How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 20


Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 19, 2008 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Ted is in a car accident that prompts Marshall to talk about miracles. Everyone flashbacks to prior moments in their lives.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Season 3 Finale and a surprise (spoilers)

    This show deals a lot with destiny, fate, and this one a miracle. More on that later.

    The start of the episode before the song was of the longest up to this point. I like when you see Ted in the taxi and you see him look, it takes you to a different story. I really liked the callback to previous Barney rule. (Never make plans with someone you would date longer then the actual realtionship) Great showing of the car accident (and a nice song) When you see what actually happens to Ted, you either loved it hated it. I loved it because had he been hurt the storyline would've advanced as far as it did. There was another reason I liked it, More on that later. Despite their fight, it was sweet of Barney to literally race to see Ted. The shot of him getting hit by the bus was a little over the line in believability of reality even in TV. That's one of the few drawbacks to this episode. The miracle stories told by Marshall were all funny. My favorite was him in Amsterdam. You get to see (at least I think) of why Robing is the way she is with her dog.

    There was a misunderstanding with Ted and Stella when he thought the realtionship was over when Stella didn't. Ted realizes he makes a mistake and realizes that he really loves her and tries to make for deceiving her by getting her a stuffed toy and proposing to her. And what makes this episode great was that the proposal was not even the biggest surprise.

    When Lilly and Marshall asked Barney what was flashing before his eyes and smiles at Robin, that was a great surprise. This was something you didn't expect if you are watching this for the first time but something that was very subtly implanted earlier in the series. Remember when Barney said to Robin when she was his wing man and they went back to her apartment.

    The biggest reason why this episode was great was that if it wasn't for the accident it wasn't for the accident, Ted may not have met the mother.moreless
  • Funniest single scene of the entire series!

    This is a great episode for the single fact that it has the single funniest scene of the entire series. In the miracle flash back where they are tossing pencils into the ceiling tiles, they slam down a shot of something, and one of the pencils falls from the ceiling, bounces off the table and lodges straight into Barney's nose. The reaction of Barney, Ted, and Marshall is what make it a golden moment. Comic Genius!! "Am I Alive?", I nearly wet myself and I pride myself on my bladder control. The whole episode was funny, and important to the progression of the story, but this one scene earns my seal of approval.moreless
  • Ted gets in a car accident.

    "Miracles" is an awesome season 3 finale for How I Met Your Mother. Ted getting into a car accident was an intense way to start this episode. I'm glad he was alright. I loved how the whole gang showed up. I love how Barney rushes to the hospital even though he and Ted aren't friends anymore. It was sad how he got into an accident and ended up in the hospital. I love how Barney and Ted became friends again. I love how Robin doesn't believe in miracles. It was heartbreaking when she shared the story of her dog dying and the side effect of the operation was the dog turned into a turtle. The ending was shocking with Ted asking Stella to marry him. I give this episode a 10/10.moreless
  • Ted and Barney get in accidents.

    Brutal. Absolutely brutal. This episode was terrible. There's no other way to describe it. There was not a single funny line said. I think I laughed once, when Marshall said, "Miracle," but that's it. Barney being in a full-body cast was something straight out of a terrible episode of a 90's sitcom. How I Met Your Mother has gone so far downhill it is embarrassing. Now they take it upon themselves to end every episode with a "cliffhanger". The problem is that nobody cares what happens next. Nobody cared when Robin kissed Barney, because we knew it wouldn't lead to anything. Nobody cares now that Ted proposed to Stella, because they're gonna wait until the end of next season to have them actually get married.

    Simply pathetic.moreless
  • Great cliffhanger.

    This season wasn't as good as season 2, in fact it had a handful of disappointing episodes, but episodes like this or another handful of episodes that were legen- wait for it.. -dary, is why I watch this show. In this episode, Ted gets in to a car accident, right after breaking up with Stella. Then he comes in to realization that he is still in love with Stella. He asks for her forgiveness, and it turns out she didn't even know they broke up. Then she breaks up with him, and Ted waits 'till he is discharged from the hospital to go after her. Meanwhile Marshall & Robin argue over if miracles exist or not. I loved the sequence of everyone finding out that Ted was in a car accident, and they run all dramatically only to find out Ted was fine. The flashbacks of miracles were hilarious! And we learn that Marshall asked for his job back but he didn't get it because of lice. 2 weeks later, the firm gets shut down for legal reasons, making that a miracle. Meanwhile, Barney runs to the hospital only to get hit by a bus. He has it worse than Ted, and when Ted finds out that Barney did it for him, they become friends again. Then we find out that when Barney was flashing back to all the things he loved, he saw Robin. Yikes, I wonder how that's going to work out next season. When Ted is discharged, he runs to get Stella and proposes to her! Before we get to hear her answer, the episode ends. Making it the hugest cliffhanger ever. 2 cliffhangers, that both have to do with relationships. Does this make Stella the mother? I doubt it, but it's nice to hope. This finale definitely got me excited for season 4. An amazing finale, with amazing cliffhangers.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Ted and Barney end up in Saint Anthony's Hospital. Marshall talks about miracles while there. Saint Anthony is the saint of miracles

    • When Ted and Stella are arguing at the hospital, there are couple of Jell-o cups on the tray behind Ted. As the scene progresses and there are camera changes, one of the Jell-o cups disappears.

    • When Ted is getting into the cab we can clearly see that the identification number on the cab is 6Z28. But seconds later it changes to 9Z72.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Lily: You're gonna go beg for your old job back? You hated it there!
      Marshall: I know, but the job market's really bad right now. (to class) Kids, who wants Uncle Marshall to get his job back?
      Kids: Yay!!!
      Lily: They'll cheer for anything if you say it like that! (to class, cheerfully) Kids, a super tanker dumped five million gallons of oil off the coast of Alaska this morning!
      Kids: Yay!!!

    • Ted: I realized what changed between the moment I broke up with you and the moment I wanted you back.
      Stella: Your cab got T-boned by a jackass on a cell phone?
      Ted: I changed. I realized I want to be the man that you need. That's why I spent ten minutes at the claw machine trying to get the fake diamond ring but all I could get is the orange kangaroo.
      Stella: Diamond ring?
      Ted: Will you marry me?

    • Marshall: Did you actually say 'I want to break up?'
      Ted: No. But who says I want to break up? It's an awful thing to say.

    • Stella: So my sister broke up with her boyfriend.
      Ted: Well, now I can finally say it: I hated that guy! Everything out of his mouth was, 'I'm a vegan! Fish feel pain! I'm never constipated!' Guy's an idiot.
      Stella: Actually, they're getting married. I just wanted your honest opinion.
      Ted: He's a really nice guy. There's a wisdom to his thinking.

    • Barney: Ted, can we be friends again?
      Ted: Barney, come on. We're more then friends. We're brothers.
      (Both crying)
      Barney: You're my brother, Ted.
      Ted: You're my brother, Barney.
      Barney: Did you hear that, Marshall? We're brothers now!
      Ted: Marshall is my brother too.
      Marshall: We're all brothers.
      Barney: Yeah, but I'm your best brother, right?

    • Marshall: Miracle!
      Robin: A pencil entered Barney's nose, and you call it a miracle?
      Marshall: Do you have a better explanation for it?
      Robin: A drunk jackass with a box of pencils?
      Marshall: A drunk jackass called God and a box of pencils called Destiny.

  • NOTES (4)

    • The German episode title is "Wunder über Wunder", meaning "Miracle over Miracle". The French title is "Pote toujours!", meaning "Buddies Forever!" The Italian title is "Miracoli", an exact translation.

    • Awards and Nominations:
      2008 Emmy Nomination and Award for Outstanding Art Direction For A Multi-camera Series (Stephan Olson, Susan Eschelbach)

    • International Airdates: Australia: July 17, 2008 on Network 7; Czech Republic: October 20, 2010 on Prima COOL

    • Music: The song playing during the beginning of the episode while Ted gets into the taxi cab is "(Nice Dream)" by Radiohead; the song at the end of the episode (NYC Skyline forward) is The Replacements - "Here Comes a Regular"