that caused. it. They start with blaming Barney, who ran a marathion, but later lost the use of his legs. Becuase of this, Ted jumped a turnstyle, had to go to court, and missed his flight. Throughout the rest of the episode the blame is put upon all of the friends. The accusations get out of control and end up tracing all the way back to a lucky penny, that cause ted to take Robin out to dinner across towm, where she saw a sale that Lily had to camp out at, in which Robin sneaked up on marshall, cuaing him to break his toe, where Barney ran the marathin, losing the use of his legs, and Ted had to jump the turnstyle, causing him to have to go to court and miss the flight. This episode is very funny and quite amusing.
  • Boring

    I think this was my least fave episode of the season so far.
    There wasn't anything overly wrong with it, well Barney's marathon outfit was kinda wrong, but it just didn't seem very funny like most of the other episodes are.
    I always enjoy a little Lily/Robin bonding time, but then I like it when there is Lily/Barney or Robin/Barney time too.
    Maybe I didn't like the way they were trying to blame missing the flight on anyone but themselves, maybe it was the sight of Marshall lubing his nipples while encouraging himself. Maybe it was the fact that there was barely any Barney at all and what Barney there was was no suited up properly at all.