How I Met Your Mother

Season 1 Episode 21


Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 08, 2006 on CBS

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  • Ted has something big happen.

    This was an excellent episode that set up the Season 1 Finale. Careers and relationships and decisions were two major parts in this episode The funniest part was the smallest part with Barney and Marshal.. The jokes they play were pretty funny. Also funny was Robin's hair. The decision that Lilly made might have been a bad one, but remember what she said in the Prom episode. One of my favorite parts is when Ted got a call that his "perfect" mate. I think it has a connection to the mother. Why else would this women's face be covered? I think this might have been one of the top 5 if not three episodes of Season 1.
  • Lily is out to do more than get milk.

    As Lily made public of her second thoughts of getting married in the last episode, she's taking it to a whole new level by secretly taking Marshall's car while he's out with Barney performing pranks against a worker from a neighboring building. She goes to interview for an art fellowship in San Francisco. Things go bad when she gets a flat and interrupts Ted who was supposed to be on a date with the perfect match that Love Solutions found for him. Ted tries to talk her out of it but ends up getting left in Dutchess County while Lily still goes to New Haven, despite saying that she "won't" take the opportunity. (Sure...) Robin finally comes to rescue him and Ted realizes he's fallen back in love. Good Lord Ted.. make up your freaking mind. Robin's okay, but enough with this! (Still a good episode, though, but I'm tired of Lily's attitude lately)
  • Love Solutions finds a match for Ted.


    "Milk" is a great How I Met Your Mother episode. In this episode, Ted gets a match from the matchmaking place he signed up for and makes a date to meet her. I love Lily and Marshall together and the fact that Lily has doubts about marrying Marshall makes me sad. But I do like that she wants to do something with her life. I love how Ted realizes that he doesn't want to meet the perfect woman, that he's in love with Robin. I give this episode a 8.5/10.

  • the girl in the photo is the mum

    the woman he was meant to meet is the mum because how else would he get that photo of the kids and also why would they have blocked the face and how would he of got any of them photo's unless they meet again plus the kids in the photo look like his future kids she is the mum that is what i think plus she is perfect for him he would of seen that if he went on the date and met her they will proberly meet again later in a different season my guess is season 5 or 6 i bet anything she is the mum he showed the picture of her with dogs kids and more he just proberly wanted the story to keep going
  • The day after Ted turns 28, he learns that the dating service he visited months ago has finally found his perfect match. He arranges to meet her, but before she arrives Lily calls and asks him for help during a life crisis.

    Not the best in the series, but still a classic episode. Barney convinces Marshall to become his Executive Mischief Consultant, and they begin their office hours of "awesomeness". Though we do not see much of Robin in this episode, it seems like she may finally be getting over Ted; if only he could get over her as well...
  • Lily's doubts about her marriage to Marshall bleed over to Ted and his doubts in his love life and knowing what he needs to do.

    Lily's doubts about her marriage to Marshall bleed over to Ted and his doubts in his love life and knowing what he needs to do.

    Lily gets a flat tire in Marshall's Fiero when she's sneaks off with his car to go to an interview for an art fellowship. The fellowship across the country in San Francisco. When she gets the flat tire she calls Ted to come change her flat tire.

    To do so, Ted has to reschedule a date with his supposed soul mate since the dating service finally found his match.

    As Ted is taking his $90 cab ride out to meet Lily and help her, Marshall and Barney are coming up with a way to get back at Barney's arch nemesis Butterfield.

    Lily freaks out on Ted and takes off leaving Ted on the side of the road. He finally gets Robin to come out and pick him up on the rural roadside.

    Ted and Robin have a talk as Robin goes to drop Ted off for his date, Ted realizes that he doesnt need a match maker, he has Robin.

    Overall, this was probably the most boring episode of the season. The last 30 seconds or so redeemed the whole episode when Ted and Lily made eye contact during the whole "I still love Robin" speech.
  • Marshall & Lilly do have problems as well!

    It shows that the two leads also have some problems
    And that they are all too human and vulnerable you know
    No wonder I love this show as it shows that the characters both lead and small all have their problems and they try to workout their problems and differences.
    Great show and great writing! A hit for years to come!
  • Ted is a year older, maybe a year wiser, Barney begins the ep evil as ever and even turns Marshall a little evil, and Lily lets Ted in on a little secret: fear.

    It was a pretty good episode.

    Barney's stunts in this episode are "leg-en-dary".

    Marshall is himself: his affable but pliable personality is amazing. He is interesting in this episode. On the one hand, he has his lofty goals of working for a non-profit (someday). On the other hand, he is a mental Gumby.

    Ted shows some glimmer of sanity in this episode.

    Everybody is giving everybody lifts in this episode. If the characters in this show did not own cars, it would change the plot of some of the episodes a bit - like this one.

    Robin has one scene in this episode where she not only looks cute but super cute. Ironically, it is a dream sequence.
  • One more to go.

    This is another very special episode. As the season finale approaches rapidly Ted finally determines that Robin is the woman he loves and that he will pursue her no matter what. This episode adds greatly to the dramatic arc, but is also very funny. Barney and Marshall get into mischief working together when starting a feud with an employee from a different firm. This causes quite a few laugh out loud moments and I really enjoyed this story. Also in this episode, Marshall and Lily’s relationship is put in damage. This was a brilliant decision in my opinion as their relationship seemed too easy and had no conflict. Overall, this episode is solid throughout. One more to go.
  • Will Ted meet his soul mate?

    Not any time soon, not after this episode. Love Solutions finally comes around at finding Ted a soul mate (From 107). He has a date to meet his so called soul mate, but fate intervenes. Lilly calls him, she needs help with a flat tire. She is somewhere in New Haven. The reason why will shock us all. Lilly is having doubts about marryiong Marshall so she want to apply for an art fellowship far far away. Similar to what Victoria did. She ends up ditching Ted at the side of the road after he helps her. Robin ends up picking up Ted to drop him off on his date. Robin gets horrible highlights which "makes Ted's day." By the time he gets off, he doesn't want to meet his soul mate just yet. He has to make his "mistake" to be with Robin. He wants Robin. Lilly "gets the milk" aka "gets the fellowship" but she says she isn't going to take it by the end. It's interesting to see how Lilly & Marshall have problems too, it's not ALL focused on Ted which is what I like about this show. Meanwhile Barney & Marshall team up to get revenge on a worker, a building over. But they end up making the mistake of letting all the mice out, on accident. The point of the episode is that you have to make a mistake to make sure it's a mistake. You really have to see deep there. Anyways a bit of a cliffhanger with Lilly's marital doubts, and Ted's love for Robin... again. Perfect lead in to the first season finale. Great episode.
  • A decent episode, and something interesting begins to concoct.

    This episode was a decent one, that introduced some mpretty funny moments. I was really excited when Ted received the phonecall saying that they had found his perfect match, so I was really disappointed when he did not end up meeting the person.

    Lily having second thoughts about the marriage was certainly very disappointing to hear about, but I did not enjoy watching these scenes at all. Really, it wasn't great at all, and that took something away from this episode; although, Robin with highlights in her hair was very hilariosu!

    Keep it up, guys, and I am really enjoying thais season. I hope Lily's second thoughts disappear.