How I Met Your Mother

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2005 on CBS

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  • Ted goes to Matchmaker with 100%* results

    This was another funny episode that becomes more important as you watch the series. I think there is a clue (in a future episode) to to Ted future wife (who is NOT Robin).. It was funny how Barney goes with Ted and how the matchmaker see straight through him. You also see Ted can push things (to "Ted "them) when it comes to love. While the women was nice it just wasn't meant to be. The only part I didn't like was the match maker tried to put relationships to an exact science. It's something that I just don't agree with.

    The second story with the Cock a mouse was funny too. It's something you appreciate it more when you see Season 6. I like that you never get to see the creature.

    This was a very good episode and spoiler alert comes into play later in the season.
  • A 100% effective dating site tries to pair Ted up with his soul mate.

    When you're trying to find "the one", dating sites are almost always involved, and How I Met Your Mother visits this storyline. (It's a show about a guy trying to find his soul mate, it was bound to happen eventually) Barney drags Ted to Love Connection, which is self-proclaimed 100% effecient in finding the perfect match for each of its users. Ted is hesitant at first but is drawn in by the convincing lady who runs the business. However, she goes mad when she can't find anyone for Ted. Then Ted goes crazy by trying to split up a woman who matched with him by 96% from her fiance. That was definitely crazy, but the doctor/Ted's 9.6 match was pretty attractive. Eventually, Ted's perfect match is found in a later episode. The B plot is nothing really, just something to fill the time as Marshall and Lily don't know what kind of creature has invaded their apartment. Robin is doubtful at first until she sees it for herself. This plot was rather boring and had nothing to do with anything, and the entire matchmaking deal isn't my fave either, so this wasn't one of the season's best.
  • Barney and Ted go to a matchmaking service. Lily and Marshall identify a new species.

    "Matchmaker" is a great How I Met Your Mother episode. In this episode Ted and Barney go to a matchmaking service. I love how Ted has no matches and the person that's closest to his match is already in a relationship. I love the phrase everyone made up, "Ted Out". I love the Lily and Marshall subplot of the cockamouse. I love how Robin doesn't believe them until she sees it herself. It was creepy how it could fly. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • Love is not something that numbers and a computer can comprehend, but you can say the same about reality and the cockamouse.

    The past couple of episodes have started a bit slow onl to finish off strong. This one is much different; it starts off strong and remains good throughout the entire watch--although compared to the past episodes the second half isn't as quite good. You have to appreciate the consistency in the quality. Starts off really well with the whole cockroach versus mouse debate between Lily and Marshall, and it eventually manifests itself from there. Really clever and funny stuff there. And then there's Ted's matchmaking story, which was executed extremely well and just really hilarious. In a subtle way it also added some sentimental value towards the subject of "finding love" with the whole matchmaking system thing. Great overall episode!
  • Very funny!

    I thought this episode had some of the best laugh-out-loud moments so far in the series.

    Ted signs up with "Love Solutions", a matchmaking service, and is promptly told that there is no possible match for him. There is only one suitable woman, and she has already been matched. Cue Ted tracking down and making a move on the (already engaged) woman.

    It's true that some of the plot points in the episode (her being married or engaged, her calling him back to talk about his mole) were a bit predictable, but the manager of "Love Solutions", was reason enough to tune in alone. Excellent character with some brilliant lines. It's a shame that next time we see "Love Solutions" she has been replaced.

    Good episode!
  • Ted looks for love...

    Lily: Don't Ted-out about it.
    Ted: Did you just use my name as a verb?
    Barney: Oh, yeah, we do that when you're not around. "Ted-out": to overthink. See also "Ted-up". "Ted-up": to overthink with disastrous consequences. For example, "Billy Tedded-up when he-"
    Ted: All right, I get it!
    Ted-up... May be one of my new favourite lines:D

    Do you believe in the cockamouse? Lily and Marshall do..
    Robin: So what was it, a cockroach or a mouse?
    Lily: It was a cockamouse!
    Robin: A cockamouse?
    Lily: It was some mutant combination of the two. It was like a cockroach and a mouse . . .
    Barney: Did the horizontal, ten-legged, interspecies tango? And it was real. I loved how they left it out at the end of the episode.

    Barney: (chuckling) Marshall ran away from a cockroach.
    Marshall: (upset) It was a mouse!
    Barney: Sorry, my bad! You're a man! Hehe:D Poor Marshall...

    Ted: If a cockroach and a mouse can find love in this crazy world, then so can I!
    That`s the spirit Ted, that`s the spirit!
  • Great.

    When Ted turns to a matchmaker to find love, he is sent away matchless. When a matchmaker with a 100 percent success rate turns Ted away because he is not compatible with any of the available women in her database, he is still determined that he is going to find his match. After getting information from the matchmaker's computer on the sly, Ted pays a visit to a very cute, but very taken, dermatologist in an effort to debunk the prediction that there are no women out there for him. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily are obsessed with ridding their apartment of an unsightly critter. I haven't had time to watch this show lately, it's awesome too. I have missed it. I love the scenes with the cockermouse...So funny! Marshall and Lily are so funny. I love Barney he is sooooo good actually awesome! Great episode.
  • Cockamouse.

    A decent watch. Ted turns to a compatibility organization that helps you find love. (In comparison to eHarmony, and He finds a place called "Love Solutions." Turns out it's impossible for Ted to find love even mathematically. So he takes up an engaged woman, someone who was supposed to be meant for Ted but is marrying someone else. He tries to get with her but he fails miserably. Ted's plot's on this show has have become predictable, when it's regarding his love life. By the end everything is resolved, and Ted remains single. But how long do the writers plan to drag this on. Ted meeting girl after girl, episode after episode, until he meets the right one? Which I assume will be the series finale. Like I said before, less about Ted's love life in the plots, and make him branch out on other things. The Cockamouse storyline, although unrealistic, was great for some cheap laughs. A decent episode. Pretty funny.
  • It was very funny, all right!

    The great first season of How I Met Your Mother continued with this episode. I loved the idea of 'love solutions', and the lady who ran that company was great! Can't remember the actress' nam, thogh!

    I thought Lily & Marshall's storyline was also very amazing. It was just as funny, especially at the end, when 'it can fly'! I thought they really executed it very well and I was laughineg right throughout that one!

    I'd highly erecommend this show and particularly this episode. It was a great one, and all of thiss show has been amazing thus far. Keep it up, HIMYM, and this storyline and plot can develop to be absolutely and totally spectacular!
  • Best episode to date.

    Previous episodes of How I Met You Mother weren't all that great. They would have their monents but over all they were lacking something. Matchmaker is different. Camryn Manheim was great as the professional matchmaker whose spirit is crushed by Ted. The Cockamouse was a great B story line, that although one would think sonds too silly to be any good, it was done well and would make for good watercooler conversation. Is it a hybrid or did the cockroach just suit up! In the Cockamouse this episode has forged a legend that will live on forever. Like the Griffin, the Chimera, or the French-Canadian.
    In conclusion. Show is good, starting now.
  • A Cockamouse?!?!

    Ever heard of the animal "cockamouse"? No? Then you must have missed this episode of 'How I met your mother'! A cockamouse is a cockroach corssed with a mouse, but has the size of a potatoe. Marshall and Lily thinks that this animal truely exists and one sample lives in their apartment whereas Robyn doesn't believe a word they're saying...Until she also sees this animal ... And moreover the three of them discover another ability of the cockamouse: it can fly! Of course, these scenes are always shown with a bit of exaggerated faces, screams in slow motions and so on. That's what makes the episode clearly funny.
    At the same time Ted learns that love is not about numbers and that some people are meant to be together without "match making".
  • This seemed like a filler episode, somehow, but it was extremely funny and I loved it.

    Yet another great episode of "How I Met Your Mother". I think everyone knows what's going to happen - Ted continues his search for the perfect woman but his plans don't work out. Still, the show makes it a fun ride.

    When Robin does a story about a matchmaker with a 100% success rate, Ted decides to try it out, but it seems that there is no one in New York City who's right for him, except one woman who's already in a relationship. She's a dermatologist. Ted decides to pursue it and goes to the doctor about a mole on his back, and discovers that she is getting married in a few days. He holds out hope but and later that day tells her he's a closer match than her fiance, but she tells him she's in love with the man, and tells him love cannot be determined by a computer and numbers.

    In a very entertaining subplot, Lily and Marshall are frightened about a cock-a-mouse, a mutant hybrid that's a mix between a mouse and a cockroach. It's really hilarious and more entertaining than Ted's story.

    Good episode overall, just nothing new.
  • I could've told him....

    I could've told Ted that the Doctor was not calling him to say she realised that he is the man of her dreams etc, but because of the mole...or did he forget what his cover story was in the first place?

    A stupid is this show? And I wasted another half hour of my life away by watching it......but then again I can come in here and write a review and help gain a nice level increase.

    Works out fine when I look at it that way.

    Overall, another dump episode.
  • Freak of nature terrorizes Marshall and Lily. Fear of loneliness sinks its claws into Ted. Barney helps bring on the claws.

    This was a pretty good episode.

    As usual, it was sort of a couple of shows in one. There always seems to be more than one thing going on each episode.

    The most hilarious part of the show was the scenes where Lily and Marshall were describing their hideously deformed mutant creature that they found inhabited their apartment. As an added benefit, one discovers all of the mythology they both believe in. They are so on the same wavelength it is scary. Almost as scary as the monster. It makes for really priceless dialog.

    Speaking of scary, Barney tries to get himself a date under false pretenses. Nothing new there. However, in the process he puts Ted in serious danger of getting a date sans pretenses. Ted starts to become antsy that he will not find his One True Love, and out of his angst comes some of the romance of the episode. Just a little, but it is there.
  • Another episode of "How I DIDN'T Meet Your Mother"...

    I have to admit I did feel back for Ted as he finally found the perfect woman through guest star Camryn Manheim's Love Solutions (even if he stole the woman's file because she would not give it to him.). However, didn't we all think she'd either turn out to be married or engaged when he found her. I did anyway. I also could see the part where she called him and said she needed to see him in her office a mile away. He would end up thinking it was for a date when it turned out to be medical. That was clear from when he said he had a mole on his back. However, I will admit that I didn't think he would confront her about stealing the file and being a better match than her own fiance. As always, Ted ended up alone but he did have some good moments with Manheim at the end who was great herself.

    I actually enjoyed the subplot about Lily, Marshall and the "cock-a-mouse" more than the "Ted tries to find perfect woman and ends up alone again" story. I especially loved it when Robin finally saw the thing and threw a martini on it and Marshall scoop it up and threw it out the window and it could fly.

    The only problem with this episode was the lack of Barney. I think NPH had about 10 words in the whole episode. All in all this wasn't that great of an episode. It could have been a lot better.

  • Matching Isn't As Easy As It Should Be :D

    Yay, another hot doctor! The parallel between the mouse and cockroach getting together and Ted getting with a woman was really clever. Loved Cameryn in this episode, wonderfully acted. The calculations to figure out the number of 'fish' in the sea was hysterical, and the message at the end, was a solid, universal one that all of us can embrace. Loved it!